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The BKK Group CNSS, 25th of October Odd Olaf Askeland, Business developer.

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1 The BKK Group CNSS, 25th of October Odd Olaf Askeland, Business developer

2 The BKK group

3 Business areas Our core activity is the production, sale and transmission of electric power. In association with our main activities, we also supply: consultancy and contractor services district heating telecommunications services house alarms and heat pumps to private customers joint metering of electricity

4 Major associated companies Tafjord kraft AS (43%) Sogn og Fjordane Energi AS (39%) Sunnfjord Energi AS (37%) Sognekraft AS (44%) Fjordkraft (49%) Sunnhordland kraftlag AS (33%) Gasnor AS (20%) Vestavind Offshore (45%) SN Power AfriCA AS (19%) Småkraft AS (20%) Kjøsnesfjorden kraftverk AS (20%) Himal Power Ltd. (26%)

5 The business in figures 178,000 network customers 30 own hydroelectric power plants 2 combined heat and power plant 19,100 km of overhead lines and cables 2,400 km of fibre optic cables 5,300 network stations 1,100 employees

6 2009 – financial performance TurnoverNOK 4.2 billion (€ 500 mill.) Profit after tax (group share) NOK 1.1 billion (€ 138 mill.) DividendNOK 1.3 billion (€ 163 mill.) Book equityNOK 7.1 billion (€ 888 mill.) Balance sheet totalNOK 17.7 billion (€ 2.213 mill.)

7 Vestavind offshore - Havsul Bergen First offshore wind farm in Norway 350 MW offshore wind farm 62 km2 large

8 BKK Varme – key figures Net (trace) DN 200-40025 km DN 40-15020 km PressurePN 25 Dim. Temp120 o C Customer Business customers130 stk Private 400 stk Heat production Waste23 MW Oil48 MW Gas 20 MW El22 MW BKK owns 51% 100 Gwh operating district heating Strategic objective: 300 Gwh in 2015

9 Fuel cell BKK has build a prototype of a fuel cell – use natural gas / bio gas – Efficiency (el production) ~ 60% – Energy production ~ 80% (EL) 3 kW/h + (heat) 2 kW/h Cost efficient CO2 capture and handling Extremely good balances capability together with wind

10 Geothermal energy BKK is one of the founders of the Norwegian national center for geothermal energy

11 Energy production from Waves, tidal and ocean current

12 Electrification of the transport sector Charging stations for cars (public) “Cold Ironing” in the port of Bergen CNSS

13 Thank you for your attention!

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