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1 Leadership Development

2 What we need today is LEADERS There are turbulent times ahead....... –There is already a war erupting between malls and etailers –For Brick and Mortar the challenge is the impending Industry 4.0 Effective executives learn how to do what they do primarily by doing it, by watching others trying to do it, and by messing up

3 Myths Organizations believe in Generic qualities can be used to describe effective leaders they remain stable over one’s career People who have the right stuff will eventually rise to the top – Survival of the fittest Since only the best will survive, polishing and refinement is all that is required A dangerous corollary of this is: Since only the best survive therefore the survivors are the best

4 People as their own enemies Unfortunately, people often like the things that work against their growth and that the organization is inclined to do that

5 How people become their own enemies Overuse of existing skills and ignoring further development of skills Belief that they are as good as everyone says, ignoring their weaknesses Aversion to negative feedback or criticismAvoid being held accountable for the development of othersAvoid risk taking and avoid mastering something new

6 From Survival of the Fittest to the Development of the Fittest What have you done for me lately What are you learning to do that will take us into the future

7 CRITICAL SHIFT Survival of the Fittest Based on Darwinism with the fittest emerging at the top Finite set of positive attributes Attributes largely fixed and innate Experience is used to test for and polish attributes Development happens largely in classrooms Once in challenging assignments, people are on their own. Performance reveals whether they really have the right stuff. Driven by programs approach of human resources specialists. Development of the Fittest Agricultural model based on nurturing and cultivating the seeds of talent Multiple possibilities; complex tapestry Attributes largely acquired Experience is the source of attributes Development happens through providing unique experiences The goal is to help people succeed. Once in challenging assignments, people are given help to improve the chances they will learn Anchored in and driven by Business Strategy

8 The Derailed Executive SOURCESTRENGTHWEAKNESS Track Record Consistently getting bottom-line or making impressive impact in a functional or technical area Success in a narrow technical area ignoring the broader context. Brilliance Being seen as uncommonly bright in a specific situation Dismissal of people who they think are less brilliant Commitment /Sacrifice Loyalty, long work hours, and to accept assignments whatsoever Defining their whole life in terms of work and expecting others to do the same. Charm Capable of considerable charm and charisma Can be used to manipulate selectively. Ambition Actively seek ranks and doing whatever it took to achieve success Personal success, often at the expense of others

9 Competencies and their dark side CompetencyPotential Dark Side Team Player Not a risk taker, indecisive, lacks independent judgment. Customer Focused Can’t create breakthroughs, can’t control costs, unrealistic, too conservative. Bias towards actionReckless, dictatorial Analytical thinker Analysis paralysis, afraid to act, inclined to create large staff. Has integrity Holier than thou attitude, rigid, imposes personal standards on others Innovative Unrealistic, impractical, wastes time and money. Has global vision Misses local opportunities, over extended, unfocused Good with people Soft, can’t take tough decisions, too easy on people.

10 The way forward ……

11 Experience as a Teacher Early Work Experience Starting from Scratch Fix It/Turn It Around Project /Task Force Assignments Business Failures and mistakes Demotion/Missed Promotions Personal Trauma Subordinate Performance Problem Hardships Role Model Values playing out Other People Course work Experience outside of work Other event

12 Linking Business Strategy with Executive Development Profiling each business unit managers with their strengths and weaknesses –What they are likely to be good at –What they are not likely to be good at Identify Skills for Future Missing Developmental Opportunities Justifying Cross Boundary Moves Be ready to look beyond

13 Assessing Potential Performance is not equal to Potential Research indicates only 1 out of 7 High Performers could be High Potential Past performance is no guarantee for future potential Everybody cannot be an Effective Leader

14 Early Identification of Talent People who learn more from Experience and are ready to venture out The Price of Admission- commitment to making a difference, insightfulness, and the courage to take risks A sense of Adventure Create a Context for learning Change as A Result of Experience

15 SUMMARY: THREE PRIMARY ASSERTIONS The primary vehicle for development is challenging experiences Which experiences are most important is a function of the business strategy and organizational values And the people who should get the experiences are those who are best able to learn from them.

16 LEADERSHIP is an UNENDING Journey “I am the sum total of the life that I have lived …There is no such thing as natural-born pilot. Whatever my aptitudes or my talents, becoming a proficient pilot was hard work, really a lifetime’s learning experience. For the best pilots, flying is an obsession, the one thing in life they must continually do. The best pilots fly more than the others; that’s why they are the best.” -Chuck Yeager


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