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The Hobbit Turn to Page 1 Chapter I An Unexpected Party.

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1 The Hobbit Turn to Page 1 Chapter I An Unexpected Party

2 What do they look like? Hobbits

3 What do their dwellings look like?

4 Chapter I: Questions Why do the dwarves gather at Bilbo’s house? (pages 6 & 18) How many dwarves come to tea? (page 10) Who is their leader, (page 10) and what does Gandalf give him? (Page 26). What are some characteristics of dwarves? How did the dwarves lose their treasure and kingdom? (pages 23 & 24). Why did the dwarves question Bilbo’s choice? (page 17)

5 Chapter I: Questions: How did Bilbo react to the plan of the dwarves? (18-19) Why do you think that Gandalf choose Bilbo Baggins to be the burglar? (page 17) How did Bilbo manage to keep from disclosing his amateur rating as a burglar? (page 16) What changed Bilbo’s mind about the adventure? What wakens his “Tookish” side? Is the Baggins’ side practical, cowardly, or timid? Pick the best adjective and justify it.

6 Characters Characters are developed by what they say, hear and do, and by how others in the novel react to them. In this chapter, what do we learn about Bilbo? Begin and attribute web for him.

7 Attribute Web Says Looks Acts Community Feels ______________________

8 The Hobbit Turn to Page 28 Chapter II Roast Mutton

9 Chapter II: Questions How did Bilbo feel about the adventure the next morning? (page 28) Why didn’t Bilbo find the note which the dwarves had left for him until Gandalf appeared? (Page 29). What were the important terms of the note? (Page 29). Why do you think the wizard disappeared? Would the story have been different if Gandalf had been a part of the group when they met the trolls?

10 Chapter II: Questions Discuss the troubles of the first night and the adventure with the trolls? Did Bilbo prove to be a good burglar in his attempt to pick the pocket of the troll? What kind of characters are the trolls? How does Bilbo know they are trolls? (Page 35). Describe the fight and the wizard’s reappearance. (pages 39-41).

11 What dangers might Bilbo and the other adventurers encounter?
Prediction What dangers might Bilbo and the other adventurers encounter?

12 Characters Characters are developed by what they say, hear and do, and by how others in the novel react to them. In this chapter, what do we learn about Gandolf? Begin and attribute web for him.

13 Attribute Web Says Looks Acts Community Feels ______________________

14 The Hobbit Turn to Page 45 Chapter III A Short Rest

15 Chapter III: Questions
Why was Rivendale hard to find? (page 46) Who is Elrond? (Page 51). Elrond could read the ruins on the swords of the trolls. Why was this important? What did Bilbo and the dwarves learn? (Page 52). What are moon letters? (Page 53) Elrond read the map for Gandalf and Thorin. Do you feel that the message will be of any value? How would you interpret it if all the message that was read said, “None to be seen by this moon?” (Page 54).

16 What will the next adventure be?
Prediction What will the next adventure be?

17 The Hobbit Turn to Page 55 Chapter IV Over Hill and Under Hill

18 Chapter IV: Questions Why was this part of the journey apt to be dangerous? (Pages ) How was the storm different from storms you may have been in? (Pages 56 – 57) Why did Fili and Kili go to look for better shelter? Why did the wizard ask them if they had thoroughly searched the cave? (Page 58) Why was it a good thing that Bilbo was with the adventurers on the night of the storm? (Page 60). How did the goblins treat their captives ? (pages 60-61). How is the poem descriptive of the action? Is it more expressive than just a sentence? Why?

19 Chapter IV: Questions How did the Great Goblin react when he discovered their sword? (Page 64) What do you think happened to make the escape possible for the captives? What part did “Biter and Beater” play in the escape?? (Page 64) How was it possible for the goblins to sneak up on the dwarves again? (Page 67) What happened to the hobbit this time? (Page 67)

20 The Hobbit Turn to Page 68 Chapter V Riddles in the Dark

21 Chapter V: Questions Discuss the author’s view, “I should not have liked to be in Mr. Baggins’ place.” What did he mean? (page 70) How does Bilbo know his sword was made by elves? (Page 69) Why is it good that Bilbo lost his matches? (Page 69) What do you think Gollum is like? How is he like Bilbo? How is he different? (Page 35). Are the riddles hard? Are they good riddles? Why or why not?

