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WAN High Availability And WAN Optimization :. FatPipe Networks has Great Brand recognition for its market segment, since 10 years (founded.

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1 WAN High Availability And WAN Optimization :

2 FatPipe Networks has Great Brand recognition for its market segment, since 10 years (founded 1989), privately held, 220 employees. Over 1500 enterprise customers and 6000 units installed. Major international corporations trust FatPipe Networks : Clearchannel, Sandisk, Burberry, Adp, Four seasons, Marriott, US courts,fbi,ING bank, Adobe, Hilton, Ajilon… Worldwide presence – Offices in Salt Lake City (US HQ), UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India, etc… Emphasis on WAN High Availability, Line aggregation, WAN Optimization, Security Best of Breed products designed to meet customer expectations supported by Multiple patents filled since 10 years Flexible 1U,2U,4U ‘all in a Box’ Appliances. FatPipe Networks’s Highlights:

3 FatPipe UTM* and Network Services : All in A Box Router Clustering Services Network Reporting / Monitoring VPN Encryption / Concentration Services WAN Compression and Caching Services Firewalling Services Lcal Mail server Intrusion Prevention/Detection Services Anti-Virus Filtration Services Anti-Spam Filtration Services Web Content Filtration Services o FatPipe has a platform to consolidate network and security services into a single box (*) UTM : Unified Threat Management

4 FatPipe : Smooth UTM & Network Services Integration FatPipe LFS* nested software architecture enables smooth and scalable integration of WAN services UTM & Branch Services WAN Acceleration & Compression VPN symmetrical WAN Load Balancing L7 classification and QoS Inbound WAN Load Balancing Outbound WAN Load Balancing (*) LFS : Linux From Scratch Common Services Network Management Central Management WAN Visibility SNMP NetFlow WAN High availability Fail to the Wire Box Fail Over Site Failover Add On Services Symmetrical WAN Services (One Unit per site) Asymmetrical WAN Services (One Single/Central Unit)

5 FatPipe : 4 HW models to met site requirements FatPipe LFS* scalable HW configurations Small unit1U2U4U Power Supply SingleDual 260W500W LAN port1Gbps Copper WAN Links3612 RAM Byte caching size2 GB SSD Bock catching size30 GB (Branch) 250 GB (DC) Maximum Load Balancing Throughput100Mbps500 Mbps 2.5 Gbps Maximum WAN Throughput (optimized flows) 5 Mbps100 Mbps 600 Mbps optimized Maximum WAN Throughput (IPSEC & optimized flows) 5 Mbps100 Mbps 350 Mbps IPSEC Concurrent optimized TCP connections10,00020,000 100,000

6 First to market which allows Inbound and Outbound LOAD BALANCING traffic without BGP Provides reliability redundancy and bandwidth protection for VoIP traffic. Provides reliability and redundancy for THIN CLIENT connectivity (Citrix, RDP, etc..) Provides reliability and redundancy for remote MULTIPLE VPN connectivity Features dynamic incoming and outgoing LOAD BALANCING and failover without BGP or ISP co-operation and provides high reliability and redundancy for internal servers (smart DNS) FatPipe QOS L7 takes into account multiple lines for traffic prioritization rules and scaling of the rules in case of line failure, with Application Acceleration, and Wan Optimization. FatPipe WAN Load Balancing (WARP):

7 FatPipe A and FatPipe B keep constant communication between one another. They know each other’s status and they share DNS information. FatPipe A is the primary and by default all traffic to will be directed to Site A using IP addresses at Site A. If Site A goes down then Site B will take over Authoritative DNS and all traffic to will be directed to Site B. FatPipe has also site failover capability to a third site if needed. Helps in data center virtualization Site A Site A DNS Zone file IN A ISP1 IP IN A ISP2 IP Site B Site B DNS Zone file IN A ISP3 IP IN A ISP4 IP Constant communication between units. If Site A fails then all the traffic is taken over by Site B. FatPipe Site Failover for Virtualization (WARP)

