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The Healthcare Industry's Ideal Partner. Sharp Info Solutions  A 14-year-old Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing company based in the USA with operations.

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1 The Healthcare Industry's Ideal Partner

2 Sharp Info Solutions  A 14-year-old Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing company based in the USA with operations in Coimbatore, Southern India  A Venture of The Sharp Group of Companies that has been in diverse businesses for the past 45 years  Widespread clientele across USA, Australia, & UK Company profile

3 “The Sharp Group” Company profile

4 A Healthcare BPO  SHARP INFO SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. Manufacturers and exporters of various ranges of pumps for the last 5 decades to Europe, Australia, Middle East, Asia, & Africa  SHARP PUMPS PVT. LTD. Manufacturers and exporters of Grey and Ductile Iron Castings  SHARP FOUNDRY INDIA LTD. Manufacturers and exporters of Aluminum/Zinc/Magnesium Pressure Die-Casted components  K. K. INDUSTRIES Manufacturers and exporters of products related to Waste Management - Food Waste Disposers  POINT INDUSTRIES A Corporate Social Initiative  ANAN KIDS ACADEMY (Educational Institutions) Company profile

5 Our Core Activities

6 Services Offered  Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)  Medical Transcription  Medical Record Review  IT Solutions  Engineering Services Company Profile

7 RCM - Areas of Expertise  Eligibility verification is one of the most significant steps to avoid denials, which is mostly underestimate  A standard/customized list of verification questions to confirm the patient’s eligibility and coverage  Outcome of the claim can be predicted even before it is submitted Eligibility and Benefits Verification Save time and energy, no autopsy Company Profile

8 RCM - Areas of Expertise Demographics and Charge Entry Doing It Right The First Time & Every Time Company Profile  Charges are entered meticulously  Patient demographics and medical codes applied to charts are appropriately verified  All filled data audited to reduce chances claim rejection.  Fee schedule of our clients is taken into consideration and bills are raised accordingly  We ensure claims are submitted clean

9 RCM - Areas of Expertise Coding Just right! No Guess..., No up, No down! Company Profile  Quality medical coding services are offered helping clients reduce their denials and optimize their revenues  Incorrect coding can cause undesirable results and we thrive delivering high quality  Gearing up to face the challenges related to ICD-10 transition

10 RCM - Areas of Expertise  EOBs are not our bible  Adjudication process followed by the insurance carriers are crosscheck to ensure the providers are paid what they are entitled to  Exposure to most advanced electronic remittance scenarios including denials, underpayments, overpayments, multiple adjustments, automatic cross-over, secondary remittance, reversals etc., Payment Posting We research the EOBs before we post Company Profile

11 RCM - Areas of Expertise  Denials are an epidemic to the financial health of most practices, which need to be treated well  Around 10% of the physician revenue is estimated to be lost due to inefficient denial management process.  Billers at Sharp Info are experts in denial management. Denial Management When the verification and billing is right, denials are rare; if there is one, we fix it... Company Profile

12 RCM - Areas of Expertise  Experienced, smart callers deployed  Various follow-up methodologies adopted to ensure prompt payments  Reducing AR aging and maximizing cash flow is our goal  We get to talk to the right person and resolve claims amicably AR Management Not just calling, its revenue redemption Company Profile

13 RCM - The Sharp Assurance  Consistent Quality  Reverse knowledge transfer & suggestions on improving charge capture  Work is done right the first time, every time  Efficient and well-trained staff with near-zero error rates  Prompt turnarounds  Considerable reduction in resource allocation to manage data flows People  Increase in Revenues  Reduction in Day Sales Outstanding  Internal audit processes  Capacity to analyze processes that any payer follows  Versatility to change with rapid pace of health system transformation Process  Compliant with HIPAA and HITECH standards  Adherence to client requirements and specifications Compliance Company Profile

14 RCM - The SHARP Value Reliable Company Profile  One-Stop Solution for all Healthcare Back-End Operations  Scalability on Demand - in less lead time  24x7 Expert support for business processes and back office operations  Contingency Management Equipped  State-of-the-art facility with 200-seater capacity  Disaster recovery management systems in place  Secure and scalable IT infrastructure

15 RCM - The SHARP Value Efficient Company Profile  Proactive Communication  Personalized Account Management Resourceful  Ability to develop software products as and when required  Leverage over our top-notch IT team for any technical assistance  No cost of recruiting and training  Well trained HR team to address grievances, absenteeism, attrition, payroll, employee Insurance etc.

