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ICG NxtLink 2014 The Connected Aircraft

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1 ICG NxtLink 2014 The Connected Aircraft
Randy R. Chapell September 10, 2014 ICG NxtLink 2014 The Connected Aircraft

2 Aircraft Connectivity Is Becoming Pervasive
Aircraft are becoming more connected Cockpit avionics Cabin connectivity – passengers and crew Maintenance and operations data collected and transmitted Connectivity is more than Satcom… includes wired/wireless and enabled applications Multiple recipients of information and applications Flight Crew Maintenance & Operations Passengers

3 Critical Mass Approaching for Innovative Solutions
Industry Trends More sensors, more data collected, easier data flow 500 GB of data off 787 on average per flight More bandwidth at much lower cost Internet bandwidth growing 32% per year Cost/bit decreasing 18% per year Cheaper data storage and processing Storage doubles every 14 months for the same cost Faster and more comprehensive analytics More powerful CPUs Data mining software Critical Mass Approaching for Innovative Solutions

4 Connectivity Helps Meet Industry Needs
Improved situational awareness. Next Gen Air Traffic Management Focus on actionable data only and avoid distractions. Flight Safety Remote diagnostics, Dispatch maintenance crews Improved Uptime In flight traffic flow optimization. Directed Route changes due to upcoming weather. Reduces Fuel Burn – the airlines largest cost. Fuel Savings Maintenance Operations Engine Data/APU monitoring, Fault forward, Trending Analysis Just in time preventative or remote diagnosis. Enables passenger connectivity for real time applications. Mobile Office in the sky. Creates airline revenue stream. In-Flight Entertainment Increases Revenue, Decreases Cost, Improves Experience

5 Day in the Life of Pilots
For the pilot experience, connectivity enhances safety and efficiency Some examples are: Preflight: Flight planning; Dispatch services; Automated data uploading; Seamless aircraft setup In-flight: Real time updates of weather, traffic, information; Connectivity to remote devices including EFBs; Seamless communication / connectivity with other aircraft and operations; Flight optimization Post-flight: Ground routing / taxiing; Automated downloading Flight planning Dispatch services Automated uploading Seamless aircraft setup Real time updates of weather, traffic, information Connectivity to remote devices Seamless communication / connectivity with other aircraft and operations Flight optimization Ground routing / taxiing Automated logging, downloading Real-time Information Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

6 Day in the Life of Operations and Maintenance
Services and dispatch coordination Flight awareness & coordination Enhanced communications Real-time monitoring troubleshooting, analysis Maintenance and Parts Dispatch Ground service coordination Real-time Information Preventing Failures & Decreasing Cost

7 Day in the Life of Passengers
Pre-Flight In-Flight Post-Flight Tailored Flight Services Seamless Pre-Flight Experience Entertainment and Streaming Services Productivity Tools Social Connectivity Coordinated Post-Flight Services Connectivity to Post-Flight Needs Services and Guidance Coordinated Pickup, Reservations For the passenger, connectivity enables the end-to-end experiences Some examples are: Preflight: Tailored Flight Services; Seamless Airport Experience In-flight: Entertainment and Streaming Services; Productivity Tools; Social Connectivity; Coordinated Post-Flight Services Post-flight: Connectivity to Post-Flight Needs, Airport Services and Guidance, Coordinated Pickup, Reservations, Services Enabling End-to-End Passenger Experiences

8 Pieces to the Connectivity Puzzle
Honeywell well positioned along Value Chain: Grow / Partner Pilots Operations & Maintenance Passengers VHF & ATG Satellite Ground Systems Flight Services GDC, Satcom Direct, ARINC Direct Data Subscriptions Nav Databases Charts/Maps Weather Node in Sky Other…. Maintenance Services * Operations Condition based maintenance FOQA, ACMS Trending Analytics Real time LRU health Spares staging optimized Entertainment & Content Telephony, Video & Txt Gaming/Social Live TV E-commerce 3G/4G Cloud, Big Data, Middleware, Analytics Services Others Data Generation & Transmission Data/Network Connectivity Computing Providers Services Providers Users Connectivity Equipment Avionics Equipment Maintenance Equipment Mechanical Equipment