8 Makes branch office connectivity to centralized information reliable and redundant. Works with any IPsec based VPN product to transmits data over multiple ISPs Data is transmitted in any number of permutations and combinations between the routers, creating multiple data paths between locations – enhancing security. VPN connectivity is maintained even in case of line failure – improving reliability and productivity. Packet switched and session based load balancing is optimized for >80% utilization of combined bandwidth. IPSec add-on component allows for a converged edge appliance for security, load-balancing and reliability Ensures thin client connectivity even if one line fails – important for remote offices Internet Branch Office Corporate Office Offsite Storage Site FatPipe MPVPN for Multi-Line VPN Connectivity

9 High Performance – RAM & SSD based WAN acceleration over multiple data lines. Real-time Data Compression – x9 data reduction. TCP Acceleration – Eliminate latency effects on your ability to “fill the pipe” and utilize all available bandwidth (over 100,000 TCP sessions) Byte Caching – Thin Client acceleration, compression & data reduction: RDP/TSE, Citrix, Sun Ray, etc. De-duplication – Block caching data reduction : from x4 to x18 data reduction for CIFS, MAPI,TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Citrix, etc. Application/Data Independence – Best acceleration method is selected for each application. Supports all major protocols. FatPipe WAN Optimization (WOC appliances)

10 MAPI Mirroring – Increase branch office performance by downloading and caching email low network usage freeing bandwidth during high usage periods. VoIP/ToIP Optimization – Packet aggregation & header compression SSL Optimization – Reduce server overhead with SSL optimization Integrated VPN Encryption: accelerated flows and non-accelerated the flows are dynamic encrypted within the same box. Real Time Chart – Per site Real Time Chart for monitoring original, un-optimized in accelerated data flows. Layer7 QoS – Critical flows protection for accelerated and non-accelerated applications. Schedulable Rate Limiting WAN Load Balancing – Router Clustering over Multiple lines : Ultimate WAN reliability, redundancy, efficiency and security. Server Load Balancing – Reduce single server overhead with array of servers Reduced Footprint of Network Edge – FatPipe WAN Optimization is one component of FatPipe’s Network Management platform that include: Unified Threat Management, Router Clustering, and more. Combining multiple network services on to a single platform allows for simpler management, lower energy consumption, and a lower total cost of ownership versus purchasing separate appliances for each of these services. FatPipe Application Accelleration over the Wan..

11 Prioritization for inbound and out bound traffic for hundreds of App’s Predicts bandwidth utilization Enforces the configured priority, delay and loss policies Nine levels of configurable types of traffic (best effort, high priority..) Handles multi-line virtual FatPipe networks Scales QoS rules to handle bandwidth limits in case of line failures Schedule policy routes based on times and days easily, for such applications as remote backups and time sensitive applications FatPipe Wan Optimization –Layer 7 QoS

12 Select Customers in Manufacturing

13 Select Customers in the Financial Sector

14 Select Customers in Services

15 Using FatPipe has resulted in a significant increase in productivity and business continuity. - Paul Erickson, IT Director MPVPN has been flawless for us; we have not had any WAN downtime since the product has been installed. In addition, the Technical Support staff is terrific. - Brandon Green, IS Manager WARP gives you super protection. If one ISP goes down it automatically fails over to the second ISP. It is a lot less expensive than getting a router, which can accommodate only two lines, to hold all the ARP tables needed for load balancing between ISPs. WARP provides excellent ROI. We’re not going down anymore, and we didn’t have to purchase that expensive router. - Joe Gwozdzik, LAN/WAN Director It is critical for our customers to have a stable and reliable connection to us via the Internet. FatPipe provides a no-fail, redundant and reliable solution for our e- commerce services. - Cody Becker, MIS Manager Customer Comments

16 We have 90% of our Emergency Road Service call center and Claims reporting operations running from the St. Louis location. That portion of our network is one area I am least concerned with because of the reliability FatPipe gives us with multiple paths for Internet access. - Ron Grempler, Manager Network Services I think FatPipe is the only company that we deal with that actually connects customers to a very knowledgeable support staff the first time…this is a very good thing and unfortunately becoming a rarity. Awesome job, guys! - Sheldon Wolf, MCP, Sr. Network Administrator FatPipe’s team of professionals undoubtedly is a superb compliment to its excellent networking device products. I cannot say enough good things regarding the products and the support I received from FatPipe. - Larry M. McConnell, Information Technology Manager The equipment is perfect for seamlessly integrating into our network to handle our growth. - Matthew Stevenson, MIS Manager Customer Comments Continued

