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Building company. “UVES” is a Private Commercial and Building Company formed in 2003 by amalgamation of some organizations having different directions.

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1 building company

2 “UVES” is a Private Commercial and Building Company formed in 2003 by amalgamation of some organizations having different directions in building sector. This event led to enhancement company position at building market of Ukraine. “UVES” field of activity covers all-inclusive service in industrial and civil engineering, reconstruction and repair – from projecting to putting object into operation, object support, construction materials sale, rendering consulting and after-sale services. The staff of the company consists of experienced professionals and young specialists having knowledge of advanced manufacturing sciences. Thanks to such high qualified staff the “UVES” undertakes activity within Ukraine and outside. The company has necessary construction equipment: excavator, truck towers, truck cranes and other construction mechanisms. Our customers are the largest companies of Ukraine, such as: *INTERPIPE (manufacturer of pipes and wheels for railway transport) *Cargill Canadian-Ukrainian Company (crops store up and processing) *UkrTatNafta (oil products refining and sale) *“BADM, LTD”, Limited Liability Company *“Prosyanskiy G.O.K.”, Public Company *“ATB-Invest”, Limited Liability Company *“Nizhnedneprovskiy Pipe Rolling Plant”, Public Company *“Novomoscovskiy Pipe Plant”, Public Company *“Nikopolskiy Seamless Tube Plant Niko Tube”, Closed Joint Stock Company *“Home Credit Bank”, Public Company and others. Besides our own facilities we have reliable partners who participate in fulfillment of volume of works jointly with our specialists. The strategic goal of the company is to satisfy requirements of Customers as much as possible and to create high image of the company. building company

3 Construction of a new house or office building is a wide complex of the special technologies, modern technique, builders experience and skills. For this reason it’s necessary to choose appropriate construction company which renders services in good time with proper quality. Our company guarantees quality of works irrespective of object complexity thanks to qualification of our specialists (designers, engineers, builders) who are known of their responsibility and strictly adherence to conditions of construction works. The Company offers the most interesting and modern architectural and engineering tendencies, advanced technologies. We execute all amount of work for optimal price. At construction of Your house our specialists choose materials according to "price-quality" relationship, taking into account Your preferences. If you are interested in construction of dwelling houses, manufacturing entities, hangars, storages and other industrial and civil objects and any kind of repair works, the Company is ready to offer innovation technologies, best specialists and high quality of works in the field of construction, reconstruction and finishing, both for individual Customer and for corporate one. The “UVES” Private Commercial and Building Company offers qualitative service and hopes for a long-term cooperation! building company

4 Construction is a complicated and multisided process which requires strictly adherence to construction norms. A project is initial and possibly the most important part of construction process. The Project Department of the “UVES” Private Commercial and Building Company has a great potential for development of any complexity building projects in shortest time, that is to say: - Industrial construction The planning of industrial objects includes the projects of workshops, storehouses, administrative and residential complexes, filling stations, car-washing facilities, auto repair stations, logistic complexes and others. - Civil construction The Project Department is ready to execute planning of the following objects: recreation centers, hotels, shops, office buildings, restaurants etc. - Individual dwelling-houses Our projects are of exclusive nature. Architects and designers always take into consideration the type of Customer’s business, taste and meet the needs of every customer. All projects are developed with possibility of visualization (ЗD design) and allow seeing the object in reality. building company

5 The “UVES” Private Commercial and Building Company executes reconstruction of the most different purpose objects. Reconstruction includes the whole complex of design works, civil and erection works, logistics relating to the change of techno-economic data and increase of object use effectiveness: resiting, heightening, construction of built-in premises, partial disassembling and housebreaking; re-equipment including reconstruction of external networks, regardless of distance (with the exception of main pipelines); improvement of architectural expressiveness of building. building company

6 The “UVES” Private Commercial and Building Company renders consulting services in construction, reconstruction and repair works:  Dwelling houses and office premises: The specialists of "UVES" Company are ready to help you in decision the following problems:  to give out a task to architects, designers;  to choose a proper contractor;  to choose an optimum price-quality relation;  to optimize estimate of costs;  to control quality of repair and construction works, quality of used building and finishing materials;  many other questions and problems.  Civil construction objects At construction of public buildings the specialists of "UVES" Company will carry out the following professional and objective inspection of:  development of construction documents;  quality of execution of construction work, assembling starting-up and adjustment; conformity to construction documents requirements;  requirements of operating building norms and acts;  compliance with operation schedule of materials and equipment delivery by contractors and suppliers;  expenses directed to construction of object (estimate limit);  quality of equipment and materials used for construction.  Industrial construction objects: Cooperation with "UVES" Company permits to distribute monetary resources invested in object to the best advantage so far as all offered services for civil construction include industrial construction too. building company

