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The system of management and financial accounting SBC BillingAnywhere

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1 The system of management and financial accounting SBC BillingAnywhere
Overview of SBC BillingAnywhere for the automation of business processes of intermodal container shipping and cargo customs clearance Alexander Starshinin General Director LLC "SoftBusinessConsulting"

2 SBC BillingAnywhere Overview
Any business related to transport logistics, requires very careful management of financial and productive resources, the possibility to get operational information, monitoring movement of cargo at all stages of delivery and customs clearance, minimizing staff in the processing of large volumes of information. SBC BillingAnywhere solution was created on the basis of years of work experience of the SoftBusinessConsulting company with shipping agents and customs brokers involved in maritime container shipping. It ensures effective implementation of automation tasks of information of business processes within the company in the following directions: interaction with customers; transport logistics at all stages of cargo delivery; customs clearance; port forwarding; organization of settlements with providers and customers.

3 The concept of SBC BillingAnywhere system building
SBC BillingAnywhere system is designed to provide management accounting for a separate company as well as for the group of companies (holding company) in a single centralized database. The basic functions of the system Contractors database organization Registration of incoming and outgoing invoices for rendered services Organization of settlements accounting with contractors on the basis of the cash movement and cashless payments Work with accountable persons (staff advances) Organization of the database of agreements with contractors Invoice payments history storage Automatic generation of accounts receivable and accounts payable Formation of management financial reports Organization of comfortable system of payments to customers, service providers, business partners that allows to organize the timely and effective monitoring of financial condition and status of the company stock for senior and middle managers.

4 Key features of the system
Organization of management and financial accounting, as a separate enterprise, and across an unlimited number of companies (holding company) Multi-currency system and the automatic formation of any cross-currency exchange rates Rapid formation of payables and receivables Storing the history of the basic system data (customers book, currencies history, the history of tariff plans, the history of changes in taxes, etc.) Differentiation of the users access level to the system data and functions Convenient, user-friendly interface Flexible mechanism for setting the system in the workplace of the Customer by using special configuration parameters of system application

5 SBC BillingAnywhere solution card for transport logistics
Sales Channels Agents and Partners Affiliates Customer Service Department Analytics Transport business Finance Customer orders Contract management Container booking Account payable Cargo works planning Cargo tracking Customs clearance Account receivable Rates and agreements Circulation of documents Customers notifications Daily reports Reports generation Lines and agents Integration with external IS Supply processes Customers and contractors Fixed assets Advance reports Funds User access rights control “Cargo information is important to the same extent as the cargo itself...”

6 The most important processes
Orders management Finance, mutual settlements control Finance (Account payables and receivables, settlements) Client side (CRM, working with clients, analytics) Control Management Business Analytics Transportation planning and execution Operational analysis Transportation management

7 Solution composition SBC BillingAnywhere
Base composition : SBC Administrator – administration and configuration of SBC BillingAnywhere system, user access control. SBC Finance - organization of financial accounting at the enterprise regardless of its primary business (freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trade or services). SBC Forwarding – application of automation of forwarding business processes for containers shipping and cargo customs clearance. SBC Customer Service – organization of interaction with customers of freight-forwarding companies, application implementing the functions of CRM (Customer Relation Management).

8 Состав решения SBC BillingAnywhere
Дополнительные модули : SBC Rates Automatic notification of customers about order status via Customers web-portal SBC WebPortal CCD forms automatic downloads from declaration issue software(Sigma-Soft, TKS, Alfa-Soft) The module which automatically uploads customers documents on containers in orders database Module for automatic work with LLC «Rolis» system on cargoes in ports PTK (Saint-Petersburg) The module for work with the lines in EDIFACT format Automatic interaction with cargo tracking system SBC CargoTracking

