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Dreamz Ultimate International

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1 Dreamz Ultimate International
Business Opportunity

2 Switch Off Your Mobile Phones
Switch ON your Eye’s n Mind

3 Dreamz Ultimate International MCA Certificate

4 Dreamz Ultimate International Herbal Hills Certificate

5 Company Profile Dreamz Ultimate, a multinational venture by Mr. S.K.S. Sirohi , originally from Bulandsahar [U.P.] , Residing in Ghaziabad from last 15 years. An Entrepreneur, Visionary & Networker to achieve the target set for himself . He is Set Target & Vision of Company to Achieved Higher Growth in MLM Industry with Power of Products in Category of Fashion, Consumer Electronics, IT- Mobile Communication, Crockery, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Home- Furnishing, Herbal & Health Products which are Regular Used items in every Consumer of their Daily Needs with FMCG. In Dreamz Ultimate you can Achieved everything like Health, Wealth & Income to Fulfill your Desired Dreams. CEO & Founder I wants to reach out to each and every one by providing you your Regular needs and also giving you a source of income through business option by opening Online & Offline Stores under the banner of Dreamz Ultimate. So come and be a part of the family, grow with us and enter a whole new world of fun filled earning with Dreamz Ultimate International Pvt. Ltd.. "Every Networker is a Good Leader & a Leader is a Powerful Motivator BUT First Motivate Himself"

6 By :- Robert Kiyosaki [Rich Dad Poor Dad]
In World Four Type’s of Working Structure You Know What’s Your..? Assets Liabilities Why you Work NETWORK By :- Robert Kiyosaki [Rich Dad Poor Dad]

7 How you create your PASSIVE INCOME
JOB NO Investment NO Risk NO Passive INCOME NETWORK NO Investment NO Risk ALWAYS Passive INCOME BUSINESS HUGE Investment HUGE Risk NO Passive INCOME

8 Top Billionaire's Know the Power of NETWORK
You Know…? What TATA, Ambani, Zuckerberg, BillGate Do..! They know only NETWORK creates TIME Compounding for Increase INCOME Actually they Created a Wide NETWORK in whole WORLD Like :- Company Offices Employees Team Structure Franchise / Shopping Outlets On-Line Shopping Share Market & other investments

9 How to Start Business with Dreamz Ultimate
FREE Register online your ID. Fill CAF Form to Activate your ID with in 30 Days. CAF Activation Cost is INR 100 with 365 days Validity. A Distributer Activate max. 3 ID’s on a PAN Card. Nominee will not be Activate their ID. Choose any ONE pack to Start Receiving all INCOME Benefits. Starter Pack [ INR 1500 ] Basic Pack [ INR 3000 ] Regular Pack [ INR 6000 ] Smarter Pack [ INR 9000 ] Genius Pack [ INR ] Ultimate Pack [ INR ] Dipol Offers [ INR 3000 – INR ] Tripol Offers [ INR 2500 – INR 3500 ] Maxima Offers [ INR 1500 – INR 7500 ]

10 CAF Activation by Starter Pack INR 1500
Choose any Product CAP Code to Activate your CAF ID

11 CAF Activation by Basic Pack INR 3000
Choose any Product CAP Code to Activate your CAF ID

12 CAF Activation by Regular Pack INR 6000
Choose any Product CAP Code to Activate your CAF ID

13 CAF Activation by Smarter Pack INR 9000
Choose any Product CAP Code to Activate your CAF ID

14 CAF Activation by Genius Pack INR 12000
Choose any Product CAP Code to Activate your CAF ID

15 CAF Activation by Ultimate Pack INR 15000
Choose any Product CAP Code to Activate your CAF ID

16 CAF Activation by Combo Pack DUAL CODE’s
Choose any CAP Code to Activate your DUAL CAF ID’s

17 CAF Activation by TRIPOL Packs
Choose any Product CAP Code to Activate your CAF ID’s

18 CAF Activation by MAXIMA Packs
CAF Activation by 50% Offer : Choose 1 or 2 or 3 ID's to Activate your CAF ID CAP 9A : [ Pay 50% for SINGLE or DIPOL or TRIPOL of INR 3000 ] & get 1 Maxima CAP 9B : [ Pay 50% for SINGLE or DIPOL or TRIPOL of INR 6000 ] & get 2 Maxima CAP 9C : [ Pay 50% for SINGLE or DIPOL or TRIPOL of INR 9000 ] & get 3 Maxima CAP 9D : [ Pay 50% for SINGLE or DIPOL or TRIPOL of INR ] & get 4 Maxima CAP 9E : [ Pay 50% for SINGLE or DIPOL or TRIPOL of INR ] & get 5 Maxima

19 Good Listener…! is Fast Duplicator…!
Way of Success in Dreamz Ultimate Good Listener…! is Fast Duplicator…! Become a Consumer of Dreamz Ultimate [Fill up CAF Form + Purchase any Product Kit from 6 Types to Activate ID] Step 1 Attend Company FREE Trainings & Seminars [Get Knowledge of Products and Powerful Business Marketing Plan] Step 2 Achieve Distributer Level with Personal Targets [Retailing of 200 UV of Products & Shared Business with min. 2 Peoples] Step 3 DUPLICATE your Work to New Distributers [Building your List by using Formula : “FRIENDS”] Step 4