16 Medical Transcription Company Profile  Sharp Info Solutions – Transcription solutions for hospitals, clinics, and individual physicians through its integrated technology platforms at an affordable cost  Rich experience in traditional transcription, AVR editing  Dedicated quality control, QA sampling, blank checks, etc.  Exposure to leading third-party platforms including but not limited to Escription, MModal, Spantel, Emdat, Gemstar, etc.,

17 Transcription – The Sharp Value Expertise Company Profile  Unlimited STAT Coverage  24x7 Telephone/Online Support  100% Compliance on Turnarounds  Client-Ready Quality  HIPAA and HITECH Compliant  HIPAA-Compliant Archival On Demand  Exposure to Multiple Specialties  Strong IT Team  Healthcare related IT Support  Various Industry-Leading Platforms Strength  Dedicated Account Manager  Single Point of Contact  14-Year Experience  In-House Training Facility  Seamless Scalability on Demand

18 Medical Record Review Company Profile  Review of Records (ROR) involves medical and non-medical abstraction.  Workmen’s compensation and other insurance companies have a claimant’s medical records reviewed by a medical provider to determine initial or ongoing eligibility for benefits.  Our team of healthcare professionals assist providers by reviewing medical records given to us in the form of scanned images, transcription documents, etc., and abstracting these documents into shrunk summaries without missing key information and yet making it look neat and trim.

19 ROR – The SHARP Value Company Profile  Qualified Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare professionals used as core team  Secure & Reliable Solutions  Prompt Turnarounds  Client-Ready Quality  Rich Hands-on Experience  On-demand front-end scan center

20 IT Solutions Company Profile  We assist small to medium size healthcare centers move towards IT evolution  Highly capable in-house IT team can provide solutions and applications using best in class technology  Our business solutions are effective and are achieved through efficient operations  One of our endeavors is to co-create platforms that allow providers to engage with patients that use mobile applications via internet

21 Customized IT Services Company Profile  Customized products and breakthrough solutions for the healthcare community based on individual needs  Client operations are evaluated and IT suggestions provided to simplify and automate processes using latest software and technology

22 Engineering Services Company Profile  Five decades of manufacturing experience coupled with strong IT knowledge propelled us into Engineering Services  An excellent team of engineers with strong domain expertise coupled with decades of solid experience and hands-on exposure  Our strategic geographic location & offshore business model offers the advantage of 24 X 7 operation  “Thought to Product” in the shortest possible time.  Platforms/Softwares used - ProE, Solid Works, Solid Edge, Catia, etc.

23 Eng Services – Solutions Offered Company Profile  Reverse Engineering & Rapid Prototyping  Data migration /Paper to electronic drawings  2D to 3D conversion Services  3D Modeling  Assembly Drawing  Machining Drawing  Tolerance Analysis  Development of concept products from sketches

24 Eng Services - The SHARP Value Company Profile  ONE-STOP SOLUTION for our customers by offering a range of value added and integrated services.  A confluence of Engineering expertise and IT knowledge  Product Prototype  Tool Designing  Pattern Making / Tooling for Castings, Aluminum, Zinc and Plastic components  Manufacturing of Castings, Aluminum, Zinc and Plastic components  Machining of all components  Assembling of components on demand

25 The SHARP Edge Company Profile  More than 14 Years of Experience  Commendable Infrastructure  Excellent Process Expertise  Standards Compliance – HIPAA and HITECH  Loyal Workforce  Experience in working with Individual Doctors, Clinics and Large Hospitals  Widespread clientele from the USA, Australia and the UK  Group Companies – A strong circle of strength

26 Infrastructure Company Profile  200-seater state-of-the-art facility with secure entrances  High-end connectivity  Redundant internet connections  Secured Network Setting with Multiple Firewalls and safety appliances  Video surveillance enabled  Uninterrupted Power Supply  Power Generators – 2 Nos  Company-owned transport facilities

27 Our facility – A quick look Company Profile

28 Call us on +91 (422) Web: Thank you

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