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“ECOTEST” “ECOTEST” – a registered trademark of the “Sparing-Vist Center” company.

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1 “ECOTEST” “ECOTEST” – a registered trademark of the “Sparing-Vist Center” company

2 “Sparing-Vist Center” activity development of radiation measurement instruments of ЕСOTEST ТМ certification and registration in the State Register of measurement instruments of Ukraine and in the National Registers of other countries worldwide serial production of “ECOTEST” TM radiation measurement instruments development of the specialized software

3 ► Use of the newest types of radiation detectors ► Use of patented means and methods of information processing ► Development of high-tech and ergonomic engineering solutions ► Creation of innovative products with wireless communication technologies Innovative technologies

4 Complete scientific-production cycle

5 ► No. 1 manufacturer of dosimeters in Ukraine ► Over 20 years on the market ► Over 30 radiation measurement instruments and systems of “ЕCOTEST” ТМ ► More than 200 highly qualified professionals on staff ► 1500 m 2 of office and production space “Sparing-Vist Center” company

6 Our principles ► The main goal of our company is to make our customers 100% satisfied with experience they get when working with us ► Comprehensive solutions to radiation monitoring challenges ► Products improvement and enhancement of their functionality according to the requirements of time ► Constant development of the company and its staff

7 ECOTEST ТМ Products ► Leader on Ukrainian market we hold over 50% of radiation measurement instruments market ► We export to more than 70 countries worldwide (CIS, Europe, Asia, Africa, North and Latin America, Japan and Australia) ► We have more than 20 dealers abroad

8 ECOTEST TM products on the global market

9 ISO 9001:2008 We have been working in accordance with the introduced and implemented Quality Management System since 2006, which is ascertained by the International Association “BUREAU VERITAS”

10 Certificates and professional Achievements ► The company has all certificates, permits and licenses necessary for operation in the field of instrument engineering ► Industry sector Leader ► No. 1 Exporter of the Year in Ukraine According to official data of the Ukrainian state statistics bodies, we took the first place and hit the number one on the rating for total value of such parameters as: general export volume, dynamics of economic growth, diversification and geography. Receiving such high statuses year after year confirms our professional achievements and leading positions on the market.

11 Participation in exhibitions Since 2003, ECOTEST TM products have been annually exhibited at globally famous exhibitions in the UAE, US, India, Austria, Poland, Kazakhstan, Russia, etc.

12 Ukrainian dosimeter in a Hollywood movie In May 2012 a new movie called “Chernobyl Diaries” was presented by the famous American company “WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC” (directed by Bradley Parker). The device of our own production such as MKS-05 “TERRA-P” used by the heroes can be seen in a series of shots.

13 Rostyslav Smuk Rostyslav Smuk founder and CEO of the “Sparing-Vist Center” company Honored inventor of Ukraine Since 1998, he has been a member and in a past ex-president of the Lviv Leopolis Rotary Club which implemented over 200 charitable programs during last 15 years Awarded with “Flagman of Ukraine's economy” Order for outstanding contribution to the economic development of Ukraine

14 Yuriy Storonskyy Yuriy Storonskyy General Designer of the “Sparing-Vist Center” company Ph.D. in Technical Sciences 28 years of work experience in the field of instrument engineering

15 Our business partners Bruker Detection Corporation, which has more than 30 years experience in global market for chemical, biological, radioactive and explosives detection equipment SPC "Doza" – one of the largest developers, manufacturers and suppliers of radiation measurement instruments in Russia and CIS

16 Branches of Use of “ECOTEST” TM products Customs and Border Services Medicine Ministry of Emergencies, Civil Defense

17 Branches of Use: Law Enforcement Agencies Army Ministry of Internal Affairs State Security Service Guard services

18 Branches of Use: Sanitary Dosimetry & Ecology Environmental inspectorates Sanitary and epidemiological services Radiological laboratories

