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2 Agenda Company Profile Market Financial Data

3 We provide the latest IT solutions for logistics industry
Main features We provide the latest IT solutions for logistics industry 13 years of experience The flag program of the company is „Qguar” system Leading position in Eastern and Western Europe SAP as IT solutions partner

4 Shareholder Structure

5 Specialization, position
Production installations Test installations complex solutions for logistics standard Qguar system dedicated projects

6 From data administration to process optimization
Z – order Z1 C C – central H H – hub D D – supplier O O – recipient Z2 Z3+Z4 Z3 Z4 Z5a Z5b Z6 Z7a Z7b Z7c Z7d Z8

7 ▪ Qguar – SCE international quality class software
Product ▪ Qguar – SCE international quality class software ▪ target: process optimization but not the reporting ▪ Modules: ▪ WMS - Warehouse Management System ▪ TMS - Transport Management System ▪ YMS – Yard Management System ▪ SDS – Supply and Distribution System ▪ Dashboard, Voice Picking, 4Web, Queryser ▪ Implementation of such IT solutions its a big organizational change, requiring several months of work group specialist ▪ small competition among polish suppliers of computer systems

8 Offer Products Technology Other Qguar WMS Pro Qguar WMS Easyway
Qguar SDS Qguar TMS Qguar 4WEB Standby Server Technology Radio data terminals RF RFID Barcodes EAN – EAN UCC Pick by Voice Pick by Light Other Project Dedicated solutions IT services Hardware External complementing systems

9 ▪ Implementation projects
Services ▪ Implementation projects ▪ analysis, designing, installation, implementation,service ▪ System integration ▪ IT networks installation, servers and workstations installation ▪ mySAP Business Suite solutions ▪ Individual projects

10 Competences in Logistics
Several years of experience at the German market We collaborate with academic bodies: Institute of Logistics and Warehousing in Poznań Polytechnics in Wrocław – Institute of Machines’ Utilization The Polish Society of Logistics Managers - Warsaw School of Logistics - Poznań Polytechnics in Rzeszów International School of Logistics and Transport - Wrocław

11 Technology partners Technology partners IBM - hardware solutions partner / IBM Partner World of Developers Microsoft - technology solutions partner Oracle – technology solutions partner SAP – IT solutions partner SUN – hardware solutions partner

12 Distinctions and prizes
Gold Medal at the International Fair in Poznań 1998 Logistic Operator 2002 Innovative Solution for Logistics 2005

13 History History 1993 – the beginnings of activity in the international logistic projects together with Quantum GmbH and Quantum Logistics GmbH 1997 – Quantum S.A. registration in Poland 1998 – the first version of QGUAR WMS system and the Gold Medal MTP for this system 1999 – new QGUAR system – TMS v.1 2000 – new systems: QGUAR-macro logistics and QGUAR-internet 2001 – first implementation of QGUAR system in Germany 2002 – the first implementation of QGUAR system in Hungary 2002 – distinction in the “ IT system implementation” - DGC category 2003 – first implementations of QGUAR systems in France and Czech Republic 2004 – first implementations of QGUAR system in Slovakia and Romania 2004 – certified QGUAR – SAP interface 2005 – first implementations of QGUAR system in the UK and Spain 2005 – new version of the system for shipping - QGUAR TMS 2005 – new international modules creation and separation: QGUAR (WMS, SDS, TMS, 4WEB) 2006 – SAP Channel Partner Agreement 2007 – first implementation of QGUAR system in Ukraine

14 Main clients Producers: ▪ Maspex Group (Tymbark, Kubuś, La Festa, Lubella) ▪ Trading Companies: ▪ Polomarket ▪ Logistic Operators ▪ Wincanton

15 Selected Clients

16 Brands managed by Qguar - FMCG

17 Qguar – home entertainment, domestic appliances
Brands managed by Qguar – home entertainment, domestic appliances Qguar – home entertainment, domestic appliances

18 Brands managed by Qguar– automotive

19 Distribution and implementation partners
BCS Polska Sp. Z o.o. Nowy Sącz, Warsaw Comarch S.A. Cracow, Poznań Poland w3logistics GmbH Dortmund Qlog Ennigerloh Germany Iceberg Consulting Barcelona Spain Open Business Solutions London Great Britain Logistyka i sklad Moscow, Kiev Russia, Ukraina Mavaris Vilnus Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

20 Market Software for logistics industry Predicted 15% increase until 2010 of Polish enterprise management software market similar situation in Easter Europe World Market rapid growth of SCE market than classic ERP market

21 Market Development IT for Logistics Software systems are mainly focused on reporting and accounting subjects rather on logistic industry changes; SCE system – detailed monitor and optimization of advanced processes typical for modern logistics as well as real time units movement evidence; Standarization and development of automatic identification technology (Barcodes, RFID); Development and price decrease of electronic equipment (radio terminals, scanners, terminals, PDA);

22 Sale income structure by customers in 2006
Financial Data Sale income structure by customers in 2006 42% 12% 43% 3% Logistics Trade enterprises Producers Others

23 Financial Data Sale income structure by countries in 2006

24 Sale income structure by type in 2006
Financial Data Sale income structure by type in 2006 10% 49% 21% 1% 19% Licenses Consulting & implementation Service Other licenses hardware

25 Financial Data Sale income development

26 Financial Data Selected Financial Data
2005 2006 increase Net Profit From Sale Activities 10 369 13 334 + 29% Profit From Operating Activities (EBIT) 491 1 479 + 201% Profit From Operating Activities + amortization (EBITDA) 777 1 838 + 137% Gross Profit 433 1 473 + 240% Net Profit 335 1 196 + 257% 9 762 370 10 369 335 13 334 1196 16 300 1630 2 000 4 000 6 000 8 000 10 000 12 000 14 000 16 000 18 000 2004 2005 2006 2007P Net Revenues from Sale Net Profit (loss) P -Forecast

27 Benefits thanks to cooperation with Quantum
QUALITY work for a very demanding clients DYNAMICS rapid completion of new logistic projects FLEXIBILITY the possibility of product customizations to fit the client's requirements COMPLEXITY complex service – product, implementation, support OPTIMIZATION intelligent suggestions how to reduce the costs SECURITY support of the client for any reason of a failure, modern data protection

28 koniec End Thank you for your time


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