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We provide solutions Welcome at Kaschke.

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1 We provide solutions Welcome at Kaschke

2 Milestones of more than 50 years innovation & customer orientation
Establishing the company by Mr. Kurt Kaschke in Göttingen. Production of carbonyliron powder cores Start of ferrite production Merger of Kaschke Electronic and Kaschke Components Beginning of winding activities with HF-filters for entertainment electronics 2014 Establishing Kaschke Tunisie Menzel Bou Zelfa/Tunisia - Production of inductive components Opening of the new logistics center in Göttingen Establishing Kaschke Electronic @ Küllstedt / Thuringia in Germany 2012 Increasing of the sinter capacity to 1000 t/a 2011 Introduction of filter chokes for airbag applications for automotive electronics 2010 Increase capacity for AC/DC power chokes up to 8000 pcs/week (equal to 2 GW inverter power) 2009 2007 Silke Baumgartner,Joachim Priess & Dr. Franz Bötzl represend the management board 1995 1994 Introduction of the KLL-high power AC/DC –choke platform for solar inverters 1991 1978 1970 1958 1955 Establishing an injection moulding departement for customised coilformers & housings

3 Our strong market position
We provide solutions Our strong market position Market activities are focused on five business areas, with major interest in industrial, medical and automotive electronics Worldwide sales & sourcing network Balanced risk management due to a wide customer base No business area shares more than 40% of the annual turnover Stable financial situation within a family owned company

4 Our mission – our focus We provide inductive solutions for:
renewable energies smart grid energy efficiency

5 We provide inductive solutions for …
Business areas

6 Industrial electronics
SMPS – transformers PFC – chokes Storage - chokes EMC-chokes for CM & DM interference AC/DC POWER chokes based on Kaschke KLL technology up to 150amps Trigger transformers for IGBT+ MOS-FET Current sensors

7 Kaschke KLL- chokes for PV-inverter
Launch in 2007 Capacity: 4 production lines chokes/week 100% final check: - inductivity - high-voltage - impulse withstand voltage (Baker-Test) - acoustic measurement 5 years warranty Until now ca chokes have been manufactured for inverters < 10KW 7 PV-customers for AC/DC chokes Until today there are only 4 known problems with the acoustic (ppm > 10) 0 failure because of electrical parameters

8 Automotive electronics
Body-electronics Powertrain Interior & Infotainment Induktive Components for: TPMS Immobilizer Keyless Go/Entry Electronic Powered Assisted Steering (EPAS/EPHS) eMobility

9 Lighting technology SELV transformers for halogen converters
Driver transformers PFC- & storage chokes Safety transformer for LEDs Lamp chokes for electronic ballasts EMC – chokes for CM & DM interference Ignition transformers for HID

10 Consumer electronics SmartPower safety transformers for
stand-by & low power supplies 2D - chokes for wireless energie transmission EMC – chokes for CM & DM interference PFC - chokes Current sensors Ferrite segments and bars for inductive cooking

11 Communication electronics
SMPS - transformers SmartPower safety transformers for Stand-by & low power supplies Hf-antennas Splitters & baloons EMC - chokes for CM & DM interference PFC - chokes Storage chokes

12 The Kaschke headoffice at Göttingen
Administration Sales & sourcing departements R & D Engineering departement Tool shop & process control Powder- & ferrite production (app. 1000t/a) Injection moulding department Logistics & shipping center App. 200 employees Göttingen

13 Benefits of our Tunisian location
European time zone (MEZ) Only two hours flight distance via Frankfurt Weekly shipments to Germany Online-communication with all production plants Upcomming industrial country with high education level and perfect infrastructure At German universities educated Tunesian executives – German language Centuries old handcraft tradition meets ‚state of the art‘ production level Frankfurt 3 DAYS 2 HOURS. Genua Tunis

14 Kaschke Tunisia • Production of the complete range of inductive
components - more than 1500 different partnumbers/a App.1200 employees at two production locations, working two shifts per day: - 6 fully automized production lines - app. 140 single head winding machines - 16 multispindle winding machines - app. 70 toroid winding machines app. 130 mio. inductive components/a Continuous inspection after every production step -100% final test Menzel Bou Zelfa Tabarka Tunis Hammamet Zaghouan Sousse Mahdia Djerba 200 km

15 Kaschke Tunesia

16 Our Küllstedt plant Highly automated production of transpondercoils for automotive & industrial applications : kHz Keyless Go/Entry Immobilizers TPMS Antenna coils for hearing aid devices MHz) App. 40 employees App. 20 mio. transponder coils/a Fully supervised working steps 100% inspection according to poka yoke procedure & AOI Küllstedt

17 Our Küllstedt plant

18 Guaranteed quality • 1990 Production supervision of all Tunisian
plants by the German VDE • Certification of the German location acc. to DIN EN ISO9000 ff. • Certification of all Kaschke locations acc. to QS 9000 • Certification of all Kaschke locations acc. to ISO/TS16949 • Kaschke fulllfills the RoHS 2002/95/EG directive • Kaschke offers an own class B & F Insulationssystem acc. to UL 1446 • Kaschke Components certified acc. to ISO 9001:2008 Kaschke Electronics certified acc. to ISO/TS 16949:2002

19 Our first class service – your benefit!
Key account manangement – worlwide operating sales team Strong R & D & engineering team supports customers at the start of their development cycle = „Design to cost“ Close exchange with local universities Cooperation with silicon manufacturers e.g.: Power Integrations, ST, Infineon & Fairchild App. 98% customer specific designs We support logistc concepts i.e.: - Canban systems - EDI - Consignment stock - Safety Stock management - VMI vendor managed inventory

20 – we provide solutions
Thank you for your attention – we provide solutions

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