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St Joan of Arc School Bullying A:B: HappyExcited #1 How does bullying make you feel? C:D: DepressedRejoiceful.

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3 St Joan of Arc School Bullying

4 A:B: HappyExcited #1 How does bullying make you feel? C:D: DepressedRejoiceful

5 C - Depressed

6 A:B: In classIn the hall ways #2 Where can bullying happen? C:D: On the tennis courtsAnywhere

7 D - Anywhere

8 A:B: NothingSelf harm #3 What should you do if you are being bullied? C:D: Bully someone elseTell someone

9 D – Tell someone

10 A:B: Every 6 secondsEvery minute #4 How often is someone bullied in England? C:D: Every 10 minutesEvery hour

11 A – Every six seconds

12 A:B: 1/21/3 #5 What fraction of pupils are bullied C:D: 1/41/5

13 D – 1/5

14 A:B: Tom CruiseBritney Spears #6 Which star was bullied as a child? C:D: Michael OwenJordan

15 A – Tom Cruise

16 A:B: 2002,000 #7 How many children got help last year? C:D: 20,000200,000

17 C – 20,000

18 Every seven seconds someone in Britain is being bullied

19 One in five secondary school pupils have experience of bullying

20 Bullying can happen anywhere; one in four people are bullied at work

21 Bullying can make you feel depressed, shy, isolated, insecure and even suicidal

22 Most people who bully have been bullied themselves

23 In many cases the effects of bullying aren't visible at all. But this doesn't mean they're less hurtful

24 20,000 young people got help last year when they spoke out against bullying

25 Some Famous victims of Bullying: Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom, Eminem, Tom Cruise and Sarah-Michelle Gellar.

26 Brian McFadden Brian was bullied at school because of his weight and because he used to sing and dance there - it wasn't cool. He says that he always had to be on the defence so it made him sharper. He always knew he'd get the last laugh.

27 Lahmea Lahmea was bullied at school and decided to do something about it. Combining her songwriting and singing talents with the experiences that she'd had and things she saw around her, Lahmea has spoken at a number of conferences on bullying, has produced an album of songs on bullying and crime and won an award for her work in the community.

28 Danny had three years of verbal bullying at school. His advice is not to be afraid to tell someone about it. The people bullying are the people who've got the problem, not you. Eventually he hooked up with a different group of people and they all stuck up for each other. Danny McNamara (Embrace)

29 Jennifer Ellison At school Jen saw herself as geeky and one of the girls in her class would hit her. At first she was afraid to tell anyone but once she'd let her Mum help, the girl was suspended. Years later Jen bumped into the girl again - behind the checkout in the supermarket. She thinks it's really important not to bottle it up - if it's happening to you, tell someone.

30 What is Bullying? Verbal bullying, including: Teasing Sarcasm Name calling Continually ignoring someone Racist & sexist remarks

31 Physical bullying, including: Taking your money or personal belongings Pushing, hitting, kicking and punching Sexual abuse, including unwanted physical contact or comments

32 Indirect bullying, including: Spreading rumours or starting gossip about you Getting you into trouble for no real reason Excluding you Sending you hurtful messages via texts, emails, phoning and letters



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