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Sales, Marketing, and Company Culture

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1 Sales, Marketing, and Company Culture
Nikita Bernstein NECINA Presentation April 2012

2 The Plan Culture and Company Performance Problems Approach

3 - co-founder
why listen to me - co-founder first scientific video journal 2011: 5MM in revenues ~50 full-time, 5 departments - founder impact-based compensation patent-pending products and consulting services accepted into the Harvard Innovation Lab

4 Goal: Build an organization to maximize market opportunity.

5 Before Employee < Manager Employee = Serf
Employee is just “happy” to have a job.

6 Now Employee > Manager Employee = Partner
Employees seek job satisfaction

7 Culture  Alignment  $

8 Organization $$$ Client Front-line Managers Leadership Alignment Sales
Operations Front-line Managers Leadership

9 Problem: Sales vs. Ops Sales: “Why is ops just screwing around?”
Ops: “We do all the work, they get all the money?” Sales Operations Front-line Managers Leadership

10 Problem: This Is My Sandbox!
Sales Operations Front-line Managers I am a cog. What are they all doing? Why are decisions being made? This is not my job Leadership

11 Apathy Front-line Managers Leadership Sales Operations
Mid-level management incentives. Why are bosses clueless? If they don’t work, I don’t work. I am not being paid for this. Leadership

12 Problems/Symptoms Waste of Resources No transparency Alienation Apathy Paranoia Corner office wars Career-based decisions High turnover Doing just enough to keep the job Working exact hours Passing the buck Overspend on hotels Out-of-control lunch breaks Fudging numbers Backstabbing

13 Solution Front-line Managers Leadership Alignment Sales Operations
We’ve outlined a number of problems. What’s the solution? The ultimate solution is to align individual goals with company goals. Leadership

14 Alignment in Principle of employee and company goals
Increase transparency Financial Operational Improve feedback mechanisms Encourage autonomy Fairness: It’s not about “How Much?”, it is about “How?”

15 Alignment In Practice Product Marketing Sales Product Quality
Quality of Service Marketing Conferences Messaging / Collateral Sales Teamwork Feedback propagation

16 Company-wide Solutions
Regular Financial Reporting to Employees Improved Feedback Mechanisms Tools Transparency (Rypple, Wrike, Yammer) Recognition (KangoGift) Company Performance (Saleforce Dashboards, Google Analytics) Fair Compensation (FairSetup)

17 Sales & Marketing Solutions
Business Units Integrated with Operations Shared Compensation Pools Get everyone to understand the customer pain (Bloomberg) Tie company mission to concrete impact (Novazyme) Involve employees in decision-making (SEMCO) Make it their problem Manage Expectations Across the Company

18 Expectations Programmer Front-line Managers Leadership

19 FairSetup Solution YouTube Link

20 General Advice: Perception
Make compensation feel fair Provide a clear career path Give people a sense of ownership Let people put skin in the game Give up power to gain influence

21 General Advice: Operations
Communicate goals Manage expectations Understand motivations Strive for transparency Let people take risks and fail Seek decentralization Involve people in decision-making

22 Takeaways Expectation Management Centralized vs. Decentralized

23 Images by Manto

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