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Is It Time for a Check Up? Routine check ups catch little problems before they become big ones.

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2 Is It Time for a Check Up?

3 Routine check ups catch little problems before they become big ones.

4 Routine check ups ensure a strong foundation for growth.

5 Routine check ups are a regular part of our personal lives.


7 Why are our business lives any different?

8 When was the last time your company had a check up?

9 A routine check up can help your company Identify Problems Early Improve Operations Accelerate Growth Gain Peace of Mind Save Money

10 When your company is ready for a check up… It’s time for an Effectiveness Review

11 What’s an Effectiveness Review? CCG’s Effectiveness Review is a comprehensive examination of your company’s Business Processes Culture Systems and Data Sources Training

12 What Are the Benefits? Eliminate Redundancies Enhance Efficiency Integrate Key Systems Increase Software ROI Expand User Buy-In

13 What Is the Process? WebEx with your team to review the Effectiveness Review process and prepare for the Onsite Analysis meeting

14 What Is the Process? Collect information from your team to aid in preparing for the Onsite Analysis meeting

15 What Is the Process? Review your database configuration, level of automation, and data quality

16 What Is the Process? Conduct an Onsite Analysis of your company’s business processes, systems, culture and training to identify limitations and challenges

17 What Is the Process? Provide a comprehensive report that identifies challenges, limitations, and includes detailed recommendations for addressing those issues

18 What Is the Process? Work together to design a detailed roadmap for closing gaps and addressing challenges

19 How to know if it’s time for your company to undertake an Effectiveness Review

20 Key Indicators Still relying on Excel Many users continue to see the database as “the big timesheet machine” Users are frustrated Management is unable to rely on system for decision making Multi-step processes not automated

21 Key Indicators Goals from implementation still not met Firm has grown or changed since implementation Still have data in multiple systems Purchased modules underutilized or not utilized at all

22 How Effectiveness Review clients are benefitting

23 Benefits / Outcomes Increased efficiency, reduced redundancy Improved buy‐in from all user groups Extended reach of software within firm Eliminated 100s of Excel spreadsheets Utilized additional purchased modules Numerous cost savings

24 Client Response “We have a much deeper understanding now of what our systems are capable of doing. Ownership of the process is as important as ownership of the software, and we needed the help of a consultant like CCG to move us forward.” Carrie Luedtke, Business Manager, Gausman & Moore

25 Why Choose CCG? We know how to match business systems with internal processes for greater effectiveness. We have a dedicated in-house Strategic Services team, lead by a business analyst, whose sole focus is working with existing users. We have extensive knowledge of ERP software, based on over a decade of experience as ERP consultants. Our Effectiveness Review, a proprietary multi-step process, is comprehensive and powerful.


27 Schedule an Contact us or Effectiveness Review to learn more 866.511.5710


29 Get MORE Out of Your Software

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