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Invisible Walls Family Support Service HMP Winchester.

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1 Invisible Walls Family Support Service HMP Winchester

2 The Invisible Walls approach  DfE funded project 2011-2013  Big Lottery Reaching Communities 2013-16  HCC Troubled Families Innovation Grant Common Aims : help reduce re-offending increase stability of children’s lives, and help families achieve positive outcomes

3 The scale of need…. 200,000 children experience a parent being sent to prison each year nationally around 65% of boys with a Dad in prison become offenders themselves nearly 30% of children with a parent in prison experience mental health problems children of prisoners are more likely to experience poorer education attainment and higher levels of social disadvantage

4 Emotional Impact on Children : Disenfranchised grief – grief that persons experience when they incur a loss that is not or cannot be openly acknowledged, publically mourned or socially supported”. (Doka 1989) The Role of Schools in Supporting Families Affected by Imprisonment Winston Churchill Memorial Trust - Report Oct 12 Feelings of guilt by association Feeling labelled – ‘Don’t assume that I will end up in prison like my Mum or Dad’ Not being told the truth Loss of childhood – changing roles in families

5 Invisible Walls -what do we offer ? Information, advice and support for families visiting the prison Signposting and referrals to community support Parenting programmes and support for fathers in prison Pre and post release support packages Training and workforce development

6 a space to talk… Visitor’s Centre at HMP Winchester

7 a space to play… Visitor’s Centre at HMP Winchester

8 Feedback from families [The Visitors’ Centre] is a hand of humanity in a very cold, sad place. It helps me feel less of an outcast in society If this centre wasn’t here I wouldn’t bring my children The Visitors’ Centre makes the whole thing easier

9 Children’s voices…

10 Some extracts from visitor’s boards…


12 Pre arrestArrest First court appearance Remand: bail/custody Trial and Sentence Custodial/non-custodial Serving Sentence in custody Pre-release Release Resettlement The Offender Journey 12

13 Parenting Support Time for You and Your Child Time for You and your Baby Time for You and Your Teenager Family Days o Storybook Dads o Dads Together Group o Self Study Packs

14 Feedback from fathers I enjoyed setting goals for myself and thinking for the future I’ve learned about my child’s emotional development and how important a Dad’s role is Most enjoyable… expressing and sharing my thoughts and feelings

15 Future opportunities and challenges Resettlement agenda – HMP Winchester Changes to Probation Service Troubled Families agenda Commissioning Capacity Expectations PARTNERHIP WORKING

16 Contact details : Kerry Longhorn – Service Lead mob : 0778 0757 7368 Issy Pound – Workforce Development Lead Mob: 07794 394678

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