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COMPANY PROFILE COMPANY PROFILE. © Modual 2014 MODUAL SOLUTIONS We’re passionate about property Modual focusses on applications and services associated.

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2 © Modual 2014 MODUAL SOLUTIONS We’re passionate about property Modual focusses on applications and services associated with: −Assets −Facilities −Property management Modual employs the top skills globally, and offers the best experience available Modual is a niche global firm that specialises in SAP Real Estate implementations and support 2

3 © Modual 2014 MODUAL SOLUTIONS Process −We understand the critical issues Property Management executives face, on a daily basis, to reduce both costs and complexity −Our proven products and comprehensive services take real estate portfolios to new levels of competitive advantage Systems −We specialise in: SAP Real Estate, CAD Integration, Asset Management, Facilities Management and Associated Applications People −Modual comprises seasoned SAP consultants that have delivered successful SAP implementations in blue-chip companies since 1992 −Our consultants are leaders in the fields of business processes, training, project management and have specialist implementation skills 3

4 © Modual 2014 WHO WE ARE? We have a flexible approach to partnering! −Strong project and integration management, integrated modules and applications, and relevant capability support to compliment our specialist real estate focus, OR −Specialist real estate implementation, training and support to compliment your broad based skills What differentiates us from our competitors? −Our specialization and leadership in Real Estate Management, Asset Management and Facilities Management through our expertise in SAP Real Estate and CAD / GIS Integration −Our aim is to provide our partners with a competitive edge by offering niche market skills to enable them to win and deliver fully integrated SAP projects 4

5 © Modual 2014 WHO WE ARE? Our mission is to provide innovative real estate management solutions that align commercial and residential real estate and facilities management initiatives with the overall corporate strategy to: −achieve sustainable cost reduction −optimise real estate assets −reduce occupancy costs, and −contribute significant value to a company’s bottom line We understand the critical issues Property Management Executives face every day to reduce both costs and complexity, and offer proven products and comprehensive services to take any real estate business to new levels of competitive advantage. OUR MISSION 5


7 © Modual 2014 WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU! System Support 24/7 system support Utilities Smart meter integration, energy management, rates recoveries Data Management Data set creation and cleansing Training Academy Client specific, in-house/ online & SAP training Asset Verification Asset Audit, Verification Graphical Integration Integration of spatial views, creation of CAD and GIS graphics Innovation Hub Thought leaders in new technologies, tools and application Talent Acquisition Project recruitment and executive head hunting Outsourcings Business Process Outsourcing Consulting Real Estate, Facilities and Asset Management 7

8 © Modual 2014 KEY CLIENT BENEFITS 1 End-to-end support of the real estate life-cycle from investment planning, via construction monitoring, sales and marketing of vacant space, lease administration, and maintenance and repair, to energy reporting 2 Business process integration into the core business and to other corporate functions including sustainability and accounting and to external parties including service providers and tenants 3 Safeguarding of legal compliance in the area of financial reporting standards and tenant law, full property portfolio transparency, process automation and organisational scalability 8


10 © Modual 2014 10

11 © Modual 2014 MODUAL RESEARCH EFFICIENCY Optimal portfolio at the right cost EFFECTIVENESS Optimal portfolio driving performance and shareholder value ENGAGEMENT Optimal portfolio shaping behaviour and culture ENVIRONMENT Optimal portfolio supporting corporate accountability and emissions footprint Rent (internal and external) Cost of operations (square footage and housed head count) Portfolio size Utilisation Revenue impact Capital investment Function Performance – Real estate and facilities Agility Function Performance – Project activity Satisfaction Impact of satisfaction Attraction and retention Brand image Consumption Emissions 11


13 © Modual 2014 SUCCESSES AND CREDENTIALS Modual Integrated Systems has success stories all over the world USA −New York City −Chicago −Washington DC South Africa −Johannesburg −Cape Town −Durban −Swaziland Namibia United Kingdom & Ireland Holland, Denmark, UAE, Sweden, Germany, India Saudi Arabia 13

14 © Modual 2014 REFERENCE SITES FOR UAE & MENA Clients UAE & MENA REGION: 14 Al Hamra - Ras Al Khaimah −Multi use developments including Al Hamra Village and Al Hamra Mall −1000’s of units Magrabi - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Egypt −Retail implementation for 186 stores, over 8 countries Successfully implemented: −SAP Flexible Real Estate −Sales Based Rent Solution −Accruals / Deferrals

15 © Modual 2014 REFERENCE SITES FOR UAE & MENA 15 RAK Government - Ras Al Khaimah LUM/GEO.e / GIS integration −LUM Land Parcel Configured Type of Parcel Measurement Types Construction Type −LUM Land Parcel integrated into GEO.e −GEO.e configured Multiple Business Layers Geometry of structures −Integration SAP to GIS SAP linked to ArcGIS Server AcrGIS linked to GIS suppliers server Object data referenced from GIS to SAP Changes only come from GIS to SAP −(Managed through CASE MANAGEMENT)

16 © Modual 2014 REFERENCE SITES FOR UAE & MENA 16 Architectural objects CAD Integration −Architectural Objects Configured Multiple Object Types 4 level Hierarchy (Investment Project, Building, Floor, Unit) Measurement Types −Integration with Case Management Case used to create initial Building object through WebDynpro Status of building managed through Case −Integration with CAD (Done with Cideon Team) Cideon functionality activated in SAP Case used to manage status of drawing Once drawing signed-off Floor and Unit objects created automatically based on information from drawing

