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Surveillance Video Cloud – IP – Analog – Wireless - Solar.

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1 Surveillance Video Cloud – IP – Analog – Wireless - Solar

2  Developer of video technology and equipment ◦ Staff with average of over 11 years industry experience  Develops hardware and software in multiple countries including the U.S., Taiwan, China, Philippines, Singapore and Russia  Focuses on video solutions  Fills unique niche markets that give our customers smarter options that drive more sales  Strategies that integrate data systems to provide a 360-degree, integrated, and interactive remote experience to system users.

3 MISSION Provide distributors and integrators with innovative solutions to generate sales and satisfy their clientele

4 eyStream™ VMS Software Easy to learn and use Superior stability and reliability Flat pricing and free updates Advanced analytics and search Sniper™ Cloud + Edge Unique cloud platform in that it stores video at the camera or NAS High resolution without bandwidth issues WiFi, 4G cellular, solar options Analog Cameras & DVRs Still the largest sales in video Excellent value option for dealers Unique specialty products that fill market gaps IP Cameras & NVRs By far the fastest growing segment of all security products Excellent video quality without compromise 720p, 1080p – 3MP WDR - 5MP 4, 8, 16, & 32ch NVRs

5 AN1: AN2 series 700 – 900 tvl AN3 Professional Series 700 tvl, dual voltage 12/24v professional Feature set  Specialty application Cameras  Unique products Solutions  600 – 700 tvl

6 Analog DVRs that keep bringing customers back ECO Series is full featured and lower cost Multiplex, D1, Fast Search, PTZ, E-Map, Enterprise CMS, Simple User Interface and more Pro Series DRVs optimized for 960H real-time Recording over 650 (up to 960) horizontal lines, highest available resolution for analog recording

7 Edge storage inside cameras – Use for backup or primary recording Powerful tools for easy install Models from 720P To Full HD 1080p @ 30fps and up to 8MP. Full range of brackets eLine's IP cameras are fully compliant with the ONVIF standard, ensuring compatibility with software and hardware from over 200companies. ONVIF is an open industry forum for the development of a global standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products.

8 Quality without compromise  Models from 720P To Full HD 1080p @ 30fps and up to 8MP.  3MP WDR  Supports latest ONVIF 2.2  Optimized H.264 = Lower Bitrate  Multiple algorithms compare video images and lighting to give clear picture and color temp in different environments  Optimized audio G711/G721/G723.1/A  3-Layer internal watchdog  SSL data security  Android & iPhone/iPad support  Built in ISO9001:2000 facility

9 SIP Line Features and Value  PoE  BNC Output for easy adjustment  Up to 30 IPS  Alarm In/Out  RS-485  Audio In/Out  Superflux Infrared LEDs  SD Recording  Outdoor models IP66/67 rated  Full suite of IP tools to help installer

10 Easy to use 3D Mapping State of the art forensic analytics Unlimited number of cameras, servers and remote clients

11 Time Compressor VERY EASY TIME RANGE + CLICK Set a time range for video footage and get a short video clip of all moving objects in the scene When you spot an object of interest, click to jump to playback of the corresponding video clip

12 Software with add-on modules Flat pricing Free updates Desktop and Rack Mount servers

13 4 Cameras over 1 Coax Transmitter kit carries video from 4 Analog cameras over a single coax cable for up to 200M Analog + Ethernet over Coax Kit transmits 1 channel Analog + 1 channel Ethernet over a single coax cable. Transmission distance up to 500M. Supports 1080p IP cameras. Easily add an IP camera along side an existing Analog system without removing the Analog camera or re- cabling.

14 eLine is a U.S. based company. All sales, marketing, inventory and technical support are handled from our Denver, CO corporate headquarters. We feature easy-to-find spec sheets, manuals, and support documents online at

15 Construction Sites Oil & Gas Well Sites Convenience Stores and Gas Stations Farm and Ranch Grocery Stores Storage Facilities Boarder Control Law Enforcement Temporary Sites Get your foot in the Door Unique Products and Solutions

16 Edge storage inside camera. Optional NAS at router. No need for a DVR/NVR Connect with cameras over the Internet using a FREE cloud portal. Since video is not stored in the cloud, there are no hosting fees. 4G option has small relay server fees and requires a data plan View video using apps, IE browser, or PRO software

17 Unique platform offering flexibility for better system design for today’s products Ready for integrated development of future technology with benefits that far outweigh today’s video systems Full range of body styles 2.1MP or 1.3MP Resolutions (PTZ is VGA) Up to 64GB Micro SD Card storage inside cameras

18 Wireless WiFi up to 15 miles Built-in WiFi up to 200 ft Built-in 4G Cellular for 4G Service Areas Any Sniper Cloud Camera can be configured for wireless with antennas

19 Complete Kits  100W Solar Panel  Gelled Battery 90Ah/12V  NEMA Box  10A/12V Controller  Cables and Screws Pole Mounting Brackets are Available Field tested

20 Our marketing results in leads that we pass on to distributors Website visitors can search for distributors by location and contact them directly

21 ELI-PVD-70-312R ELI=eLine Product Line E=Analog ECO P=Analog PRO SIP=IP SNI=Sniper Cloud Camera Body B=Bullet D=Dome VD=Vandal Dome MD=Mini Dome ED=Eyeball Dome FB=Full Body Box PTZ=Pan Tilt Zoom MV=Multiview Resolution 70=700TVL 90=900TVL 13=1.3MP/720p 21=2.1MP/1080p 3W=3MP WDR Lens 312=2.8~12mm Varifocal 4=4mm Fixed Features R=Infrared W=WiFi 4G=4G Cellular

22 Distributor Support Tech Support Design Support Project Planning 800.683.6835 Integrator Support Pricing and availability Contact your local Distributor Questions/ Comments Email:

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