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America’s Hot Franchises Presents. Franchise Innovators Video Video Available at

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1 America’s Hot Franchises Presents

2 Franchise Innovators Video Video Available at

3 We Target: Franchisors that need to expand their number of franchises in states where there is no other franchise registration needed. We deliver both a Franchising sale and product/service branding message.

4 Metro cities: Starting with Houston, and every month after with Philadelphia, Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta, Orlando with more cities to come. Once begun in a city, advertising will continue each month after.

5 Our Program Includes Television or Radio Advertising FREE 30 second professional video 12 months of video of customer viewing on our website Cable and Internet Radio ads

6 Our Program Includes Expanded Internet advertising and optimization Potential Customers utilize our Franchise Compatibility calculator to help purchase your franchise Monthly Metric information sent directly to you

7 Sample Ad Video available at

8 Demographics Houston - Channel 2 (NBC) – Audience 305,357, ages 25-54 Philadelphia (CBS) – Audience: 1,052,000; ages 25-54 Houston Radio (KTRH) – Audience: 125,800, ages 25-54 Philadelphia Radio (WBEB FM) – Audience: 400,000, ages 35-54

9 Professional 30 second video No more than 30 seconds work best for prospective customers Will remain for 12 months in our video library Free with program Sample Ad Video available at

10 Compatibility Calculator Invite TV and Radio Audiences to watch our franchise videos and Take our Free Compatibility Calculator to see if the franchise video they watched matches their own personality profile. – Rated in percentage – We gather all the information of the potential customer

11 At no cost to you, Franchise Innovators will: Advertise its America’s Hot Franchise program on Internet Radio and Cable TV Expand its Google search and optimization activity Information and data to help you better understand your ability to increase the number of franchisees.

12 Monthly Metrics sent directly to you that will contain: Google analytics on our website TV and Radio Data Franchise Compatibility Calculator that will : – Give you the e-mails addresses of those who requested compatibility information – Answers to each of the ten questions that we ask so to help you improve your own company’s best profile.

13 Franchise Information sent to you Franchise Qualification Reports – these are from customers who have a strong interest in your franchise 12 months of monthly reports prepared by our Director of Research and Information Literacy Our Research Director is available for additional research activity

14 OPTION TO SELL Assigned to Sales Department of Franchise Innovators Upon deposit, company retains 50 % of deposit Upon Sale – Company retains 50% of Franchise Fee less any deposit amount received. Company uses for live interactive videoconferencing

15 Conclusion You will sell more Franchises with

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