22 Chapter V: Questions When Gollum lost the riddle game, how did he repay his debt? (Page 79 and 80). What skills doe Bilbo show in dealing with Gollum? How did Gollum react when he couldn’t find the ring? (Page 80 – 81). What was he afraid of? How did Gollum guess that Bilbo had the ring? (Page 83) How did Bilbo find the way out of the cave? (Page 85) Why didn’t Bilbo kill Gollum when he had the chance? (Page 86) Why do the goblins know that someone is at the gate? (Page 89)

23 Prediction Titles of chapters are very important. What do you think could happen in a chapter with the title, “Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire”?

24 The Hobbit Turn to Page 91 Chapter VI
Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

25 Chapter VI: Questions How does Bilbo know that he is on the east side of the mountain? (Page 90) Bilbo overhears his friends. How does the wizard feel about Bilbo? (Page 91) Why do you think that Bilbo did not tell his friends about the magic ring? Why did the dwarves, having a wizard with them, get into trouble with the goblins? Didn’t the wizard know about the goblins? (Page 95). What did the wizard think about the rock slide that carried them down the mountain? (page 97)

26 Chapter VI: Questions “Escaping goblins to be caught by wolves,” said the hobbit (Page 98). How does this help to explain the chapter title? How did the party manage to escape the Wargs, the evil wolves? (Page 102) Why were the wolves meeting at this place in the forest? (page 101). Why and how did the eagles help the adventurers to escape? (Pages ). How does Bilbo feel about Gandalf’s rescue? (pages )

27 The Hobbit Turn to Page 112 Chapter VII Queer Lodgings

28 Chapter VII: Questions
How did Gandalf plan the arrival at Beorn’s house? How had he planned the arrival of the dwarves at Bilbo’s house? How did Gandalf convience each to help? (Page 118 and 116 – 117). What have we learned about Beorn? Begin an attribute web for him. Where and why did Beorn go the night the adventurers were with him? (Pages 130 – 131). What was Beorn’s advice for the journey? What was the most important advice that Beorn and Gandalf gave the adventurers about Mirkwood? (Page 132 and 118). Why was it necessary for Gandalf to leave the adventurers? Was it of much comfort to the dwarves to have a hobbit to help them instead of having the wizard with them? (Page 135) .

29 Will they leave the path? Why or why not? What could lead them astray?
Prediction Will they leave the path? Why or why not? What could lead them astray?

30 The Hobbit Turn to Page 140 Chapter VIII Flies and Spiders

31 Chapter VIII: Questions
What was there about the forest to fear? (Pages 139 – 140) Do you think that Mirkwood was evil? What do you mean by “evil” Brainstorm Why is the enchanted river dangerous? How was the hobbit helpful in crossing the river? (Pages ) Why do you think the dwarves and Bilbo disregarded Beorn’s warning and strayed from the path? (Page 150) After Gandalf left, who became the leader of the expidition? (Page 142).

32 Chapter VIII: Questions
Why did the elvish-looking folk disappear when the dwarves went running into their camp? (Page 151) How did Bilbo get separated from the dwarves? (Page 153) How did Bilbo manage to escape the giant spiders? Was Bilbo of any help to the dwarves? (Page ) What heroic acts does Bilbo perform? Why does Bilbo tell the dwarves about the magic ring? (Page 162 – 163) Why do you think he hesitated to tell the dwarves about the ring? Why was Thorin captured by the Wood-elves? (Page 167).

33 Prediction What do you think the last part of the last sentence on page 169 means, The beginning of another adventure in which the hobbit again showed his usefulness”? What adventure will Bilbo have next? How will he free Thorin?