17 FatPipe Networks invented the concept of router clustering to make branch office connectivity reliable without BGP programming or box at CO location FatPipe Networks provides best of breed solutions for aggregating bandwidth, optimization, prioritization and automatic failover of WAN traffic, and dynamic load balancing. FatPipe Technology is protected by eight U.S. patents 6,775,235 Tools and techniques for directing packets over disparate networks 6,493,341 Combining routers to increase concurrency and redundancy in external network access 6,295,276 Combining routers to increase concurrency and redundancy in external network access 6,253,247 System and method for transmitting a user's data packets concurrently over different telephone lines between two computer networks 7,269,143 Combining routers to increase concurrency and redundancy in external network access 7,406,048 Tools and techniques for directing packets over multiple parallel disparate networks based on address and other criteria. 7,444,506 Methods, devices, and systems for efficient secure parallel data transmission using a hybrid of public and private networks. 7,877,510 Domain name resolution making IP address selections in response to connection status when multiple connections are present. Several additional patents have been filed. FatPipe Networks’ Patented Technology

18 FATPIPE products are SCALABLE – supporting throughputs from 128kbps to 2.5Gbps (higher capacity available) and add-on features that can be upgraded and licensed with increasing needs of the customer FATPIPE offers a range of APPLIANCES models, with unique combination of Wan optimization features in the same Branch office box ranging from 128kbps to 2.5 GB Wan links: – WAN OPTIM with BLOCK / BYTE caching, TCP accel., Compression, L7 QoS. – 1U,2U,4U APPLIANCES with Xeon to quad-core processors – Reliability, Redundancy, LINE AGGREGATION, and routers LOAD BALANCING – Failover for VOIP Telephony and Thin Client on MULTIPLE ISP’s – Inter office Data Security with VPN – IPSec and SSL – SECURITY with embedded NAT firewall, anti spam, antivirus. – TCP and UDP Session multiplexing – WAN agnostic: Fiber, T3/E3, T1/E1, xDSL, wireless, 3G, satellite based infrastructure for communication FatPipe Products Competitive Strengths:

19 FatPipe Networks 4455 South 700 East, First Floor Salt Lake City UT 84107 (Headquarters) Phone: (800) 724 8521 or (801) 281 3434 e-mail: Fatpipe has subsidiaries In Europe (UK,France,Germany),In Asiapac (australia) India (chennai),in south africa (durban) and in latin america (brazil..) Contact Information

20 Branch Office 1 Internet Private Line Corporate Headquarters Branch Office 2 Branch Office 3 File Server User VOIP User VOIP User VOIP Router Step 1. End user in branch office opens a browser to go to a website Step 2. The request is sent over the private line to the Internet Access Control Server (IACS) at Headquarters Step 3. Symphony receives the reply from IACS and allows site access to the user. If access is denied then “access denied message” is sent to the user instead of the web page in step 6 Step 4. The website page request is sent to the web server through the local Internet line Step 5. The web page is received by Symphony and forwarded on to the end user Step 6. The end user views the Web page 6. Internet Access Control Server 4. 5. 3. 2. 1. 3. FatPipe Symphony – How Symphony URL Filtering Works?

21 Multiple lines and multiple routers enable MPVPN to: – Patented multi-path transmission technology that transmits data in several combinations between offices, which makes it harder to sequentially trap data flow and decrypt the information in the correct sequence. This results is increased data security for sensitive information providing the world’s highest transmission security. – Provide uninterrupted data access over VPN connections for improved and enhanced productivity even in case of line failures. MPSec can be used with any VPN currently used by the customer. FatPipe LAN Data passes over multiple pathways to increasing security FatPipe LAN FatPipe LAN FatPipe MPSec for Additional Security

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