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GREEN is dedicated to providing affordable, high quality, AND COMMON SENSE education and training in the real estate field. ( It is our intent to continually.

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2 GREEN is dedicated to providing affordable, high quality, AND COMMON SENSE education and training in the real estate field. ( It is our intent to continually increase value to this product by adding a wide variety of exciting and current interactive subjects to this platform. Our daily broadcasts will soon be available at home, at work, or even on the road. (2)

3 The GREEN business model networks globally with other like-minded, business professionals that’s brings the world to you or your office. Our GREEN Investor Groups are designed to allow distant buyers and sellers access to your meeting, live and on-line. Showcase your properties or your talents to the global marketplace. No more waiting for them to find you.

4 GREEN IS BASED ON 4 KEY CONCEPTS  Investor Training: Wholesaler thru Landlord.  Broker/agent training & personal development.  Global networking that brings customers to you.  A Direct marketing system for an additional source of income for those who want to share this education system with others.

5 We developed the Brand, GROUNDHOGS. A boots-on the- ground, system of teamwork and networking. This idea is the essence of team spirit. We instruct the very new with tried-n-true techniques to get you making money quickly and inexpensively. For the well-heeled investor, Master’s level education is available (i.e. portfolio buying, management, etc.).

6  Groundhog is the GREEN distressed real estate and wholesaling brand, designed to compete with existing national franchise models at a fraction of the cost.  We are excited about the opportunity to create a fun real estate brand, along with the thought of seeing “Groundhogs Buy Houses” signs and unmistakable Groundhogs logos and car wraps in neighborhoods across the country.

7 GREEN recognizes the important role of brokers and agents in the real estate community. Our company has engaged successful brokers and coaches to provide daily access to coaching calls and web training to enhance agent productivity. These coaches normally cost a user $200 per hour individually, yet is included in our nominal monthly membership fee.

8 Any member may sponsor a GREEN (GiG) meeting in their area. Meetings are open to public.  The goal is to foster a binding culture of real estate education, networking, and shared ideas.  Our primary focus is a continued establishment of local groups that educate, train, and mentor others in real estate.  Soon, all GiGs will have on-air, live feeds to other members and clubs around the world, which will allow constant mentoring and coach thru discussion.

9 Personal growth and development are essential to success in any business venture, and in GREEN we go above and beyond to include success training, leadership and mastermind education and self-help improvement. We understand that success begins with mental preparation and are committed to a culture of personal excellence for our members.

10 In addition to pure real estate coaching, GREEN will offer instruction in: Credit repair, tax tactics, wealth management, self-directed IRA saving strategy, 1031 exchange strategies, property management, mortgage and hard money lending tips, even how to bid at auction, plus so much more.

11  We know paying another monthly fee, even for this great platform, seems overwhelming, but we have a solution to that.  We have created a Multi Level Marketing system that pays you an income for introducing friends, colleagues, even agents to this training.  Designed by the top plan builders, our pay plan benefits the novice and the expert alike by quickly rewarding our GREEN representatives.

12 GREEN is not just a great education and networking platform. It is a network marketing pearl. Any member may become an independent representative and market this member-based platform to offset the cost or to add an additional income stream to your household. We offer this because we believe that education should be free and this, properly marketed, will shorty outpace your membership costs, and even create a lucrative additional income for you.

13 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How much does it cost?  A GREEN membership is only $99.97 per month.  If you choose to become a GREEN Representative and sell GREEN education /networking memberships as an added business, it’s just an additional $9.97 per month.  That’s starting you own business for less than $110/mo.

14 No. Anyone can join GREEN as a Preferred Customer for $99.97 per month and have access to all training and networking products, the calls, and clubs. Our training alone for business and professional networking, is well worth the investment

15 Real estate knowledge should not be limited to agents, brokers, and investors. Additionally, professional networking groups associated with real estate are wonderful places for any business professional or entrepreneur to meet and share ideas. Plus… Network marketing a $110 real estate investment education business is a great incentive.

16 Every GREEN Representative will have a website with a simple form to fill out to join GREEN. That’s it! Question: I’d love to do the business but I hate selling. What can you do for me? Our website at (Coming shortly) will sell the business for you with videos and power points to assist you in informing your prospects about GREEN showing the benefit of this product.

17 Real estate and networking go hand-in-hand. There is a massive market for real estate education. There is a passion for the industry. The community is hungry for knowledge. There is a need for global networking. This is a ground floor opportunity to join a dynamic company. We have the business model for an explosion of growth.

18 GREEN has been vetted by top professionals in the network marketing industry. The founders have spared no expense in legal development, compensation plan development, compliance procedures, software development, and tax and accounting consulting. Our company is and will always be a debt free company.

19 NOW! TONIGHT. RIGHT HERE. This is our last Pre-launch event. Sept. 6th, in Nashville we will invite the world. Tonight, you can be… “On top of the world” by getting in early. You will never be as close to the top in ANY business, as you are now. Plus, those who signup as reps in the first 90 days will be in our “Founder’s Club” which will enjoy special benefits and compensation for the company.

20 In March we were fortunate to hire an 10 year experienced college president and educator, Andrea Molinari, PhD, who has agreed to be the full time Director of Education. Couple this with our administrative educator, Maryfrances “Miffy” Ruggiero, and her 35 years of teaching experience makes this a terrific asset to our company.

21 We are first and foremost a education and networking company. The founder’s are solely dedicated to teach and assist in your development and success. As we grow and become more profitable, we will continue to add components of value in education, training, and technology to our membership base.

22  We will continue to refine our educational content and technological platform.  We will continually reach out to real estate, educational, and technological professionals to expand our curriculum and tools and add value to our members’ experience.  We will not up-sell for personal mentoring  We will listen to the needs of our members and do whatever necessary to deliver quality. OUR PLEDGE

23  We thank you for your consideration of GREEN and look forward to meeting you soon at a GREEN Investor Club event in your area!  If you are excited like me, please follow up with the person who introduced you to this information.


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