7 CARGILL Steppe Grain Elevator 13/10/2010 Mr. Yu.V. Yevglevskiy “UVES” PCBC 2 Panikakha St., Dnipropetrovsk Tel/Fax: (056) 744-95-11 “Steppe Grain Elevator” Ltd is maintaining working relations with “UVES” Private Commercial and Building Company over 6 years. For this period the specialists of the company reconstructed grain elevator, transfer belts and carried out roof repairs. The jobs were carried out with good quality and within schedule dates. Our company recommends “UVES” Private Commercial and Building Company for execution of reconstructions, general overhauls and current repairs of premises as a company having high qualified and responsible staff, skilled construction workers, necessary equipment and mechanisms. A.N. Cherednichenko (signature) Director-General “Steppe Grain Elevator” Ltd _____________________________________________________________ “Steppe Grain Elevator” Ltd Tel: 380 (5631) 2-45-04 33 Poliova St., Bragynivka Village, Fax: 380 (5631) 2-24-31 Pertopavlivsky District, Dnipropetrovsk province EDRPOU 31831599 52705 Ukraine building company

8 INTERPIPE REFERENCE “UVES” PCBC and “INTERPIPE MANAGEMENT” Ltd. have joint business from 2004. For this period of time “UVES” PCBC showed itself as a well-established company with high qualified and skilled specialists in the sphere of industrial engineering, reconstruction and rendering consulting services. In 2004, 2005, 2006 “UVES” PCBC performed building and assembly jobs at “INTERPIPE MANAGEMENT” Ltd. enterprises. The jobs were carried out with good quality and within schedule dates. For all amount of jobs performed “UVES” PCBC provided 5 year guarantee. From 2007 “UVES” PCBC renders consulting services for “INTERPIPE MANAGEMENT” Ltd. in the following: metallurgical and electrical equipment repair; highways and railways arrangement and repair; communications and networks (pipelines and gas pipelines etc.) repair; building and assembly jobs. The consulting services package includes: checkup of defect tally sheet and design estimates; choice of potential subcontractor; participation in tender committee meetings; control of schedule dates and used materials quality; control of job executed by contracting agency and signing of executed job act; handing-over of the object to the customer. The specialists of “UVES” PCBC checkup design estimates within the shortest possible time. In the course of inspection of the object the company gives its comments and advices. The cooperation of “UVES” PCBC and “INTERPIPE MANAGEMENT” Ltd. permitted to reduce the expenses for construction, reconstruction and repair of “INTERPIPE MANAGEMENT” Ltd., to correct “DNEPROSTAL Metallurgical Works” Ltd. operation. “INTERPIPE MANAGEMENT” Ltd. recommends involving “UVES” PCBC for construction and rendering consulting services. A.N. Korotkov (signature) For Consulting Services Director Prepared by A.Yu. Matsuy (367-352) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “INTERPIPE MANAGEMENT” Limited Liability Company 1A Pisarzhevsky Street, Dnipropetrovsk, 49600, Ukraine Tel: +38 (0562) 333 793 Fax: +38 (0562) 389 582 E-mail: Account 2600830283701 in “Credit-Dnipro” Bank, Dnipropetrovsk, MFO 305749, EDRPOU 33517151 building company

9 “UTM-VOSTOK” LLC Dnipropetrovsk Department Mail address: 120/4 Kazatskaya St., Kiev 03680 Registered address: 86A Mayskaya St., Donetsk, 83030 EDRPOU: 32183379, Account No.: 2600632379701 in “PIVDENNYI” PC branch in Kiev MFO: 320917; Identification code: 321833705610; Tax payer certificate: 07172968 Tel/Fax: (044) 496-89-69 Ref. No. 03/17 of 14/12/2010 Mr. Yu.V. Yevglevskyi 2 Panikakha St., Dnipropetrovsk Tel/Fax: (056) 7449511 LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION The UTM-VOSTOK” LLC cooperates with the “UVES” Private Commercial and Building Company for last 6 years. For this period the “UVES” Company fulfilled reconstruction of gas station complexes, including repair and construction works, roofing overhaul, improvement and etc. All scope of works was carried out with good quality and within schedule dates. Our company has every reason to recommend the “UVES” Company for execution of reconstruction, overhaul and current repairs of premises. The “UVES” Company specialists are well-qualified and skilled, have all necessary construction machinery and equipment. Best regards, Yu.R. Misyurenko (signature) Main Expert on Service UTM-VOSTOK” LLC

10 building company MEDICAL ACADEMY DRUGSTORES Limited Liability Company Registered address: 4 Zhovtneva Sq., Dnipropetrovsk, 49027 Account No.:26000025391100 Office: 17 Suvorov St., Dnipropetrovsk, 49089 Bank: “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” Tel: 38(056) 3749925 MFO: 305653 Fax: 38(056) 3702495 OKPO: 300115521 E-mail: Ref. No. 334/a of 11/06/2010 LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION From 2009 to present time the “UVES” Private Commercial and Building Company is our contractor and fulfills capital repair and current maintenance at the premises of Medical Academy Drugstores chain in Dnipropetrovsk City and the town of Novomoscovsk. Technicians, engineers and workers of the “UVES” Company proved themselves to be high qualified and skilled specialists. That’s why the Company guarantees high quality of construction works. The specialists of the “UVES” Company performed their work even when drugstores have continued their usual operation. This fact made some troubles but the Company put all objects into service within time-frame. Our company has every reason to recommend the “UVES” Private Commercial and Building Company for construction and erection works fulfillment. S.N. Goncharov (signature) Director Official Seal of the Medical Academy Drugstores LLC

11 building company



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