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Past Simple and past continuous

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1 Past Simple and past continuous
By Kasia & Klaudia


3 PAST SIMPLE FORM: Czasowniki regularne: +)He played football. -) He didn’t play football. ?) Did he play football? Czasowniki nieregularne: +)They wrote a book. -)They didn’t write a book. ?)Did they write a book?

4 +) I/He/She/It was playing cards all day.
PAST CONTINUOUS FORM: +) I/He/She/It was playing cards all day. -) I/He/She/It wasn’t playing cards all day. ?) Was I/he/she/it playing cards all day? +) We/You/They were dancing all night. -) We/You/They weren’t dancing all night. ?) Were we/you/they dancing all night?

5 When ”WHEN” ? When ”WHILE”?

6 Let’s practise… Carol __________(break) her arm while she__________ (paint) the ceiling. I finally _________(read) that book yesterday. The ending was amazing. _________________(you/watch) TV when I __________ (call) you to ask about your health? What time______________( you/come) back from Jim's birthday yesterday? It _______________(not/snow) when I ___________(wake up) this morning. broke was painting read Were you watching called did you come wasn’t snowing woke up

7 When you ____________(telephone) me, I _________(study) for an exam.
What ___________(she/do) all day while you _____________ (work) on your project? I ________(not/go) to school today because I was a bit ill and Mum ________(let) me stay at home. When you ____________(telephone) me, I _________(study) for an exam. They ___________(have) classes almost all day yesterday so they couldn't go to the city centre with us. I __________(leave) home at 5 yesterday and I ________(go) straight to work. More exercises with answers you can find here: was she doing were working didn’t go let telephoned was studying were having left went

8 Past tenses in jokes… POLICE REALITY

9 Past tenses in jokes DRIVING WOMAN

10 Past tenses in jokes Somewhat Topical Ecards

11 Past tenses in songs … Source:

12 Sources: THE KEEP CALM-O-MATIC, and-learn-grammar-6/, access: 11 January 2014, Ms. Ramos' English Class: A special place to learn, practice and have fun with English, simple-past.html, access: 9 January 2014, Discover English Grammar, access: 9 January 2014, CyberIES, continuous.html, access: 9 January 2014, Somewhat Topical Ecards, ZjYy, access: 11 January 2014, Angielski, access: 10 January 2014,

13 Thank you for your attention 

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