17 © Modual 2014 SOUTH AFRICAN REFERENCE SITES Liberty Properties (Sandton City) Commercial leases, 18000 stores Successfully implemented: −SAP Flexible Real Estate −Complex Utilities Recovery Program −Sales Based Rent Solution −Data Cleansing and Migration Cash Build Hardware retailer, 220 stores Successfully implemented: −SAP Flexible Real Estate −Data Cleansing and Migration Engen Petroleum forecourt shops, 500 locations Successfully implemented: −SAP Flexible Real Estate with Meter Reading integration −Sales Based Rent Solution −Data Cleansing and Migration

18 © Modual 2014 SOUTH AFRICAN REFERENCE SITES Pick n Pay −General Retailer −1200 stores −Smart Metering Interface −SAP Flexible Real Estate Implementation CAD Government institution, 300 commercial properties Successfully implemented: −SAP Flexible Real Estate with AutoCAD integration −Room Reservation and Long Term Seating −Architectural View

19 © Modual 2014 SOUTH AFRICAN REFERENCE SITES ABSA −Through this implementation ABSA drastically improved sourcing, reporting and real estate management capabilities. −The implementation was far reaching covering corporate space as well as properties in possession. −GIS Integration was also implemented at this client Prasa Asset Verification and Data Consolidation Project −Verified Over 5000 Immovable Assets −Verified Over 1500 Commercial and Retail Tenants −Enveloped Buildings/Structures −GIS Shape files for all Immovable assets −Floor Plans for All Commercial and Retail Buildings −Compiled a Custom Asset Management Report −Station Valuation and Life Cycle Reports

20 © Modual 2014 SOUTH AFRICAN REFERENCE SITES SARS SAP RE/FX Integration with Auto CAD −Management of a national portfolio of 150 buildings −Integration to HR for the derivation of cost centers to recharge expense to occupying cost centers −Integration to AutoCAD to calculate exact areas and integrate to drawings −Visual, colour-coded reporting through CAD drawings. −Cost center distribution, employees, assets, building fixtures and fittings Vodacom −Global SAP implementation driven by Vodafone global. −Accenture won the implementation and Modual Assisted with SAP RE-FX −The RE-FX part of the work started in March 2012 −Members of the team have been resourced for this with global resources leading from a governance perspective

21 © Modual 2014 SOUTH AFRICAN REFERENCE SITES City Of Cape Town −A primary focus for this implementation was for the Cape Town metro to move to citizen focused service delivery - while streamlining delivery to the public −The implementation included corporate real estate (offices) as well as hostels and housing for under-privileged citizens of the City −A single, integrated platform across all property components was based on the SAP RE-FX product suite. −The solution provided a robust technical platform to enable the CoCT to become a truly "smart city" with technology as a key enabler −This solution also manages capacity and bookings for cemeteries and grave sites!


23 © Modual 2014 THE SAP RE-FX SOLUTION MAP 23 1.Master Data Management | All master data to be showed in the system 2.Partner Management | All stated business partners to be shown (Tenants, Corporate Services as Landlords and Cleaning Services as vendors) 3.Lease Management | Lease out rent payments from tenants and lease in rent payments to landlord 4.Cost Recovery | Cleaning services payments to be posted to internal cost centers 5.Maintenance and Repairs | Maintenance requests sent to fix issues/calls logged 6.Accounting | All financial posting done to several accounts for business partners 7.Controlling | All financial posting done to internal cost centers Portfolio Management Real Estate AnalyticsMaster Data ManagementPartner ManagementTransaction Management Commercial Real Estate Management Real Estate Search Lease Management Condition Adjustment Percentage Rent Cost Recovery Third Party Management Legal Compliance Corporate Real Estate Management Space ManagementMove ManagementRoom Reservation Facilities Management Construction Modernization & Refurbishment Maintenance & RepairService Management Support Processes AccountingControllingTools Integration to SAP Industry Solutions


25 © Modual 2014 MODUAL SOLUTION INDUSTRY COMPATIBILITY INDUSTRIES CAD & GIS Asset Verification Room Reservation Sales Based Solution Cost Apportionment Solution Contract Management Space Management Utility Recoveries HCM Integration (HR) Maintenance Integration (PM) Land Residential Retail Industrial Commercial

26 © Modual 2014 SOLUTION INDUSTRY COMPATIBILITY INDUSTRIES 26 Retail −CAD & GIS −Asset Verification −Sales Based Solution −Cost Apportionment Solution −Contract Management −HCM Integration (HR) Commercial −CAD & GIS −Asset Verification −Room Reservation −Sales Based Solution −Cost Apportionment Solution −Contract Management −Space Management −HCM Integration (HR) −Maintenance Integration (PM) Industrial −CAD & GIS −Asset Verification −Cost Apportionment Solution −Space Management −Utility Recoveries −HCM Integration (HR) −Maintenance Integration (PM) Residential −CAD & GIS −Sales Based Solution −Contract Management −Maintenance Integration (PM) Land −Contract Management −Maintenance Integration (PM)


28 © Modual 2014 ESE School −ESE School was established in 1993 −Registered with the Gauteng Department of Education −Not-for Profit Organisation −Education to underprivileged children, Gr. R to Gr. 9 −Qualified & professional teachers −Experienced administrative staff members WE OWN A SCHOOL! 28

29 © Modual 2014 CONTACT DETAILS Managing Director Shaun Smith +27. 79.543.4464 Office Broadacres Business Centre Willow Wood Office Park 220 Third Street Broadacres, 2021 Johannesburg, South Africa Contact + 29


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