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The Documents Tab For Tier II Subscribers Only Web Site Basics Training.

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1 The Documents Tab For Tier II Subscribers Only Web Site Basics Training


3 LOGO T HE “C OMPANY D OCUMENTS ” F OLDER Clicking on the Documents Tab will always open your Company Documents Folder. The same thing will happen if you click on “Company Documents” in the Tools & Resources section. Your Company Documents folder is the place to go for ALL the Agreements, Forms, Systems and Templates your company wants you to use. Only Users from your company can see your Company Documents folder. You Company Admin., with direction from your leadership team, will create folders or subfolders and load any documents into your Company Documents Folder.

4 LOGO “TOPAS™ S YSTEM ” F OLDER The “T.O.P.A.S.™ System” folder” folder is where you will find the ORION Process & Accountability System Presentations, Forms, Templates, Data sheets and Checklists you’ll need. For more on this valuable tool, see the Training Library. Everything in this folder is visible to and usable by all Users in Tier II subscribing companies.

5 LOGO “N ETWORK D OCUMENTS ” F OLDER The “Network Documents” folder is where you’ll find special forms and documents that the Franchisor want to make available to your team from time to time.

6 LOGO “T RAINING L IBRARY ” F OLDER The “Training Library” is where you can find all of the many and varied training programs including: A list of all of the 3 rd party CIE type sites that the system will feed your listings out to. C.R.E.S.T.™ 26 module, mentored, self-study program for CRE. Market Updates CRE Fundaments training including: 30 Days New Assoc. training Glossaries Recorded Webinars Leasing Course Web Site Basics Sales Training

7 LOGO “M Y P RIVATE D OCUMENTS ” F OLDER The “My Private Documents” folder is a place to store your working deal files that you may need access to while away form your office. No one can see or access these files (except System Administrators & the FBI). Once a deal has been completed or is dead, please remove these files/folders to another storage location so as not to overburden the system’s storage capacity.

8 LOGO “M Y F AVORITE D OCUMENTS ” F OLDER Together, your Company Docs folder & the rest of the system contains many thousands of Commercial Real Estate: Systems Processes Forms Templates Training Materials Recorded Webinars Presentations, etc. Those you use frequently can be designated as your “Favorites” and will appear on your Dashboard as well as in your “My Favorite Documents” folder.

9 LOGO Transfer Company Admin Docs  You won’t be able to see this folder either – so don’t worry about it.  This is where your leadership team will go to transfer these hidden documents to your Company Documents folder.  More about this in the Company Admin training later.

10 LOGO Company Admin Docs Folder  Nothing for you to worry about here. You won’t even be able to see this folder.  Your leadership team will have access to the Company Admin Documents folder.  Here they will find hundreds and hundreds of templates, systems, processes and forms that they can review, edit if necessary and easily move to a folder in your Company Docs folder making them available for your use.

11 LOGO Questions  See your Company administrator  Go to

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