20 Dreamz Ultimate Product Categories
FMCG Fashion & Garments Electronics & Appliances IT - Computer , Laptops Mobile & Accessories Herbals & Ayurveda Health Equipments Crockery & Grocery Artificial Jewelry Gifts & Stationary Company gives you 5% - 40% Discounts* on all Products

21 DZ Shoppie TM : A Unique Concept of MART

22 Dreamz Ultimate Marketing Plan
Here we are working on Dual mode plan [Binary & Generation] system, where Binary Model gives you growth in system & Generation Model gives you Stability in Company to generate great revenue from company & achieved there GOALS. Company gives you marvelous 15 types of powerful income. Binary Model Sponsor Income Binary Income Achiever Rewards Generation Model Retail Income Repurchase Bonus Leadership Bonus Monthly Development Funds Foreign Tours Car Funds House Funds  Company Share Bonus Royalty Club Achiever Dreamz Club Achiever Special Bonanza Festival Bonanza Testimony Rewards

23 Income’s of Binary Model
1 - Sponsor Income First Left & Right Compulsory Consumer U Your Direct Sponsor income is :- Activation Direct Sponsor Income INR INR 150 INR INR 300 INR INR 600 INR INR 900 INR INR 1200 INR INR 1500 10% 10% Consumer A Consumer B Closing : For every 15 Days

24 2 - Binary Income 1 UP = INR 200 U First Time 2:1/1:2 Pair
Consumer U First Time 2:1/1:2 Pair Next Unlimited 1:1 Carry Forward Lifetime Activation UP Capping INR 200 INR INR INR INR INR INR INR INR INR INR INR INR Consumer A Consumer B Consumer C Closing : For every 15 Days

25 3 – Achiever Rewards

26 Income’s of Generation Model
1 – Retail Income Normal Purchase : When you becomes an INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER [IBO] means Consumer of Dreamz Ultimate, then Company gives you 20% Retail Discounts maximum & 5% Retail Discounts is minimum on every products that describes in SLABS [mention on Repurchase Table] , those you purchase from Dreamz Ultimate Retail Outlet of DZ Shoppie, Office Product Center, Depot, Shoppie or Online Portal.

27 2 – Repurchase Bonus Dreamz Ultimate provide you here up to Extra 20% of Discounts on Repurchase of Products given in 5 Slabs for different categories.

28 3 – Leadership Bonus On Achieving to any level company counts your GUV in Consecutive 3 months [continuous a quarter UV business] business of your Direct TEAM with every month of your PUV. Here also generate Difference income from your TEAM as a Leadership Bonus. 

29 4 – Monthly Development Funds

30 5 – Foreign Tours If a Distributor Achieved Recognized Founder Level in Dreamz Ultimate International after that you Qualify for Foreign Tours. Company gives you Foreign Trips of Couple in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, Hawaii etc. which is fully paid by company including your trips, stay & fooding with FREE Training's or Seminar Achievements. 

31 6 – Car Funds Dreamz Ultimate provide you here car funds to purchase your dream car. Company gives you car funds in two categories :- Dreamz Car Fund Dreamz Ultimate Car Fund 1. Dreamz Car Fund :  In this category when a Distributor Achieved min. Founder Level and Complete 5 DUV of Sales in 3 Consecutive months closing . Company gives you Car Fund of INR up-to 24 months.  [means INR x 24 = INR]. 2. Dreamz Ultimate Car Fund :  In this category when a Distributor Achieved min. Founder Level and Complete 15 DUV of Sales in 3 Consecutive months closing . Company gives you Car Fund of INR up-to 36 months.  [means INR x 36 = INR].

32 Complete 60 DUV of Sales in
7 – House Funds When a Distributor Achieved Founder Level he/she will be Eligible for House Funds. Complete 60 DUV of Sales in Consecutive 4 months. Then company gives you House Fund of INR up-to 60 months without any Compulsions. [means INR x 60 = INR]

33 8 – Company Share Bonus Dreamz Ultimate Distribute a yearly profit part as Company Share Bonus to all Distributors who Achieved the minimum criteria of 15 DUV of yearly Business Counting. [CSB Qualification in a full Calendar year from Jan. - Dec.] . Top Business Achievers who are qualified for CSB income in every year end, company distribute 5% of Share Bonus to those qualifiers from that part of company profit income’s. * To Qualify CSB maintain your Personal UV, UP & GUV on every month Target. [min. 10 month Personal Business Maintain Required]

34 9 – Royalty Club Achievers
When a Distributor Achieved to Recognized Founder Level & introduce TWO Direct Founder’s, he/she will be eligible for Royalty. Royalty will distribute up-to 5 Level Depth. Every Silver Founder is eligible for Royalty up-to 5 Level of Depth in their TEAM have 5 Founder's of NON Founder ‘s Legs of Business Counts in every Month. Income will be earned From Royalty according to given chart :-

35 with income share 1% of their GUV.
10 – Dreamz Club Achievers When a Distributor Reached to Recognized Diamond Level he/she will be eligible for Dreamz Club Achievers with income share 1% of their GUV. Dreamz Club Achievers Qualifications COMING SOON on WEBSITE

36 Special Bonanza Bonus 1 – Festival Bonanza
INDIA is the Great Country of FESTIVAL Seasons, where 8 months are Festive out of 12 months. So, Dreamz Ultimate Decided here to FESTIVAL Bonanza Rewards to every IBO’s Achieved here. This System is Work well for grow your TEAM faster to Achieved the Short Time or Every Closing Rewards to everyone who working here as SMART work always. For detail description of this Festival Bonanza Regular visit website for all details that HOW to Achieved..!

