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Animals in danger Animals in danger Module 9. Unit 1 We need to protect animals.

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1 Animals in danger Animals in danger Module 9

2 Unit 1 We need to protect animals.

3 danger protect orange cousin brown mad n. 危险 v. 保护 adj. 橘色的 n. 橘子 ; 橘色 n. 同类 ; 堂兄弟 ; 表兄 弟 ; 堂姐妹 ; 表姐妹 adj. 棕色的 n. 棕色 adj. 极度激动的 ; 发狂似的 Review the words and expressions

4 surprising kill hard away dirty awful adj. 使人惊讶的;出人意料的 v. 杀死 adj. 困难的 adv. …… 掉 ; …… 去 adj. 脏的 adj. 极讨厌的 ; 极不愉快的 Words and expressions

5 peace find out rare example nature surprised n. 安宁 ; 和平 发现 adj. 稀有的 ; 珍贵的 n. 例子 n. 大自然 ; 自然界 adj. 惊奇的 ; 吃惊的 Words and expressions

6 看图猜单词。

7 lion

8 snake

9 panda

10 whale

11 bear

12 tiger

13 elephant

14 camel

15 Complete the quiz with the words in the box. (Activity1) 1 I am orange and black. 2 I am the tiger’s cousin. 3 I am brown or black and I live in the forest. 4 I am very big and I live in the sea. 5 I am long and thin. 6 I am big and I have a very long nose. 7 I can walk a long way without drinking. 1 bear camel elephant lion snake tiger whale

16 Listen and answer these questions. 1.Which animals are they talking about? 2. Which animals are in danger? They’re talking about pandas, tigers, lions, elephants and bears. All of these animals are in danger. 2

17 Listen and read. 3

18 Choose the best answer for each sentence. 1. Sally ______ the zoo. A. didn’t like B. liked C. disliked 2. It was interesting to learn about the _________ Panda Reserve. A. Wulong B. Wolong C. Wulun 3. It isn’t right to kill whales or _______ for their meat. A. tigers B. snakes C. elephants

19 4. Many animals have ______ to live in. A. enough lands B. forests C. no place 5. Our villages and farms are _______. A. growing more slowly B. growing bigger C. not growing

20 Language Points

21 1. We need to protect animals. 我们需要保护动物。 need 的用法 : 1) 作实义动词,意为 “ 需要 ” 。 need to do sth.( 动词不定式充当宾语) ; We need to learn English hard. 我们需要快速学英语。

22 2) need 作情态动词时,用于疑问句或 否定句中。后面接动词原形。意为 “ 需 要;必须 ” Need he sweep the floor now? 他必须现在扫地吗?

23 2. But many people decide not to think about it. 但是许多人决定不考虑这件事。 decide (not) to do sth..( 动词不定式 充当宾语) 决定(不)去做某事 They decide (not) to go shopping. 他们决定(不)去购物了。

24 3.It’s hard to stop the killing. 动词不定式作真正主语。 stop 的用法: stop sb. (from) doing sth. 阻止某人做某事 We must stop people polluting clean water. 4.We’v made it dirty. make sb./sth. +adj. 使某人,某物怎么样

25 Read the text and answer these questions. 1. When do you think this conversation happens? 2. Why do some people kill whales and elephants? Just after they have visited the zoo. They kill them for their meat.

26 3. Has Sally ever seen the pandas before? 4. What happens when the villages and farms grow bigger? 5. Who has made the water too dirty to drink? No, she hasn’t. Many animals have no place to live in. Humans.

27 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words and expressions in the box. 1. When people ___ too many animals, they become rare. 2. Elephants and whales are examples of animals_________. 3. Nature _______ are forests or large parks where animals can live in peace. kill in danger peace protect reserve kill in danger reserves 5

28 4. We can _______ animals in danger if we give them somewhere safe to live. 5. We need to give animals fresh water and somewhere to live. This will help them live in ______. protect peace


30 With a partner, talk about the animals in Activity1. Decide which one is the most important to protect. Tell the class the reasons and how to protect them. The… is the most important animal to protect. … 8

31 Homework 课时达标 1 课时


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