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Ignite Your Leadership

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2 Ignite Your Leadership

3 Ignite Your Leadership Panelists
Marie Tuite, Deputy Director of Athletics, San Jose State University Charles Harris, Executive Vice President, Averett University Heather Weems, Director of Athletics, St. Cloud State University Moderator: Patti Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, NACWAA

4 Personal Growth “To be successful, don’t ask yourself what you need to do, ask who you need to become.” – Darren Hardy “We do not attract that which we want; we attract that which we are.” –Wayne Dyer “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” –Max De Pree

5 “Ah-Ha” Moments “There is a lesson in almost everything you do, and getting the lesson is how you move forward.” –Oprah “She wasn’t where she has been. She wasn’t where she was going. But she was on her way.” –Anonymous

6 Authentic Leadership “Authentic leadership is all about being the person you know in your heart you have always been destined to be. Authentic leadership does not come from your title or from the size of your paycheck. Instead, this form of leadership comes from your being and the person that you are.” –Robin Sharma

7 X-Factor “Success is not something you pursue. Success is something you attract by the person you become.” –Jim Rohn

8 Ignite Your Leadership
Marie Tuite, Charles Harris, Heather Weems, Patti Phillips, For more information regarding NACWAA, please visit: On

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