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Interior Design linepatterntexturescalecolorlightproportionbalancerhythmcontrastemphasisharmony programmingschematic designdesign developmentcontract documentsadministration.

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1 Interior Design linepatterntexturescalecolorlightproportionbalancerhythmcontrastemphasisharmony programmingschematic designdesign developmentcontract documentsadministration corporate designentertainment designfacilities managementhealthcare designhospitality and restaurant designinstitutional and governmental designretail and store planning design sustainablelightingacousticscolorfinishesfurnituretextilesAccessoriesequipmentcodesADA © 2012 Gateway Technical College, An Equal Opportunity College For more information please contact: Rita Serpe, Allied ASID Instructor, Interior Design 262.564.2326

2 Interior Designer Combining knowledge with aesthetic vision, interior designers work with clients and other design professionals to develop design solutions that are safe, functional, attractive and meet the needs of the people using the space. Gateway Technical College offers an Associate Degree in Interior Design where students will gain experience by: Participation in an internship program Expand knowledge on class trips to Interior Design conferences and seminars throughout the US including Neocon at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart and the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Membership in the professional organization ASID American society of Interior Designers) as an Allied student member Develop skills beyond the classroom through service learning projects

3 E MPLOYMENT AND J OB O UTLOOK FOR I NTERIOR D ESIGNERS Changing Employment (2008-2018) Employment is projected to grow faster than average (increase 14 - 19%). Job Opportunities & Competition Employment for interior designers is expected to grow 19 percent. People interested in interior design and its benefits will create a demand for interior designers, such as companies looking to redesign their offices or homeowners. Due to the increase in demand for facilities that will accommodate the aging population, interior designers will be in demand to work on such facilities for the healthcare industry. There will also be a demand for interior designers from businesses and the hospitality industry, such as hotels, resorts and restaurants.

4 General Information Meet distinguished speakers and guest lecturers. Experience classes taught by Interior Design faculty members in studios and computer labs Enjoy a strong foundation of sketching and drawing principles along with computer aided design Utilize three dimensional computer programs that bring your designs to life Create your own personal design portfolio that can play an important role in applying for jobs after graduation.

5 Center for Sustainable Living Try your hand at designing the built interior environment in Gateway’s Center for Sustainable Living

6 Professional Conferences Chicago – Merchandise Mart – Neocon – International Home and Housewares Show – Dream Home Las Vegas – Hospitality Design Conference New York City – Architecture Digest Home Show New Orleans – KBIS Germany – IMM Cologne Boston – Interiors for Aging in Place

7 Service Learning atch?v=VWNxE5cqOOQ atch?v=VWNxE5cqOOQ

8 Contract Interior Design Careers Interior designers specializing in contract work design the interiors of large corporate complexes; interior environments that must work effectively to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. Corporate Offices Public Transportation Spas and Salons Museums Exhibits and Convention Events Facilities Shopping Malls Schools Airport Interiors Stadium or Sports Arenas Health Clubs Libraries Churches Stores Showrooms



11 Residential Interior Design Careers At one time considered the most common area of interior design practice, residential interior design has proven itself to be one of the most lucrative. Like all other aspects of interior design practice, residential design requires an understanding of human behavior and, especially, the ability to communicate with people on a personal level. Single family residences Private Aircraft Private and Cruise liner Watercraft Bathroom Design Home Entertainment Spaces Modular Homes Closets and Storage Home Offices Pool/Patio/Spa Guest Houses Apartments and Condominiums (multi- family residence) Kitchen Design Recreational Vehicles Model Homes Vacation Homes Workout Areas Indoor/Outdoor Social Areas Yoga Studios Retirement Living




15 Healthcare Interior Design Careers Healthcare facilities today are technically complex and, due to the services they offer, require great consideration to the demands of insurance providers, state and national health care requirements and overall cost-effectiveness. Hospital Design Assisted Living Facilities Psychiatric Care Facilities Pediatric Care Units Rehabilitation Centers Medical or Dental Offices Clinics and Urgent Care Centers

16 Hospitality Interior Design Careers Hospitality design is a growing industry offering many career paths involving the design of small to larger, more complex, lodging and entertainment facilities. Nightclubs Amusement Parks Hotels Time Share Housing Resorts and Spas Eco Lodges Restaurants Country Clubs Motels Park and Recreation Facilities Cruise Ships

17 Government Interior Design Careers Many of the major departments associated with both state and federal government agencies hires interior designers to coordinate and oversee the reconstruction or relocation of the offices and facilities that change each year. Prisons State or Federally Operated Park and Recreational Facilities Buildings Consumer Awareness Facilities Space and Aeronautical Study Facilities Government Offices Printing and Document Handling Offices Educational Training Centers Research Centers

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