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This may be the opportunity you are looking for DESERVE THE BEST.

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1 This may be the opportunity you are looking for DESERVE THE BEST

2 Get a good extra income project To be your own boss and the manager of your Building work that get you to financial freedom To work in a time that suits you To help people To strongly develop yourself To strongly develop yourself To gain new relationships To gain new relationships To retire at an early age of life To inherit to your family a job and good in come Are you interested in this ?

3 We offer you a job for Lifelong Invest your free time Work any time you want from anywhere in the world No loss and small capital

4 What is the work?


6 In this presentation I will share with you the details of a fantastic business opportunity Before I go into detail I will talk about the sources of income in the world, and it is Big business ( B ) employees ( E ) investors ( I ) Small business ( S ) Categories ( E – S ) They earn limited income Categories ( B – I ) They earn unlimited income

7 I think that most people seeking to improve their income level or they dream to have unlimited income. This opportunity has changed the lives of many people and it is possible to change your life during a period of time not to exceed 5 years. But you have to bound to the following conditions:

8 Basic conditions Time : 2 – 4 hours Learn the concepts and business rules through 15 hours training course for free in a week The desire and the commitment of learning and time Capital: 120-600 dollars including shipping fees

9 The nature of work The surprise : we're doing this work and we are practicing daily spontaneous and free of charge. Let us watch our words while we are with family and friends and acquaintances, we are talking about many products that we consume or need. Note that these products reach us through the traditional trade

10 Because we all have in our lives people that we trust When someone asks for a restaurant with delicious food Or a good doctor But what is the interest to you? I in this type of marketing you will get money for things you can do every day for free When you tell him about The restaurant or the doctor You are doing a word of mouth advertise

11 The difference between traditional marketing and network marketing traditional marketing The cost of any manufactured product with the profits of the plant is 30% of the final price 30% Of the sales price to Consumer profit Expenses The product reaches the consumer at a price equal to times the price of manufactured Each product transition from stage to stage will increase the price of either profit or expenses and the largest increase in the price of the product comes from adding the cost of advertising for the product

12 In Network Marketing The relationship between the company and the consumer directly, without intermediaries seeking to profit And by this, the consumer can take the product at a price close to the market price and at the same time be able to work and get a commission that would otherwise go to promotional expenses and profits of dealers and of course the company increase its profits because costs will become less

13 Phoenix 4 Marketing P4M One of the most important of these companies that have adopted this system to market their products is Phoenix for marketing int. An Armenian company founded in the fifth month in 2013 and is headquartered in the Armenian capital, Yerevan Licensed in Armenia and the commercial registration number 03A917961 The company since its started and has spread in many countries in the world due to the strength of the plan and the quality of its products

14 Commercial Register

15 Products The luxury Armenian brand AWI This product is offered by our company at very competitive prices in the global markets

16 Products Two quantum pendant, one silver-plated and the other plated with gold, the plating is guaranteed for two years This product has a health certificate from the international Institute (SGS) as lead- free and fit for human use And its effectiveness in giving vital energy of the body

17 The health certificate from the international Institute (SGS)

18 Products Paintings shows the heritage and civilization and drawn by professional artists In French colors painting on canvas measuring 40/60 and the customer can select the painting that wants as portrait or family

19 Products Training courses in human resource development under the supervision of highly experienced specialists Where you get a certificate from the American Board of NLP and the World Association of programming and the Arab Academy

20 Products Velvet Robe : Made form velvet 100% Syrian cotton White fur, brocaded with silk with sharovski crystal Packed in velvet bag with company logo Colors : Dark pink and Black to fit with all tastes

21 How do you get the opportunity to work To become independent agent of the company you have to consume one of the luxury products and by purchase a product you will have an account on the company's website, where the site is protected by the strongest websites protection companies

22 The plan The Plan is all 3 sales on the right versus 3 sales on the left = $ 40 Here the commission is 40$ for the 3/3 sales But the first 2 sales one on the left and one on the right will give you 40$

23 And in this case any sales achieved by you or by any person on your team will benefit from YOU

24 Suppose you made ​​two sales and only took you a whole month to achieved And that each partner needed a whole month also to made two sales Your profit will be in 10 months Since every 6 = $ 40 6/40 = $ 6.6 At the end of the tenth month, the total sales are 2046 2046 x 6.6 = 13500 $

25 Double profits Plan By signing in the gold plan, you can buy a product that gives you three accounts, or buy three products on a regular plan (individual) and you will get the Three accounts as shown in Figure 80 $ 40 $ You will have to achieve four direct sales In other words you are going to earn for each person consumes a product in the gold plan 40$ in complete balance And you'll get a $ 160 commission for the four Sales (if they sign in gold plan

26 Suppose you made ​​the sale of four products in gold plan and you took two months for achieving it And that each of these four partners also took two months to achieve 4 sales in gold plan Your profit will be in 10 months Since the commission for each sale of the gold plan is $ 40 And the total sales in 10 months is 1364 1364 x 40 = 54560 $ And you only sign four

27 We give you the key of success Do not give up your dreams Be prepared to take decisions

28 PHOENIX 4 MARKETING Our company is growing by serving you Do not hesitate to communicate to answer your queries Kievyan str 16 office 7/1, Yerevan, Armenia Phone number : +37495570206


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