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Welcome at Stratelis Company expo participations

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1 Welcome at Stratelis Company expo participations

2 This presentation consists of the two energy expo’s that Stratelis Company participated during March and April 2008.

3 2nd International Exhibition EnergyReS '08
Welcome to the 2nd International Exhibition EnergyReS '08 The hosting of the 2nd International Expo on Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Sources, EnergyReS 2008, was concluded with a great success. The hosting of the 2nd International Expo, EnergyReS 2008, which is the most specialized expo in the fields of Energy Saving for buildings and transports, Renewable Energy Sources, as well as alternative production and management forms of energy that are friendly to the environment met a great success. The opening of EnergyReS 2008, which was hosted under the auspices of the Ministry for Development, the Ministry of the Environment, Urban Planning and Public Works, as well as of the Ministry for Transports and Communications, was conducted by the Secretary General of the Ministry for Development, Mr. Konstantinos Mousouroulis, in the presence of exhibitors and expo visitors. The expo lasted from April 10 until April 13, 2008, and took place in the former East Airport of Hellinikon. The large variety of the exhibits, accommodated in impressive stands of European specifications, drew the interest of more than 15,000 visitors, who came from all sections of business activity (investors, manufacturers, small manufacturing unit owners, representatives, merchants, engineers,  economists, environmentalist, technicians, journalists, etc), from the scientific community, from state and local government bodies, institutional bodies, along with the interested public. For more info please kindly visit:

4 Full view of the Stratelis Company kiosk.
Opening of the Energy Res expo

5 A chance for a photo in the opening stages of the expo.
From right to left, Mr Stratelis Stergios and Mr Pastidis Stylianos.

6 This is Stratelis Company kiosk in the Energy Res 2008 expo

7 Another view of the kiosk – Hosting Premi T25 AP CHP unit in display

8 A lot to explain for the CHP unit
Many people interested in the CHP technology

9 Greek General Secretary for Development
Mr K. Mousouroulis visiting Mr Stratelis and TEDOM CHP unit The two men discussed a lot of things, important issues and general information regarding energy production.

10 Constantly visited by important persons, Mr Stratelis and TEDOM products attracted the attention of the Secretary General of the Ministry for Development, Mr. Konstantinos Mousouroulis. From left to right, Mr Stratelis, Mr Theofilaktos (Expo organizer) and Secretary General of the Ministry for Development, Mr. Konstantinos Mousouroulis. A successful and important participation of Stratelis Company and TEDOM products in the Greek energy production applications Intensively visited and always interesting Stratelis kiosk was the center of attention for the expo, as the TEDOM CHP products and technology was the only one of its kind amongst other energy products

11 During the parallel events of the expo, Mr Stratelis gave his speech, along with a presentation regarding CHP technology and TEDOM products. Another successful and important participation of Stratelis Company and TEDOM products in a wide range audience, which was pleased from the information received from Mr Stratelis. Inside the audience, many important people from the Greek Ministry for Development.

12 The next expo found Stratelis Company in the premises of Expo Athens in the territory of Anthousa – Attiki. The Business & Scientific communities were very impressed with Technoekdotiki initiative to establish in Greece a new International Exhibition entitled "ECOTec ' 08 – Environmental Technologies" which will cover the entire spectrum of activities whose aims are Environmental Protection & Restoration. It is a strong evidence that more than 120 of the most influential companies in this sector have confirmed their participation as exhibitors, and many more have expressed a very strong interest in becoming exhibitors. For more info please kindly visit:

13 This expo offered a spacious area for Stratelis company and TEDOM products.
88sqr meters of kiosk was amongst the largest around the exhibitors of this expo.

14 Another view of the kiosk showing full facility of the area.
Spacious environment, more to display as the posters have got larger dimensions and more people can attend the text and pictures for TEDOM products.

15 Viewing the kiosk from an inside point – close to the Premi T25AP CHP unit, placed in the centre of attention of the kiosk. The best position for this unit, as could be seen from every angle and distance.

16 This expo as well was a success for CHP technology, hence TEDOM products, as it was constantly attended by many people from all fields of power production areas. Also many interested in the fuel saving aspect of the CHP and the way in enhances their business economy. A better placement of the kiosk this time offered numerous benefits to a presentation of Stratelis Company and TEDOM products. Also, plenty of events during the expo maintained visitors interest while offering more information on most energy systems.

17 This interesting 3-day convention took place within the context of the 1st International Exhibition «Ecotec – Environmental Technologies» (24 till 26 of May) in Expo Athens The financing for the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) will continue till the year 2020, while the procedures for licensing are soon to be simplified, said Mr. Charalambos Pippos, director of the Renewable Energy Sources Department of the Ministry of Development, to the possible investors in the «Ecoforum» convention

18 Thank you very much for your attention

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