19 Branches of Use: Sanitary Dosimetry & Ecology Radioactive waste storage sites Labor protection

20 Branches of Use: Industry Nuclear Power Industry Metallurgy and scrap metal storage Vehicles monitoring, seaports & airports

21 Branches of Use: Industry Mining industry Construction industry Logging and woodworking industry

22 Branches of Use Educational programs Household use

23 ЕCОТЕSТ TM products are subdivided into: ► portable dosimeters (radiometers) ► personal dosimeters ► search dosimeters (radiometers, identification devices) ► devices for radiation and chemical reconnaissance ► warning devices ► detectors ► analyzers ► detecting units ► data panels ► computer-aided systems ► software

24 Portable dosimeters (radiometers) TERRA with Bluetooth channel Dosimeter-radiometer MKS-05 TERRA Dosimeter- radiometer MKS-05 ТЕRRA-P Dosimeter- radiometer MKS-05 ТЕRRA-P+ Dosimeter- radiometer MKS-05 Designed to measure radiation level and accumulated dose by experts (for carrying out professional tasks) and common users (for household purposes)

25 Gamma Sapiens Intellectual gamma radiation detector EcotestVIP Personal radioactivity detector Designed for measuring radiation levels and dose in everyday life Detectors for household use

26 Personal dosimeters EcotestCARD Personal gamma radiation dosimeter DKG-21 DKG-21M Personal gamma radiation dosimeter Used for measurement of accumulated dose of radiation by the user

27 aGent-R Warning gamma radiation device Warning deviceAnalyzer FoodTester-G Analyzer of cesium isotopes activity in food Detection of the increased levels of gamma radiation and their estimation by means of the 4-level threshold alarm system Measurement of radiation level, detection of cesium isotopes in food & soils, and evaluation of cesium isotopes activity

28 Search dosimeters (radiometers, identifiers) CADMIUM Search alarm dosimeter DKS-02PN POSHUK Search dosimeter- radiometer MKS-07 SPECTRA Search dosimeter- radiometer MKS-11 STORA-TU Gamma, beta radiation radiometer-dosimeter RKS-01 Detecting & localizing of radioactive sources and control of illicit trafficking of radioactive materials

29 Devices for radiation (and chemical) reconnaissance МКS-U Multipurpose dosimeter- radiometer DRG-T Radiation survey device PRHP-ME Radiation & chemical survey device Used for operation in conditions of nuclear war or significant radiation accidents, as well as on-site environmental researches

30 Data panels IT-09 Data panel IT-09Т Data panel designed for continuous monitoring of the radiological situation RIK-09 Data panel

31 Detecting units Are used with МКS-07 “POSHUK” and automated systems of radiation monitoring Is used with data panels and automated systems of radiation monitoring BDBG-09 Detecting unit of gamma radiation BDPA-07 Detecting unit of alpha radiation BDPN-07 Detecting unit of neutron radiation

32 Computer-aided systems ASIDK-21 Automated system of personal dosimetry control GeoRad Hardware and Software System RadMonitor Computer-aided system of radiation monitoring Continuous automated radiation monitoring of environment at potentially hazardous nuclear facilities (possibility to connect up to 6 BDBG-09 detecting units or IT- 09T/IT-09 data panels at the same time) Used for installation on board of a vehicles and can be used for construction of portable radiological and radiochemical laboratories Intended for keeping of automated database of personnel radiation doses at potentially hazardous nuclear facilities

33 PDC ECOMONITOR Software “Programming and Dosimetry Control” ASIDK ECOMONITOR Software “Automated system of dosimetry control” ECOTEST Software

34 Thank you for your attention! PE ”SPPE ”Sparing-Vist Center” 33 Volodymyr Velyky Str., Lviv, 79026 Tel.: +380 32 242 15 15, +380 32 242 21 15, Fax: +380 32 242 20 15, E-mail: We help people to protect themselves against radiation

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