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Unit 10 Skills and experience. Practical grammar.

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1 Unit 10 Skills and experience

2 Practical grammar

3 TTTT aaaa ssss kkkk ( ( ( ( bbbb eeee 动 动 动 动 词词词词 的的的的 一一一一 般般般般 过过过过 去去去去 时时时时 )))) TTTT aaaa ssss kkkk ( ( ( ( 实实实实 义义义义 动动动动 词词词词 的的的的 一一一一 般般般般 过过过过 去去去去 时时时时 )))) Homework一般过去时

4 Today Mar. 13 Yesterday Mar. 12 Tomorrow Mar. 14 past present future----> past

5 一般过去时态的定义 (The Simple Past Tense) 概念 : 常用时间状语 : 表示过去某个时间发生的动 作或存在的状态 (1) last week (2) last month (3) last year (4) … ago (5) at that moment / time (6) yesterday (7) the day before yesterday

6 动词一般过去时的构成 1. 对于大多数动词在词尾 +ed 2. 词尾是 e 结尾的直接 +d 3. 词尾以辅音字母 +y 结尾的词,变 y 为 i+ed 4. 以重读闭音节(末尾为辅音 + 元音 + 辅音)结尾的词, 双写末尾字母 +ed 双写末尾字母 +ed 5. 否定 was / were + not was / were + not didn’t + 动词原形 didn’t + 动词原形 6. 一般疑问句 ( 1 ) was, were 提到句首 ( 1 ) was, were 提到句首 ( 2 ) did 提前,动词恢复为原形 ( 2 ) did 提前,动词恢复为原形 7. 特殊疑问句 疑问词 + 一般疑问句语序 疑问词 + 一般疑问句语序

7 today yesterday last week last monthlast year

8 动词的变化规则 Verb bbbb eeee VVVV eeee rrrr bbbb aaaa mmmm,,,, i i i i ssss aaaa rrrr eeee wwww aaaa ssss wwww eeee rrrr eeee VVVV e e e e dddd IIII rrrr rrrr eeee gggg uuuu llll aaaa rrrr p p p p aaaa ssss tttt f f f f oooo rrrr mmmm ssss

9 Today years ago 2008 I am a nurse. I a nurse for 2 years. was Were you a nurse for 2 years?Q1: A1: Yes, I was. / No, I wasn’t. How long were you a nurse? For 2 years. Q2: A2:

10 now Britain In the past China We are nurses. We nurses in China. were Were you a nurse in China?Q1: A1: Yes, we were. / No, we weren’t. Where were you a nurse? China. Q2: A2:

11 A. Choose words. Write the words on the line. 1.Frank ______________ a cook in his country. weren’t / wasn’t He was a restaurant manager. 2. Carol and Chen _________ receptionist from 1999 to was / were 3. Yang Qin ________ a student in was / were Now he’s a child care worker. 4. I ________ a dental assistant for seven years. was / were 5. We __________ dishwashers at Bill’s restaurant. were / weren’t We were cashiers. 6. She __________ a technician. She was a nurse’s aide. wasn’t / weren’t wasn’t 返回首页 were was weren’t wasn’t

12 B. Choose words. Write the words on the line. 1.Where ________________ in 1998? they were / were they 2. Where ____________ a plumber? he was / was he 3. Who ________ at the supermarket? were / was 4. Why _____________ in the hospital? you were / were you 5. __________ you at work yesterday? Were / Was were they 返回首页 was he was were you Were

13 What did you do at your last job?A: B: A: B: I helped customers. Did you use a cash register? Yes, I did. But I didn’t use a computer. Regular past forms Irregular past forms help wash fix install use paint greet helped washed fixed installed used painted greeted cut drive sell take cut drove sold took See page 300 for more irregular past forms.

14 C. Write the simple past tense on the line. 1.Last year we __________ the kitchen green. paint 2. From 1997 to 1998, Carl ________ plumbing supplies, sell but now he’s a plumber. 3. I _______ at Broadway Hair Design for six months. work First I was the receptionist, and then I _______ hair. cut 4. Who _______ this microwave oven? Joe? use He didn’t clean the door! 5. Helen ___________ the dishes in the kitchen. not wash The sink was out of order. painted 返回首页 sold worked cut used didn’t wash

15 Homework Task 1 (be 动词的一般过去时 ) Task 1 (be 动词的一般过去时 ) p225 5,6 p225 5,6 Task 2 ( 实义动词的一般过去时 ) Task 2 ( 实义动词的一般过去时 ) p226 7,8,9 p226 7,8,9 给力题(选作): 根据 p125 图片,和搭档一起练习对话。


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