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Punctuation packets Please grab a yellow packet from the front table.

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1 Punctuation packets Please grab a yellow packet from the front table.
Fill out IKE pages for the week and be ready to start working on dialogue (back page).

2 Mentor text… “You got it,” Chuck replied, his voice chipper, as if thrilled to be needed. “But first we should get you some food from Frypan.” “I don’t know if I can ever eat again.” Not after what he’d just seen. Chuck nodded. “Yeah, you will. I’ll meet you at the same tree as before. Ten minutes.” -- Maze Runner “Rubeus! Rubeus Hagrid! How nice to see you again…. Oak, sixteen inches, rather bendy, wasn’t it?” “It was, sir, yes,” said Hagrid. “Good wand, that one. But I suppose they snapped it in half when you got expelled?” said Mr. Ollivander, suddenly stern. “Er– yes, they did, yes,” Said Hagrid shuffling his feet. -- Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone Day 1: students should carefully read each on and write down a line or two from one of these examples.

3 Dialogue “ ” Conversation between characters
Used for character development Adds emotion to the story and depth to plot Internal thoughts of character Helps the plot move along, introduces conflicts Any other ideas? Day1 write down the uses of dialogue.

4 Dialogue tags Phrases used to explain who is speaking and how they are speaking. “No, no, no!” my dad exclaimed, then pulled her up by the arm. The tag is “my dad exclaimed” Day 2 make this chart on page

5 Dialogue checklist Use a variety of dialogue “tags” to help show the emotion or attitude of the speaker in a vivid and descriptive way. Use quotation marks around the works that are spoken Place punctuation marks inside the closing quotation marks. Capitalize the first word of the quote Indent every time the speaker changes (new paragraph) If the speakers words come before the dialogue tag, place a comma at the end of the speakers words, inside the quotation marks When the dialogue tag appears in the body of the sentence and the quotation ends the sentence, place the final punctuation at the end of the quotation, within the quotation marks. Day 2, they need to write the whole thing

6 Practice With your partner write your own dialogue.
Imagine: you have just run into each your best friend, who has been missing for weeks, at the fair. What would you say? There should be at least 5 lines of conversation. Check the check list from yesterday. Day 3

7 You need notebook paper titles “dialogue practice”
Imagine and write an “unseen scene” that might be in the “Daedalus and Icarus” myth. You must include at least FIVE lines of dialogue. Check your check list from yesterday Stay true to the characters from the story

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