9 Products and Services: Overall System

10 Technology and Architecture
Network Providers Aircraft Systems Air-Ground Coordination Ground Systems & Services Enable Experiences with Secure, End to End Services

11 Products and Services: Satcom

12 Satellite Connectivity Solutions Across the Spectrum
MCS 7120/7147 Aspire 300 Sky Connect HSD 440 Aspire 400 Iridium Inmarsat L Band Ka Band & ATG Server Wireless Access Point Routers Aspire 200 Aspire 100 Tracking Assets Connecting Cockpit Terminals, Radomes, Antennas Cabin Connecting Passengers Servers, Routers, NWAPs MCS 8000/ MCS 8200 Future Offering AMT 1800 (IGA) AMT 700 (HGA) ATT ATG

13 Next Generation Aircraft Connectivity
Passenger Connectivity JetWave™ MCS 8000 Up to 35 Mb/s Only Global High Speed Network Cockpit Connectivity Aspire 400 A781 SB Safety Services +SBB for Maintenance / EFB Aspire 300 Iridium Global operations And CABIN COCKPIT SAFETY AIRCRAFT DOMAIN Ka band Inmarsat The Fastest Network Available Global Seamless connectivity L band Inmarsat and Iridium Supports Cockpit and Maintenance / EFB Applications

14 Aspire 400 – The Complete Solution
Multipurpose Satcom system supporting safety, cockpit and cabin services Works with high, intermediate or enhanced low gain antennas Aircraft Control Domain (ACD) Cockpit Avionics Interface & Support for Inmarsat SwiftBroadband Safety (FANS 1/A+) Cockpit Voice DataLink/CPDLC/ACARS/AOC Prioritized Data Aircraft Information Services Domain (AISD) Non-SS cockpit connectivity for things such as EFB Passenger Information and Entertainment Services Domain (PIESD) Addition SBB channel that provideds connectivity to the cabin. 3 Domain Segregation – 1 or 2 channel HGA, IGA or ELGA support Ethernet, ISDN and Serial interfaces External HPA+Diplexer (HPD) Discretes and Cooperative interface to support Dual Satcom DO-178B Level-D WSCI Interface

15 Aspire 300 – Iridium Based Data and Voice
Iridium based CPDLC and voice Support for FANS Over Iridium (FOI) Cockpit Voice Datalink/CPDLC/ACARS/AOC A781 Interface DO-178B Level-D software certification CMC support via ARINC 604 or 624 TSO C-159A Certified Available mid 2015

16 Inmarsat I-5 Solution Global, Mobile, Reliable
Over 20 years of service to aviation Global coverage Seamless handover within and between satellite regions State-of-the-art mobility management Optimised redundant ground network High network availability Single company solution Global, consistent coverage of power and bandwidth Single operator, one network with worldwide coverage High power spot beams provide worldwide uniform performance Uniform power provides a consistent user experience Built for mobility Ka band is designated for mobile applications and is uncontended bandwidth with significant opportunity for growth Seamless handovers - exceeds performance of current systems One operator, two independent networks, seven satellites Two fully redundant systems for aircraft services Over 20 years of aviation services Ka Band: 3 Geostationary Ka-band satellites

17 Honeywell JetWave Value Proposition
Consistent, guaranteed performance Only connectivity solution on the market which offers a Committed Information Rate (CIR) CIR is the rate which the service is guaranteed not to fall below Worldwide Coverage Only system that supports worldwide operation at a consistent performance and quality of service Global Coverage with the exception of the polar regions Unconstrained Operation Eliminates the need for managed use due to service costs Fixed monthly cost simplifies budgeting The JetWave value prop is simple yet powerful. When it enters service in 2015, Jet Wave wil be the fastest connectivity solution with worldwide coverage. While providing faster speeds than competing Ku system, JetWave's service wil actually cost less.

