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C63 Education and Training Don Heirman 13 Nov 2014.

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1 C63 Education and Training Don Heirman 13 Nov 2014

2 Background Over a dozen courses/workshops in past 10 years Revenue source to US EMC Standards Corporation to support C63 education activities Attendees are using training to satisfy their company and professional credentials requirements Working on next level of workshop facilitation

3 2014 Events August—C63.4-2014 (emission measurements) and Draft C63.25 Time Domain workshops at Raleigh Symposium July 2014—IEC 60601-1-2 Edition 4 (medical device safety/EMC) webinar Others as requested

4 2015 Plans Santa Clara, CA in March C63.10 (Wireless transmitter testing)/Draft C63.26 (Licensed transmitter testing) at EMC Symposium Dresden Germany in August –C63.4-2014 (Emission measurements)/Draft C63.25 (Time Domain Site validation techniques)

5 Support Self facilitation –Primarily for IEEE EMC symposia events Washington Labs Academy –General Facilitation of workshops Advertise workshops Collect and process registration fees Prepare flash drives Disburse payments for expenses and honoraria

6 Workshop Ideas Workshops held when C63 standards are generated or significantly amended Examples: –C63.4 (emission measurements) –C63.5 (antenna cal) –C63.9 (audio interference) –C63.10 (unlicensed transmitter emissions) –C63.16 (Additional guidance on ESD) –C63.17 (Unlicensed PCS etiquette)

7 Workshop Ideas More Examples: –C63.18 (On site immunity testing) –C63.19 (Hearing aid EMC) –C63.23 (Measurement uncertainty) –C63.25 (Time domain application) –C63.26 (Licensed transmitter emissions) –C63.27 (Wireless coexistence) These can be combined into two days too.

8 Requests C63 members are asked to – Endorse the workshop activities – Agree to advertise them in their company and trade organization by their normal channels Identify venues and events where our workshop topics can be held Consider hosting a workshop

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