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18 July 2003 Call Centre: 086 184 3384 Notes on changes to procedures at the Companies Division of Cipro.

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1 18 July Call Centre: Notes on changes to procedures at the Companies Division of Cipro

2 GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF CHANGES As you know by now, the Registrar is in the process of phasing out revenue stamps and by April 2004 no revenue stamps will be accepted by the office. Initially this will be replaced by an account for agents, with an internet payment option to follow. The second phase was implemented on 7 July 2003, when we allowed agents to lodge companies documentation without revenue stamps. Agents will be billed for the transaction value. Electronic lodgement of CM6, CM8 and CM8A’s were also implemented on 7 July CIPRO initiated an agent forum and updates of what was discussed will be placed on the web.

3 DOCUMENTS NOT TO BE STAMPED/FRANKED Registered Agents will be billed on a monthly basis for registrations pertaining to the following company forms: CM1Certificate of incorporation (Pty) Ltd, LTD,CC conversion to Company CM3Certification of Incorporation of Section 21 company CM10Certificate of consolidation of articles CM11Payment of fees on increase of capital (Max amount R – If above please arrange with Thea JV Rensburg for a reference number in advance) CM15Return of allotments of shares CM18Order of court for registration CM17Application for extension of time CM26Special Resolution CM29Contents of register of directors, auditors and officers CM31Notice of consent to appointment, change of name or removal of Auditor

4 CONTINUE…. CM32 Change of the end of the financial year to deal in financial statements with Subsidiary CM35Application not to issue interim reports CM39Alteration to memorandum of External Company CM45Amended certificate of incorporation relating to the one type or form of company into another CM46Certificate to commence business CM49Certificate of registration of memorandum of extension CM50Exemption from lodging annual financial statements CM52Exemption from lodging annual financial statements CM6Application for extension of reservation of name CM7Application for registration of translated or shortened name of a company CM8Application for registration of defensive name CM8AApplication for renewal of registration of defensive name CM9Certificate of change of name of company CM9ACertificate of change of translation/shortened form CM9BApplication to de-register a former translation/shortened name

5 Note : Agents to reconcile their account at the end of the month and pay CIPRO within 3 working days, or as stipulated on invoice.

6 ELECTRONIC BILLING All Company documents containing an Agent Code and no revenue stamps affixed on documents will be billed. Completed and approved items will be billed to Agents and viewed at the end of each month per invoice. Items are marked for :Billing” or “Stamps” during Document Registration by CIPRO staff. Documents containing “Stamps” affixed can still be used until end of July and you will not be billed. Agents pay on a monthly basis. Invoices are issued on the 2 nd or 3 rd working day of the month. All services to Agents whose accounts are in arrear will be suspended. The amount will be deducted from the deposit and the matter handed over to our attorneys.

7 If you have any comments to enhance this service, please

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