18 JetWave MCS-8000 System KFRU TMA KANDU MODMAN

19 JetWave MCS-8200 System FMA KFRU MODMAN KANDU

20 Inmarsat Program Status
Satellites F1 launched and operational Maritime services commenced June 2014 Operation test of aero antenna and RF as part of military trial May 2014 F2 expected launch in December 2014, F3 Q1 2015 Ground Segment in Place Aero Service Operational Mid 2015

21 Representative AT&T ATG Architectures
ATG modem LRU LTE technology US coverage Security functions Integrated terrestrial modem Multi-element antenna system Pricing & hardware details available end 2014 SatCom Router Performs Multi-WAN Switching and acts as the Wireless Access Point Router ATG RF Head

22 Honeywell and Connectivity
Honeywell had kept pace with industry trends and helped drive connectivity solutions Honeywell-Inmarsat SESAR Flexible Communication Central Maintenance Computer & CBM E-taxi Synthetic Vision Honeywell is in unique position to help drive connectivity solutions Link electrical / mechanical systems Sift through that data in real time Determine what / how to send & act on data Provide services and support with a 24/7 global data center Good Position To Drive Connectivity Solutions

23 Products and Services Condition Based Maintenance

24 Elements of Honeywell CBM
Design On-Aircraft At-Aircraft Enterprise Operations Diagnostic Model On Board Maintenance System Knowledge Management Systems Design docs Schematics Reliability data Data collection & Asset monitoring Fault consolidation Critical real time transmission Down and Upload/Trending Diagnostics Directed maintenance Actions & Work Plans Maintenance planning Logistics planning Fleet level planning Engineering analysis The CBM System is built largely from automated import of engineering data that is used to build the integrated reference models. The process of troubleshooting involves configuration, load on-aircraft, maintainers sees the faults and corrective actions at aircraft (from ground) and the whole system gets more intelligent by capture of the solutions and feedback loop. The upgrades on current modeling tools moves the user from manual authoring of the inputs (design) to a more automated and wider breadth process.  Learning Loop Common Design Methodology Across Vehicle Types

25 Elements of Honeywell Solution
Tech Manuals, Mx Records and Design Data Single Reference Model Controls all IVHM Functions and is Updated by Field Feedback Knowledge Management System Build Reference Model from Existing Procedures, Historic Data and Design Data Update Model Based on Field Feedback Maintainer Interface Enterprise Interface Syndication Access Maintainers (Monitors and Tablets) Embedded (Existing + New Processors) Enterprise Systems (Ground Servers) OEM and Supplier Systems (Ground Servers) This is an extension of slide 26 on the process of how to configure the CBM solution, how the key to this is building the reference model which is like the master database for troubleshooting. So we provide Model Based Diagnostics which is more accurate than typical case based diagnostics. Assist Users in Troubleshooting, Work Coordination, Repair and Record Keeping Capture Fault and Event Data and Extract Critical Information for Communication to Enterprise, Maintainers and Suppliers. Analyze Data From Embedded Systems to Assess Fault Conditions, Detect Anomalies and Build Maintenance Plans Provide Additional Support to Enterprise Systems and Maintainers to Address Novel Events and Chronic Problems. Use of Common Reference Model By All Functions Ensures Consistency and Lowers Cost

26 Integrated Maintenance Services
Data Capture Services Offered Epic CMC Remote Maintenance HON Server ACARS / Satellite Engine Trending Engine Data Engine Diagnostics Mobile Device APU Diagnostics APU Data Wi-Fi APU Trending Talks about how we can have CBM technology on Mechanical and Avionics and how the data can be transferred off the aircraft for meaningful analysis on the ground with the help of mobile / wearables or laptops. Fleetwide Analysis ECS & Other Data Wheels &Brakes , ECS (Diagnostics+Trending) Mobility Solutions Helps Drive Integrated Solution to Maintenance

27 Sr. Technical Sales Manager
Thank you Randy R. Chapell Sr. Technical Sales Manager FMS & Satcom Products Salisbury, CT

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