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IT partner with a shared vision. COMPANY INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW.

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1 IT partner with a shared vision. COMPANY INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW

2 Content  About SysMates  Key People  Technical Expertise  Project Execution  Projects  Products  Contact Us

3 About SysMates SysMates has been established in May 2014, with a vision to provide value based IT services to clients across the world. Towards this goal we strive to utilize best in class technologies available or created by us. SysMates is looking to grow as consulting and services organisation quickly in terms of employee strength and list of satisfied clients by offering professional services in identifying, consulting, developing & deploying best solution for its clients. As a dedicated solution provider, we work closely with companies to provide them confidence and visibility to craft strategies for a successful growth. We believe the quality of our work is reflected in the continuing impact and success of our clients. SysMates believes that our success is best reflected through our client's success. SysMates is based in Gurgaon, India with a office in Singapore.

4 Key People R P Singh - CEO is a industry veteran with over 25 years of fast paced experience on variour technologies and business verticals. in 1992 he created a Urdu Publishing Software InPage, which rapidly became the most popular product in its category with over a million users, used even today.InPage In 2008, R P Singh co-founded an IT Services firm which grew to over 150 people strength providing IT services to clients across the world. Ramveer Singh - CTO is a technology expert with management experience in IT, Product development, People Management and Technical Operations. He is able to understand the core requirements of projects quickly and helps the team to create the right sprints to achieve their objectives. Ramveer likes to explore the web in his free time to know what other are creating and how we can leverage those technologies in his work. Gaurav Sethi – CBO is Chief Business Officer who has implemented several Outsourcing and Offshoring opportunities across countries such as Israel, United States, Australia, Europe and India. He has a good experience in contributing to the strategy and business model for the product line, and taking ownership of the roadmap.

5 Technical Expertise  Development Core technologies, MVC, C# Web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery Databases like MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL Data Visualization like google charts, AmCharts  Automation Testing SysMates’s team is well versed in Selenium based test automation for mobile and web. Test Automation suite we deliver comes with easy Maintenance, Compatibility with test environments, Parallel Execution ability, Report Generation and SDLC integration.  Manual Testing SysMates offer manual testing at very effective cost with best testcase writing, execution and management skills including functional, regression and load testing.

6 Project Execution  Project Management We follow best practices in project management which include optimized resource allocation, creating achievable milestones and defined deliveries. We setup periodic client interaction sessions to showcase and receive input for work done and plan future work.  Follow Agile Process We use tools like TFS, SVN, Jira in our projects to create work items, sprints, backlogs and source control. Sprints are created with a view to have a working delivery at end of sprint.  Quality Assurance We strive to create deliveries which are bug free, easy to maintain. Towards this we incorporate unit tests and code reviews within development, test case creation and testing in parallel.

7 Projects  Commission Projector An application developed in.Net and google charts to project commission receivable for insurance agents over long periods of time. Uses Selenium to extract data from insurance company website. Designed to work with 1000+ agents.  HR Portal Developed in.Net, using AppPress framework. Delivered a first working prototype in 2 weeks. Went thru 6 review, modification cycles with client and put in production in 1 month. Has rule based leave days calculation, variable approvals based on leave type, team leave display and much more. Designed to cater to upto 10,000 employees.  Reality Calculator A Calculator to show long term returns from Stock Markets. This is a independent component which is developed in HTML5, uses charting libraries, animation, custom chart range selector using CSS3.

8 Products  AppPress AppPress streamlines the development process by segregating UX, UI and business logic development. Using AppPress for core functionality development client side programming and validations are not needed as that is handled by AppPress runtime.  HR Mates HR Mates is a customizable portal for meeting HR Requirements of a typical companies of strength < 5000 personal. Key differentiator for HR Mates is its ability to be quickly customized to suite the requirements. This product is in live use in several companies in south and south east Asia.  QA Mates QA Mates provides a library using Selenium which a test automaton can write each step action in a single line of code. The selenium and browser quirks are handled within the library.

9 Contact Us  Head Office SysMates Technologies #803, 1 Golf Course Road, Sector 56, Gurgaon India  Feedback, Suggestion or Queries  Quick Response Call us at +91 9810257770.

10 Visit our site for more

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