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STEC Advance Equips Earth Link Network

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1 STEC Advance Equips Earth Link Network
STEC Security STEC Advance Equips Earth Link Network

2 Business Profile Products Portfolio – Security devices and equipments.
Business Nature – OEM manufacturer and exporter. Business Network – Western Europe, USA, Canada, India, Middle East, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Oceana. Year Established – 2002 Head Office – Malaysia Head count – 100 Customer base – Security company / Military / Police / Governmental Agency / End user / Private investigation company.

3 STEC Products Category
Security equipments Surveillance devices Spy devices Monitoring devices Bulletproof and Explosion proof film Advance spy detector and jammer OEM service

4 STEC Security Equipments and Devises…
STEC Advance Equips with registered company name Earth Link Network is an OEM manufacturer for Advance security products, equipments and devices to enhance security for home, commercial and governmental agency through out the world. With its manufacturing plant located in Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Japan, STEC enhance and spear head its product design, quality and low cost offer for better marketing advantage and end user. Today…STEC cover most of the important must have security devices for home user, commercial and governmental agency with various types of devices, equipments and gadgets to enhance protection of human live, property and confidential items may it be conversation or documents. STEC products: Hidden Camera Voice Recorder Jammer Spy / GSM Jammer Security / Bulletproof Film

5 Spy / Hidden camera to enhance home and commercial security
STEC develosp the most advance spy and hidden camera to enhance home and commercial security to monitor the unwanted activities and promote healthy life style. Hidden surveillance device includes SD Camera, PIR camera, Wireless Camera, Sunglass Camera, Hidden Camera in devices, Spy Ear listening devices and receiver. Sunglass Camera Wireless Hidden Camera Spy Sunglass Fiber Optic Peep Whole Cam Spy Listener Hidden Camera with SD Card Spy / BUG Detector Wireless Wireless Hidden Cam

6 Our Offer and Service STEC offers OEM service, Area distributor or Country Distributor rights. Companies with huge sales network or working with government projects are welcome to be STEC distributor. Below are STEC’s offer for worldwide distribution: OEM service to customer’s brand or logo Area STEC distributor Country STEC Sole Distributor Contact us for further discussion.

7 Contact Information Thank you To explore our product further, we welcome you to visit our website or contact us; Website: Website: / Tel: / Fax:

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