9 “SBC Finance“ application
“SBC Finance" application is designed for the organization of financial accounting at the company and is used to perform the following functions: Enterprise contractors database maintenance Maintenance of exchange rate reference book Cash credit and debit orders, cash book registration Accounting of non-cash movements on bank accounts The organization of work with accountable persons (staff advances) Invoice (business operations) credit-note journal maintenance Organization of contractors agreement database Payments posting (matching) on invoices or business operations Automatic generation of accounts receivable and payable Generation of various managerial financial reports ……….. and much more

10 Financial module structure
Contractors database Incoming invoices Income Outgoing invoices Expenses Invoices journal Invoices payment history Payments Cash Non-cash Invoices composition Advances report Accountable persons Analytic items reference book Gross earnings = ΣSout - ΣSin Accounts receivable = ΣSout - ΣPin Accounts payable = ΣSin- ΣPout

11 SBC Forwarding application
“SBC Forwarding" application is designed to automate business processes of companies involved in the rendering of freight forwarding and customs services. Application key functions: Contractors database maintenance Reference book maintenance, which enables application work (countries and cities reference book, goods reference book, containers types, vessels reference books, etc.) Orders for freight forwarding Accounting of status of orders at each stage of freight forwarding (shipment accounting, bills of lading input, multiple purchase orders, customs declarations and other documents generated during the work with customer orders) Accounting of overhead costs for orders fulfillment on freight forwarding (freight, transportation, storage, customs fees, etc.) The organization of settlements with customers for completed orders Generation of various statements that control the passage of customer orders at all stages of work with them User access control on orders (amounts, statistics, profitability, etc.)

12 Transportation management Open architecture and scalability
Easy to configure Reliability and scalability Technical support Transportation management Planning Agents choosing Booking placing Evaluation Payment Orders Cargo delivery Event management Operational information Customer service Carriers settlements Rates Tracking Payments Orders Shipment place Bill of goods Planning CCD application Customs payments planning Applications for payment Invoice check Заявки на доставку Контроль доставки Customer Service Department Customs clearance Finance Logistics Carriers Providers/customers Inner structures

13 Forwarding module work principle
t0 – order registration t1 – booking placing t2 – booking confirmation t3 – shipper shipment Customer t4 – vessel shipment Financial unit Incomes t5 – bill of lading registration t6 – ETA (estimated date) t7 – arrival date t8 – vessel discharge Order Status auto-notifications t9 – customs planning Expenses t10 – CCD issue and submission t11 – delivery to consignee t0 t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 Time axis, t t7 t8 t9 t10 t11 Sea transportation Destination port Departure port Port forwarding and customs clearance Transport agent (line) Shipper Consignee

14 Transportation management Single process
Orders service Orders registration Route selection and placement of booking Cargo delivery Tracking Lines and agents Transportation tracking in real time Delay control Information portals Data exchange in EDIFACT format Accounts and finance Income and expense planning Invoice payments The calculation of earnings per container CRM Customers internet-portal Orders status auto-notifications “76% of logistics managers in most companies do not have the ability to track goods in transit.”

15 Customers internet-portal SBC WebPortal Full information about orders status
Register of applications for goods delivery Placed orders list Getting timely information on order completion Browse container events Browse booking status Viewing and registration of electronic documents Cargo tracking

16 Customers internet-portal SBC WebPortal Cargo delivery order card

17 Contractors database

18 Customers order list Data selection period Filters in MS Excel style

19 Cargo customs clearance registration and control
Data selection period Automatic CCD download from Sigma-Soft, TKS, Alfa-Soft Documents for customs clearance

20 Introduction examples…
The main sector of SBC BillingAnywhere solution application - freight forwarders and customs brokers Solution users Group of companies «Baltlogistik Group» LLC «Gepard» LLC «Marine complexes and Forwarding systems» LLC «Neva-Balt Northwest» LLC «Avelana Logistik» LLC «Rosmoravia» LLC «Baltic trans-modal center»

21 Contacts… LLC «SoftBusinessConsulting»
Phone: +7(812) , +7(812) Fax: +7(812) Software department: Technical support department: Address: , St.Petersburg, Stachek av., (BC Sheremetev)


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