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Simple Present Presente. Infinitive (to) I You We They He She It Works Work.

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1 Simple Present Presente

2 Infinitive (to) I You We They He She It Works Work

3 Observações 3ªs pessoas do singular recebem acréscimo de s nos verbos John plays football very good. Mary runs very fast.

4 Observações Verbos terminados em ss, ch, sh, o, x, z recebem o acréscimo de es miss misses teach teaches brush brushes do does fix fixes buzz buzzes

5 Observações Considerados 3ªs pessoas do singular: each, every, everybody, everyone, somebody, someone, nobody, no one, anybody, anyone, something, much, little Everybody loves me. Somebody needs to find the key.

6 Usos Ações habituais com advérbios de frequência He eats hamburger once a week. We wake up 6 oclock everyday.

7 Diagrama de Frequência Always 0%100% Usually Often Sometimes Rarely Seldom Frequently Never

8 Usos Fatos imutáveis Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. Humans are mortals.

9 Usos Situações Presentes I dont have a car. They are hungry.

10 Usos Eventos Futuros The train leaves in 20 minutes. Tomorrow is Friday.

11 Auxiliares I You We They He She It Does Do

12 Usos Interrogativas - perguntar Do you eat popcorn? Afirmativas – enfatizar I do love you.

13 Usos Negativas – negar e perguntar I do not/dont eat pasta. Doesnt she make wedding cake?

14 Present Continuous Presente Contínuo

15 Simple present do verbo to Be + verbo + ing I You He She It We You They + to be + working I am working now.

16 Usos Ações ou acontecimentos ocorrendo no momento da fala What are you doing now? They are going to school right now.

17 Usos Situações temporárias Im playing harmonica these days because my piano is broken. They are not playing football this season. Their team was downtrended.

18 Usos Ação predeterminadas a se realizar no futuro próximo The bus is leaving tomorrow. We are going to the party at 10 pm.

19 Usos Depois de love, like, hate, enjoy I love going to parties. I like playing baseball. I hate studying Maths. I enjoy making a cake.

20 Diferença Plays Is playing Past Now Future Presente Passado

21 You are not wearing He is walking You are not doing You are sitting They are not eating

22 They are reading a book. She is singing.He is fishing.She is drinking water. She is kissing the baby.

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