37 2 – Testimony Rewards Bonanza
First Time in Network Industry, Dreamz Ultimate giving you Rewards for Testimony Achiever to IBO as well as your Testimony too. This contest  time period is for 6 month means Jan. – June & July – Dec. on every year. Finalist will be announced in Next Coming months after closing the contest. Every Winner photo will be displayed on websites Achievers List as well published on Next Coming month Company Magazines.  Prizes will be changed according to market response & availability on every new Contest and mentioned here before contest start. Submit your form details via mail Dreamz Ultimate Announces here 10 Winners  List, like as : ACHIEVER IBO’s Rewards :  Android 7” Latest Tablet  [ Winner ]  Android Latest Multimedia Mobile  [Runner ]  Dreamz Ultimate Laptop n File Carry Bag [ 8 Consolation Prizes ]  IBO’s TESTIMONY Rewards : Herbal Personal Care Kit & Home Care Kit [Winner] Herbal Personal Care Kit [Runner]

38 How to Recognized for LEVELs

39 Rules, Regulation & Terms of Condition
Deductions : 10.36% will be Deducted for Service Tax as per Govt. Rules. 4.64% will be Deducted for Company Administration Charges for Education, FREE Trainings & Seminar Funding. 5% will be Deducted for Wallet to used in Repurchase of Products. Capping of per ID is on every 15 days Closing. Wallet : 1:5 Ratio of Amount will be used to Repurchase of all Products by On-line or Off-line Methods. For eg.; if you want to used INR 500 from Wallet then you Purchase Products of INR 2500. Means, you pay cash INR 2000 & Left INR 500 Deducted from your Wallet.

40 Associated with Herbal Hills in INDIA
“Dreamz Ultimate International Pvt. Ltd.” Associated with Herbal Hills Herbal Hills is Cultivator, Manufacturer & Exporter of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines in India and USA. Herbal Hills identifies few herbs from traditional Indian Ayurveda - Science of life & introduces these herbs in their product range, with great & Valuable Certifications in INDIA. Products Range of Herbal Hills are Herbal Supplements, Nutritional Supplement, Green Food Supplements with Multifunction Nutrients (Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Wheatgrass), Vegetable Formulation with Digestive enzymes (Greenhills, Vegiehills, I-Vegiehills), Health Juices, Medicated Cow Ghee formulations, Health kits & Beauty Products.

41 Dreamz Ultimate : Herbal Product Ranges

42 Dreamz Ultimate : Herbal Products in Categories

43 DZ Ultimate TM : Ultimate CMD 100% Natural

44 DZ Ultimate TM : Coming Soon Personal Care Ranges

45 Dreamz Ultimate Website :

46 Dreamz Ultimate Shoppie Portal :

47 Dreamz Ultimate DZshoppie : Franchisee
First Time in INDIA Dreamz Ultimate Introduces 5 Types of Franchise Module with Extra Benefits of ONLINE Portal. Here we Mention ONE types of Basic Franchise Model, for all other models please contact company HELP-LINES or Mail to Costumer Care Department. The Following Modules are :- DZ Depot Centre DZ Mini Shoppie DZ Shoppie DZ Shoppie Mall DZ CnF Agents DZ Shopping Online Portal Consumer Help Line :

48 Marketing Plan Features
All Branded Quality Products NO Joining Fees / NO Renewal Fees NO By Pass / NO Demotions Dual Business Plan Model 15 Types of Marvelous Income Qualify in 3 Consecutive Months Every Qualification Flexible & Lifetime Regular Need of Multiple Products Extensive Support Network 5 Level Royalty Income Company Share Bonus Extra Monthly Targeted Bonuses First Time Rewards for your Testimonies Marketing Plan Features

49 For more details, Contact Here : +91 – 120 – 276 9999
Effects By : Dinesh Kr. Singh Sound Mixing By : Pawan Kr. Singh Song Taken From : Enigma : Erotic Dreams [Voices in the Dark] Songs all Copyrights to : Michael Cretu [Enigma Owner’s] EDITED BY : S K Singh Sirohi [CEO] Rahul Singh [Marketing Head] For more details, Contact Here : +91 – 120 – +91 – On Watsapp : CREATED BY : DREAMZ ULTIMATE INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD.

50 Change your Future & Lifestyle Fulfill your Desired Dreams…!!
This is not the END It’s just Beginning Change your Future & Lifestyle to Fulfill your Desired Dreams…!!

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