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Page 1 Hypor in China 1.China Pig Industry, Trends, Market Attractiveness, Gaps 中国养猪业发展趋势、市场前景及差距 2.Hypor Background 海波尔公司简介 3.Hypor Customers 海波尔公司客户.

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Presentation on theme: "Page 1 Hypor in China 1.China Pig Industry, Trends, Market Attractiveness, Gaps 中国养猪业发展趋势、市场前景及差距 2.Hypor Background 海波尔公司简介 3.Hypor Customers 海波尔公司客户."— Presentation transcript:

1 Page 1 Hypor in China 1.China Pig Industry, Trends, Market Attractiveness, Gaps 中国养猪业发展趋势、市场前景及差距 2.Hypor Background 海波尔公司简介 3.Hypor Customers 海波尔公司客户 4.Hypor New Hope Liuhe Joint Venture 海波尔新希望、六和合资公司 5.Hypor Opportunities/Challenges 海波尔公司的机遇和挑战

2 Page 2 China Pig Industry- Trends 中国养猪业的发展趋势 1.Improved reproductive performance resulting in more pork per breeding sow—— 提高繁殖性能以提高每头母 猪年产肉量 Increased # annual litters—— 提高每头母猪年产窝数 Increased # pigs per litter—— 提高窝产仔猪数 Increased # pigs sold per sow—— 提高每头母猪年出栏猪头 数 2.Increased use of superior boars—— 采用优质种公猪 Efficient feed conversion—— 高饲料转化率 High growth rate—— 快速生长率 Increased muscle deposition—— 增大瘦肉沉积 Increased slaughter weights—— 提高屠宰体重 3.Leaner hogs—— 瘦肉型肉猪 4.Processors moving towards incentive payments —— 肉类加工商逐渐转向按质论价

3 Page 3 China Pig Industry – Gaps 中国养猪业与发达国家养猪业比较 WestChina Carcass Weight 胴体重 85-90KG70-80KG Pigs finished per sow per year 年出栏猪/母猪 22-30 pigs (ave. 24) 15-20 pigs (ave. 15) Feed Efficiency 饲料转化效率 2.1-2.42.5-3.0 Growth rates 生长速度 750-900g/d700-800g/d

4 Page 4 China Pig Industry- Market Attractiveness 中国养猪业的市场前景 Market Size 市场规模 Largest hog market in the world with rapid growth—— 世界上生猪市场最大和发展最快的国家 38 million sow (3.7% annual average growth over the last 5 years) - 38,000,000 头母猪 –586 million hogs slaughtered (1.8% annual average growth over the last 5 years) - 586,000,000 头生猪 Product Demand 产品需求 34 Kg per capita pork consumption (1.4% annual average growth over the last 5)—— 消耗 34 公斤/人/年(近五年内每年平均提高 1.4% ) Operational inefficiency 生产效率低 Significant returns from genetics for reproductive & carcass performance issues—— 通过改 良品种有明显的效益 –77Kg Average carcass weight—— 平均胴体重只有 77 千克 –15-18 finished pigs per sow per year—— 每头母猪年提供肥猪 15-18 头 Market Structure 市场结构 Large production expansion & consolidation opportunities 有非常大的市场发展潜力 Cost of Production 生产成本 Cost per kg meat – USD 0.75 of which 70% is for feed, of production advantages—— 猪肉的 生产成本 0.75 美元/公斤(其中 70% 是饲料的成本) Source of inputs 资源 Good supply of feed, utilities, labor 饲料、劳动力资源丰富 Import/Export 进出口贸易 5th largest exporter of pork 200,000 metric tons per year (48% to Russia, 3.9% to North Korea)—— 第五大出口国,每年出口猪肉 200,000 公吨/年 8th largest importer of pork—— 第八大猪肉进口国

5 Page 5 Hypor Background – Locations 海波尔公司在世界各地的分布 Nucleus Breeding Sales Canada USAChina JapanMexicoRussiaPhilippines Portugal Spain Italy Central and Eastern Europe GermanyNetherlandsPolandBelgium

6 Page 6 Hypor Background - Sow Portfolio 海波尔加系种猪 Hypor PS Gilt D-Line (Landrace) -长白 C-Line (Large White) -大白 1.Litter size -窝产仔数 2.Mothering ability -母性 3.Coming into estrus -初配日龄 4.Vitality -活力 1.Litter size -窝产仔数 2.Robustness -活力 3.Weaning capacity -断奶性能 4.Farrowing index -分娩性能 The Tailor-Made Approach

7 Page 7 Hypor Background - Boar Portfolio 海波尔加系公猪 The Tailor-Made Approach % Lean / Conformation—— 瘦肉率/体型 Daily Gain / Meat Quality—— 日增重/肉质 Japan AB-Boar Duroc Rock-Y Bod-Y Beau-Pi