34 The Hobbit Turn to Page 171 Chapter IX Barrels out of Bond

35 Chapter IX: Questions Why did the Wood-elves capture the dwarves and not Bilbo? (Page 170) How did Mr. Baggins get in and out of the closely guarded palace? (Page 172) Why was it necessary for Bilbo to continue burgling? (Page 173) Why didn’t Thorin and the dwarves tell the king why they were in the wood? (Pages 167 and 174). How did Bilbo plan to help his friends escape? (Pages 176 – 178) How did Bilbo escape? (Page 183) How was the magic ring valuable to Bilbo in this part of the adventure?

36 Prediction The dwarves and Bilbo have escaped, but what troubles could they now encounter?

37 The Hobbit Turn to Page 189 Chapter X A Warm Welcome

38 Chapter X: Questions How had the dwarves survived the escape and the trip in the barrels? Why was it so important that Bilbo was not in a barrel? (Page 192) How were the dwarves received in Lake-town? (pages ) What was the attitude of the dwarves about Bilbo? (Page 178 and page 198). Why wasn’t Bilbo happy? (Page 198). How do you think the elf-king learned the reason for the dwarves adventure? (Page 198) Why do you think the Master believed Thorin was a fraud? What changed his mind? (Page 199) Why was the Master not sorry to see them go? (Page 199)

39 What is worrying Bilbo? What troubles await him?
Prediction What is worrying Bilbo? What troubles await him?

40 The Hobbit Turn to Page 202 Chapter XI On the Doorstep

41 Chapter XI: Questions How did the party feel that they were nearing the end of their journey? (205) What happened to the village near the mountain? (Page 203) Why was it dangerous to search for the secret dorr to the dragon’s den? (Page 204) How did they find the secret door? (pages 208 – 209).

42 Prediction What is going to be in the “deep darkness in which nothing could be seen … a yawning mouth leading in and down” ? (209).

43 The Hobbit Turn to Page 212 Chapter XII Inside Information

44 Prediction The dwarves had not planned a way to get rid of Smaug or to move the treasure. What plan will they develop? If you were to take Bilbo’s place, what kind of plan would you offer?

45 Chapter XII: Questions
Bilbo believed that, “dwarves are not heroes but calculating folks with a great idea of the value of money; some are tricky and treacherous and pretty bad lots; and some are not, but are decent enough people like Thorin and Company, if you don’t expect too much.” Give some examples to support Bilbo’s point of view. What help did Bilbo ask of the dwarves? (Pages 210 – 211) On page 212, the narrator says, …he was a very different hobbit from the one that had run out without a pocket-handkercief from Bag-End long ago.” How had the little hobbit changed?

46 Chapter XII: Questions
Why was Bilbo Baggins taking such risks when he had absolutely no use of the dragon-guarded treasures? (Page 212) Was Bilbo courageous? What does it take to be courageous? Why did Bilbo steal the cup? (Page 214). Do you think it was a wise thing to do? Should he have waited and not stirred up the dragon? Could the story have been quite different if he had had a plan to conquer the dragon? How would you explain Bilbo’s father’s proverb, “Every worm has his weak spot.” What is a proverb? What techniques did Bilbo use on Smaug when he said, “O Smaug the Tremendous! Smaug the chiefest and Greatest of Calamities”” (Page 220)

47 Chapter XII: Questions
How was Bilbo able to talk to Smaug without getting hurt? (Page 221) Explain what Bilbo meant when he said, “I am the clue-finder, the web-cutter, the stinging fly. I was chosen for the lucky number…I am the friend of bears and the guest of eagles. I am Ringwinner and Luckwearer; and I am Barrel-rider.” Why was it wise to use riddles with dragons? (Page 221) What did you learn about dragons? Make a web for Smaug. What descriptions can you use for Smaug? How was the dragon very much on the target when he said, “I will give you one piece of advice for your good: don’t have more to do with dwarves than you can help! … your job is to do all of the dangerous work … And you will get a fair share? Don’t you believe it! …If you get off alive, you will be lucky”? (222) Was the dragon likable in any way? Why would you not like him as a friend?

48 The Hobbit Turn to Page 234 Chapter XIII Not at Home

49 Chapter XIII: Questions
What characteristics did the treasure bring out in the dwarves? 9237) Why did Bilbo slip the Arkenstone into his pocket? How did he justly do this? (235) How do you think “Mr. Baggins kept his head more clear of the bewitchment of the hoard than the dwarves did”? (238)

50 Prediction How and why do you think the dragon allowed the adventurers to leave the dragon’s hall?

51 Research What are some superstitions about dragon’s blood? Teeth? Eyes? In what other stories do we find dragons? Who are as famous as dragon slayers.

