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Consent Jeopardy!.

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1 Consent Jeopardy!

2 What is consent? Consent is cooperation in act and attitude. In Colorado, the absence of “No” is not consent Exercise of free will. Consent must be given without coercion or force Knowledge of what is happening. Somebody under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not in the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves, therefore they cannot give consent.

3 It is prosecutable under CO law
What is Sexual Assault? Sexual assault is any sexual contact without consent and may include touching of intimate body areas, intercourse or penetration It is prosecutable under CO law

4 What is Rape? Rape is defined as nonconsensual sexual intrusion or penetration of the vagina, anus or mouth of the victim. The weapon of intrusion used by the perpetrator may be a penis, tongue, finger or object. This includes times when the victim was drunk, high, drugged, or passed out and unable to consent

5 Situation: Jamie tells Bailey that if they don’t have sex, then they will have to break up. Not wanting to break up, Bailey agrees and they have sex Was there consent?

6 Answer

7 NO, by threatening to break up with Bailey, Jamie was coercing Bailey in to having sex. Thus, there wasn’t consent

8 Situation: Alex tells Sam that they should have sex. Sam is hesitant, saying “I don’t think we should…”. Alex bugs Sam until Sam relents and has sex with Alex Was there consent?

9 Answer

10 NO, by continuing to harass Sam until Sam gave the ok, there wasn’t consent.

11 Situation: Cameron brings Casey ten beers in the span of two hours. When Casey is very drunk, they go back to Cameron’s room and have sex. Was there consent?

12 Answer

13 NO, because Casey was so intoxicated, Casey wasn’t in the mental state to be able to give consent

14 Situation: Kelly and Quinn are in Kelly’s room. Quinn originally agreed to have sex, but halfway through, changes their mind and tells Kelly it isn’t a good idea. Kelly, already worked up, decides to continue anyway and have sex with Quinn Was there consent?

15 Answer

16 NO, even though Quinn originally agreed, Quinn ended up changing their mind. Consent CAN be taken away at any point during a sexual encounter

17 Situation: Jordan and Avery are in Avery’s room. Jordan begins to kiss Avery. Avery is having flashbacks of a previous case of sexual assault and doesn’t say anything. Avery stays rigid while they have sex. Was there consent?

18 Answer

19 NO, just because Avery didn’t tell Jordan to stop, doesn’t mean there was consent. A positive, sober “yes” must be given for there to be consent.

20 Situation: Robin asks Lee if they would like to have sex. Neither have been drinking. Lee thinks about it, then says “Absolutely! That sounds lovely”. They have sex. Was there consent?

21 Answer

22 Yes! Lee gave a positive, sober, unwavering yes. Way to go Robin!

23 Bulletin Board created by Jacob Lazear, Resident Assistant at Colorado State University

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