8 Page 8 Hypor BackgroundExchange Genes and Data 海波尔公司的基因和数据交换 Information Flow Gene Flow (semen)

9 Page 9 Hypor Background- Track Record 海波尔在中国 - 简介 1.Delivered < 2,000 GGP/GP pigs—— 在中国已销售 2,000 种猪 2.Acquired & retained 10 customers in our target markets: —— 目前在中国已有 10 个客户 3. Product development—— 种猪性能 –Our Large White damline scored top 3 in a local Chinese Records on Performance. -海波尔大白猪在有关省份的测定排名在前三名 –Customer testimonials -客户的认同 4. Developed strong organization and local network —— 发展了强大的网络体系 –Swine Industry Association – network of local producers - 中国养猪协会 –Quarantine partners, CABS, Sino Farms -进口商 –AQSIQ – Animal Quarantine authorities - 中国动检 –Agricultural University – Professors, pig experts - 农业院校-教授、养猪专家 –MOA & Local authorities - 农业部 –Lean Swine Project – Network of Chinese pig farms and Canadian/Chinese experts - 瘦肉型猪项目 –MAFIC – R&D Partner - 农业部饲料工业中心 –Canadian Embassy – Local business support - 加拿大使馆

10 Page 10 Hypor Customers-Zhejiang Jiahua Pig Breeding Farm 海波尔客户 — 浙江加华种猪有限公司 Farm Scale— 猪场规模: –700 GGP sows from various sources, –2,000 GP multiplication sows expanding to 3,000 sows Farm History— 简介: –Established in 1953 -创建于 1953 年 –Designated as one of top 20 National breeding farms by Ministry of Agriculture Technical support via Canada Lean Swine Project (1994-2000) –Management team trained by the Canadian Swine Specialists –First Hypor client in China 海波尔第一个中国客户

11 Page 11 Hypor Customers -TieQiLiShi Group 海波尔客户-铁骑力士 Farm Scale -猪场规模 : –300 expanding to 1,000 GGP/GP sows Farm History -简介 : –Established in 1970 –Purchased the Mianyang Pig Breeding Farm in 2003 (designated as one of top 20 National breeding farms by Ministry of Agriculture) –Currently integrating breeding, multiplication, production and feed with plans for processing & distribution –Recently purchased two multiplier farms with about 2,000 sows.

12 Page 12 Hypor Customers- Yutian Pig Breeding Farm 海波尔客户-玉田种猪场 Farm Scale -猪场规模 : –400 to expanding to 1,200 production sows Farm History -简介 : –Established in 1994 –Project site for the China Canada Lean Swine Project 1994-2001 –Management team trained by the Canadian Swine Specialists

13 Page 13 Hypor Joint Venture Background New Hope & Liuhe Group 海波尔种猪合资公司简介 New Hope Group -新希望集团 –largest agribusiness company in China with sales of over USD 2.5 billion. – primarily involved in feed manufacturing, producing approximately 5.5 million tonnes per annum. –In addition they have robust, pork and poultry processing businesses, animal medication business, dairy production and processing and relatively new banking business. Shandong Liuhe Group -山东六和集团 –Large agribusiness with over 13,000 employees. – Animal feed manufacturing, animal breeding and reproduction, animal production, animal products processing, veterinary medicine production, biotechnology research and development, and international trading. –Feed sales >2.3 million tonnes and poultry production >100 million head (2004).

14 Page 14 Hypor Joint Venture – Mission & Vision 海波尔合资公司的目标和前景 New Hope and Liuhe Integrated pork protein system: 新希望和六和的生猪产业链: –Lead the development of an integrated pork protein system - 发展生猪产业链 –Supply improved genetics, high quality feeds and technical services to local farmers - 为合同商品场提供优质的种猪、饲料和技术支持 –Contract local farmers to produce uniform high quality hogs to supply their processing facilities in Sichuan Province and Shandong Province 合同商品场-为四川、山东肉类加工业提供优质的商品猪 Hypor New Hope/Liuhe JV breeding farm -海波尔新希望/六和育种有限公司 supply the planned New Hope and Liuhe integrated production and processing systems. - 为生猪产业链提供优质种猪 support a production system of approximately 250 thousand parent stock and approximately 5 million slaughter hogs in Sichuan Province (New Hope) and Shandong Province

15 Page 15 Hypor- Challenges for Hypor 海波尔公司面临的挑战 Import protocols -进口检疫条款 –CFIA & AQSIQ shaping protocols-very important & creates competitive advantage Negotiating with customers -与客户的沟通 –Very difficult to negotiate value added products & service-price is the key issue. Hold on price as long as you can Use of Hypor trademark -海波尔商标的使用 Introducing royalty concept -基因费的收取 Intellectual Property Rights - Control of genetics 知识产权-基因的控制 –Many of our customers are Chinese breeding companies that could develop as competitors with our genetics – 许多客户都是中国的种猪公司,能够利用海波尔的种猪基因与海波尔公司竞 争

16 Page 16 Hypor - Success Factors 海波尔公司成功的因素 1.Support farm level productivity - 支持猪场生产率的提高 production models and productivity parameters such as pigs weaned and finished per sow. 2.Breeding technology - 育种技术 Support pig production systems, operational, technical & market capacity 3.Understand Chinese culture - 了解中国国情 4.Support the development process – 支持客户的发展、共赢 5.Manage costs - 控制成本 –Cost of product & cost of sales are lower and must be passed on to producers 6.Add Products & Channels – 扩展产品和网络 –Critical to break into the mass market quickly - JV, partnerships, dealerships, multipliers, distributors, agents 7.Bring local brands on board -与 各地知名企业合作 –Partner with local brands – TQLS, New Hope, BBSC, Lihue, Jinhua 8.First Mover Advantage – 领先进入的优势

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