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Assessing Sales Managers How does it work By Peterson Company & OMG.

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1 Assessing Sales Managers How does it work By Peterson Company & OMG

2  “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” According to Einstein 2Copyright Peterson Company 2010

3  The objective of today is to give a better understanding of how the procedure works and what you can expect.  Make clear how you can benefit from the tool. The Objective of today 3Copyright Peterson Company 2010

4 1. Set up profile and strategies 2. Set up of the Executive Letter 3. Announcement of the assessment and the reason 4. Inviting the candidates to login 5. After candidates log out 6. What can you expect 7. Personal Action Plan 8. Follow up 9. Benefits for management The 9 steps to success 4Copyright Peterson Company 2010

5  Management sets up profiles of the position  Management sets up the used strategies for sales  Candidates are benchmarked against the OMG databank  Candidates are benchmarked against the management’s requirements Setup profile & strategies 5Copyright Peterson Company 2010

6  Management sets up an executive letter Executive letter 6Copyright Peterson Company 2010

7 Informing the candidates about the assessment and the reason for this:  It’s to assist in improvement  It helps discover and confirm strengths  It shows where you can improve  It shows how you can work smarter and gain more Announcement 7Copyright Peterson Company 2010

8 Candidates are invited to:  login at:  Choose their language  Perform the assessment in ± 45 minutes  Questions are ad-random  The system is “cheat proof” Invitation to login.01 8Copyright Peterson Company 2010

9 Invitation to login.02 9Copyright Peterson Company 2010

10  OMG processes the data  The individual reports are delivered within days by e-mail  The recipients are determined at forehand  First to management  Second to candidates  Through Peterson Company “face to face” or,  Through client’s managers After logging out 10Copyright Peterson Company 2010

11 What can you expect.01 11Copyright Peterson Company 2010

12 What can you expect.02 12Copyright Peterson Company 2010

13 Insight on  Hidden strengths  Hidden weaknesses  Available management skills  Management & time priorities  Execution of strategies  Can the candidate be developed  Available sales management skills  How can the candidate improve (what to do) What can you expect.03 13Copyright Peterson Company 2010

14  After delivery candidates are requested to develop a concrete Personal Action Plan which must be delivered to their manager  A template is delivered  The plan is based on the outcome of their assessment  Human resources can monitor the process Personal Action Plan 14Copyright Peterson Company 2010

15  Management follows through and monitors the implementation of Personal Action Plan  Setup a development program for those who can be developed  Setup an alternative approach for those who won’t make it Follow up 15Copyright Peterson Company 2010

16  Do you have the right people in place  Crucial elements for success present  Are strategies been executed  Which management skills present  Are skills for developing people present  Are sales people been held accountable  Who has growth potential  Who can be developed  And much more... Benefits for management 16Copyright Peterson Company 2010

17  Can provide full services in delivering the results  Can assist in monitoring and developing the candidates Peterson Company 17Copyright Peterson Company 2010

18 Ask us and we will tell you.   Or  0031 (0) 206673405 Who uses the system? 18Copyright Peterson Company 2010

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