52 The Hobbit Turn to Page 247 Chapter XIV Fire and Water

53 Chapter XIV: Questions
Why did Smaug go off to the lake-town of Esgaroth? (231) What kind of leader was the Master? (248) How did the thrush know about the dragon’s most vunerable spot? What argument did the Master present to the people that he remain the town leader rather than King Bard? (251) How did Bard act after the defeat of the dragon and the destruction of the town? How did Master act? (252) Why did Bard go to the elves for help? ( )

54 Prediction What will the towns’ people and the Elvenking’s men do when they discover that Bilbo and the dwarves are still alive?

55 Brainstorm the word leader.
Antonym Synonym Leader Use in a sentence. Examples from life:

56 Use the T – chart to compare Bard and the Master.

57 The Hobbit Turn to Page 257 Chapter XV The Gathering of the Clouds

58 Chapter XV: Questions How were Bilbo and the dwarves warned about the approaching treasure hunters? (257) What other advice did Roac give? (258) Why do you think that Thorin will not listen to Roac? (258) How did the Lake-men and Bard approach Thorin and the dwarves? (262) What argument did Bard present? (263) What response did Thorin make? (264) How much do you think the Lake-men and the elves would have shared if the dwarves and Bilbo had been killed by the dragon?

59 Prediction Bilbo has saved the dwarves before. How will he help get them out of this trouble?

60 The Hobbit Turn to Page 268 Chapter XVI A Thief in the Night

61 Chapter VI: Questions How did Bilbo manage to escape from the cave? (268) What was Bilbo’s mission? (269) What did Bilbo have that made it possible to deal with Bard? (270) Why was Bilbo willing to give up the Arkenstone?(270) Was any other character as generous? What unexpected friend or acquaintance did Bilbo find at Bard’s camp? (272) What did Gandalf say to Bilbo?

62 Prediction Based on what you have read so far in The Hobbit by Tolkien, how will this story end for Bilbo?

63 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

64 The Hobbit Turn to Page 275 Chapter XVII The Clouds Burst

65 Chapter XIV: Questions
Why was Thorin so angry at Bilbo? (274) What terms did Thorin and Bard come to? (275) In the Battle of the Five Armies, who were the participants? (279) What stopped Thorin’s advance? (283) What sight made Bilbo’s heart leap? (284) How have the eagles helped Bilbo and the others in the past?

66 Bilbo is hit by a stone and is unconscious. What will happen to him?
Prediction Bilbo is hit by a stone and is unconscious. What will happen to him?

67 The Hobbit Turn to Page 288 Chapter XVIII The Return Journey

68 Chapter VIII: Questions
Why wasn’t Bilbo found until the day after the battle? (287) Who won the battle? (289) What lessons had Thorin learned? Why do you think Bilbo and Thorin parted as friends? (288) Was it necessary for Thorin to die in the story? If you were the author, what other ending might there have been? What does Bilbo mean when he says, “The Tookish part was getting very tired, and the Baggins was daily getting stronger?” (294) How had Bilbo changed in the novel?

69 The Hobbit Turn to Page 297 Chapter XIX The Last Stage

70 Chapter IX: Questions How was Bilbo received when he reached the hobbit-hole? (301) What do you think Gandalf meant when he said, “You are not the hobbit that you were” (300). How had Bilbo changed? How did Bilbo bring luck to the expedition? Much of Bilbo’s luck comes from, or is the result of, his courage and determination. Give some examples of this. What do you think Gandalf meant when he said, “Surely you don’t disbelieve the prophesies, because you had a hand in bringing them about yourself? You don’t really suppose do you, that all of your adventures and escapes were managed by mere luck, just for your sole benefit”?

71 Bilbo is hit by a stone and is unconscious. What will happen to him?
Prediction Bilbo is hit by a stone and is unconscious. What will happen to him?

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