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Building Quality Sales Pipeline and Accelerating Growth Through Sales and Marketing Best Practices Sales Assessments & Diagnostics Demand Generation Market.

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1 Building Quality Sales Pipeline and Accelerating Growth Through Sales and Marketing Best Practices Sales Assessments & Diagnostics Demand Generation Market Research Business Development Inside Sales Field Sales Sales Management Sales Comp Plans Marketing 2.0 Sales Operations Services

2 Our experiences show that companies miss their revenue targets for three reasons: The markets they have chosen are not ideal for them, or are no longer ideal. It is critical that companies identify market segments that are ideal for them, and then focus all of their resources in becoming a dominant leader in this market space. Companies should audit their strategic marketing plan to see if the assumptions and even the “facts” they had relied on in the past are still valid. New and disruptive technologies introduce new competition from unexpected quarters. They have not calculated their funnel math, or their funnel math is no longer valid. Funnel Math is simple, clear, and powerful—when done correctly. It tightly Integrates Marketing and Sales to work together, because the numbers dictate what is needed for each to be successful. Funnel Math is what makes it possible to have Sales Optimization and Marketing Accountability. Without valid Funnel Math, it is difficult for a company to make its revenue target, and practically impossible to do that on a consistent basis. Having selected the right market, and having done their Funnel Math, they are having difficulty executing. This is about doing the right things at the right time, in the right sequence, and at the right level. And continually measuring outcome, checking to see if they are consistent with what was planned for, and making necessary adjustments— quickly. 123 Over the past two decades working with over 100 companies, we have learned and defined best practices that enable our clients to consistently meet and exceed their revenue targets.

3 Our Four Funnels Model™ integrates Marketing & Sales to work as one coherent and holistic process, thereby reducing friction and duplication of efforts. The end result is increased quality pipeline of more deals that close faster. The Four Funnels Model™ is a powerful methodology that integrates Marketing with Sales into a single, coherent process that efficiently moves prospective buyers from one stage of buyer readiness to the next until they purchase your products and services. Each funnel’s input requirements sets the output objective for the funnel to the left of it Each funnel’s output becomes the required input for the funnel to the right of it Because this model maps better to how customers wish to buy (rather than how vendors typically sell) it reduces friction, increasing closing ratios, and shortening sales cycles. The end result is increased revenues while at the same time reducing marketing and selling costs. SQL Sales Funnel Sales Funnel Cycle SQL Funnel Cycle 400 1600 MQL MQL Funnel Cycle 8000 Marketing Campaigns Profile A Profile B Profile C LeadFormix

4 The SOMAmetrics process is a holistic and integrated approach designed to consistently grow revenue while reducing the cost of sales and marketing. 1: Assess3: Optimize 4: Execute Tools Messaging Campaigns Systems Processes Customer Profile People Compensation Methodology 2: Diagnose Funnel 1: Impressions/ touches Funnel 2: Marketing Qualified Leads Funnel 3: Sales Qualified Leads Funnel 4: Sales Funnel Search Engine Optimization Paid Search (PPC) Customer Profile White Papers Webinars Market Surveys Business Development Inside Sales Field Sales Sales Management website Social Media Email Campaigns Messaging

5 Case Study How do you turn around a 10 year old company that missed its revenue target by 90%? The Challenge The company had missed nearly all of its quarterly revenue targets for the past two years. In the quarter prior to our involvement with them, the company missed its revenue target by 90%. We were asked to turn around sales within 90 days. Our Approach Our first task was to understand where exactly the issues were that prevented the company from meeting its revenue objectives. We conducted a Sales Assessment to fully diagnose the situation. We interviewed Senior Management, members of Sales, Marketing, and Operations. We reviewed marketing content and sales tools; sales and marketing processes; methodologies; forecasts; and compensation Packages. We analyzed our findings, and presented our diagnosis and our recommendations. We were then invited by Senior Management to implement our recommendations and we proceeded to revamp demand generation, add business development capacity and manage the sales team. The Result The company realized a 55% increase in revenue over the previous quarter, and all its Key Performance Indicators significantly improved. It saw a ten-fold increase in leads from its demand generation programs to over 150 per month It saw a nine-fold increase in sales read leads, from an average of 4-5 per month, to over 35 –40 per month. The company was also talking to much larger client base and to more c-level prospects than ever before. As a result, it now was tripling the size of its sales pipeline, and reaching 50% more of its target market than it had previously. More importantly, for the first time in over two years, it came within 90% of hitting its revenue target. Champion athletes must work on every aspect of their game. So must companies that want to attain a leadership position.

6 “ Alicia Assefa is the most effective Sales Consultant I have worked with during my 20 year career of managing and growing software companies. Over a five-month period, Alicia implemented repeatable and consistent sales best practices and achieved the objectives we outlined. Specifically, Alicia provided insights into our existing Sales process and made recommendations that enabled us to dramatically improve the productivity of our sales team. I would enthusiastically engage Alicia again for any additional projects and initiatives which she can be of assistance. She is a true professional and a delight to work with! ” Michael S. Praeger Chief Executive Officer and Co- Founder AvidXchange, Inc. The SOMAmetrics Difference Experience and knowledge Earned while working with over a hundred companies over the past two decades Managed by former Sales and Marketing Executives of software companies Hiring only experienced sales and marketing professionals with at least seven years of B2B Teleprospecting and Inside Sales experience Maniacally focused on bringing Total Success to our client ’ s projects.

7 A Partial List of past and current clients Cast Iron Systems StreetLine Networks Granicus Primex Wireless GlobalSoft Solutions AvidExchange Rhub Communications SolveDirect Apriso Sancturm MarketTools Scientific Learning Intacct TruSan Networks Determina Aion/Trnizic RightWorks Itrezzo BlazeSoftware Scribe Technology Silicon Energy Stanford University Versant Object Technology Platinum Technology CA (formerly Computer Associates Market Decisions Certain Software Collabnet Randevoo Compleat Reactivity MarcSoftware

8 Fremont, CA 1 800.352.9694 For more information, call us today at 510 206 9263 510 206 9264 Building Quality Sales Pipeline and Accelerating Growth Through Sales and Marketing Best Practices

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