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WHO IS MPL AND WHAT DO WE DO? Molecular Pharmacology Limited is bio-technology company that is in the analgesic (pain killing) and anti-inflammatory business.

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2 WHO IS MPL AND WHAT DO WE DO? Molecular Pharmacology Limited is bio-technology company that is in the analgesic (pain killing) and anti-inflammatory business. Our business is pain. We have discovered a completely new pharmaceutical compound that we believe can change the way the industry brings forward solutions to pain. Our fulltime efforts and resources are being spent to develop and bring to market this new product. Did You Know: Of all the types and brands of analgesics (pain killers) on the market, most contain the same key active ingredients as Aspirin, Tylenol and Ibuprofen and apart from these and a few lesser known drugs and narcotics there has basically been nothing new on the market in the last 100 years (narcotics excepted)? What’s Wrong With The Pain Killers We Have Now? It’s not for us to criticize current pain killers but it’s public information that virtually ALL current pain killers have potentially dangerous side effects that may include gastric distress, kidney problems and even heart complications

3 THE INDUSTRY BUILT TO ELIMINATE PAIN The analgesic/anti-inflammatory industry is a huge, $36.5 BILLION industry growing at 11% per year - and it has a problem. Current analgesics (pain killers) on the market are NOT fast, effective or completely free of side effects. Until now! MPL has discovered a completely new type of key active ingredient. BusinessWeek – Mar.1/99: “The 20th century has brought amazing breakthroughs in almost every area of medicine save the one that affects everyone – pain. In the last 100 years plus… there have been only two dismal options. Patients could take aspirin & aspirin-like drugs such as ibuprofen and Naproxen for mild to moderate pain or narcotics such as morphine and codeine for severe pain. And as we all know, the aspirin-like products cause gastric distress and narcotics are addictive. Science has been far behind the demand for a product that works and causes no harm.“ (Catherine Arnst of New York with Emily Licking of Philadelphia-Mar.1/99 BusinessWeek).

4 An Industry In Crisis … An Opportunity For Investors. In the pharmaceutical industry, the announcement of a new drug, especially a new kind of drug or ingredient for the treatment of multiple common health concerns, is a significant (and rare) event & would usually herald a great deal of attention from the major pharmaceuticals companies. Most drugstore products are manufactured by the 5 “Big Pharma” names we’ve come to recognize. But did you know these important facts? A whopping 80% of all new products introduced last year were licensed from small, specialist companies like MLPH. The big 5 companies bid competitively for every new drug discovery. Patents on $100 billion worth of proprietary drugs will be expiring over the next few years and there are very few new drugs available. This creates a BIG OPPORTUNITY for MPL with a completely new and highly effective pain killer that has nearly 20 years of safety testing behind them. “Completion for deals has driven up prices and has driven Big Pharma to invest in potential drugs at earlier stages IN the development process.” - Bernard Stan – Pharmaceutical Executive – Back to the Pharma Future Oct 2004

5 The World of Analgesics & the Problem with the Pain Business A $36.5 Billion industry but what is available that really gets rid of pain without causing brain numbing, potentially unhealthy side effects? Is there a solution to the problem in the pain industry? At MPL, we believe we have the solution. 3 Basic Types Of Pain Killers And Their Disadvantages: 1) Injectables: for severe and/or terminal pain. The disadvantages are obvious unless necessary 2) Oral pills: for less severe, chronic and incidental pain. pills numb the brain and reactions as much as the actual pain some pills cause gastric upset and stomach ulcers some pills, with long term use cause kidney problem some pills (coxibs) have been recently removed from the market because of the potential danger of heart complications 3) Topicals: rub-on for muscle strain. Topicals are currently not very effective.

6 MPL, LOOKED FOR A BETTER SOLUTION, and discovered a completely new key active ingredient that we believe will prove itself to be safer, faster & more effective than any of the current analgesic/anti-inflammatory (non-narcotic) drugs on the market. MPL’s SOLUTION is called Tripeptofen and it is a readily-manufactured solution that comes from a parent product that has been tested & proven safe & effective for 18 years! Tripeptofen is the first completely new type of analgesic (pain killer) – completely new key active ingredient in decades! Tripeptofen treats pain in a previously undiscovered way by targeting a different part of the pain and inflammation cascade. Tripeptofen goes to the heart of the problem, not to just the perception of the pain. See Our Products for more detailsOur Products

7 Tripeptofen’s Advantages: It is applied to the point of pain, not to the whole body. It’s fast (30-45 seconds) and effective (pain disappears). It’s safe - with no known side effects. And it comes from a parent product that has been extensively tested on humans for almost two decades. Regulatory Approvals process is in progress (see for details) Approvals are expected to be cut drastically time and cost. Because Tripeptofen can be used as the key active ingredient in dozens of new products, it has the potential to drive new opportunity in the $36.5 billion analgesia and anti-inflammatory industry. Tripeptofen is the right solution at the right time!

8 MPL’s Opportunity 90% of the population of the western world use analgesics (pain killers) with 75% of these being selected & purchased directly by the consumer (over-the-counter) without medical advice or direction. The international pain management industry generates sales in excess of $36.5 billion USD annually & is predicted by Research and Market to increase to $75 billion. Nearly $100 billion in drug patents will expire in the next few years & very limited new drugs are due to be released. This has resulted in intense competitive bidding between Pharmaceutical companies whenever a new active ingredient comes to market. Tripeptofen is a new, completely different key, active ingredient! “Let's face it: The first company that comes up with a drug for chronic pain will take off like a rocket.” - Dr. Max Mitchell, coordinator of pain research at the National Institutes of Health (BusinessWeek – Mar. 1/99)

9 Who is Molecular Pharmacology Limited (MPL)? Molecular Pharmacology (USA) Limited, “(MPL)” is a public, biotechnology company in the analgesic and anti-inflammatory business. We were established to license the use of a powerful new, analgesic to the major Pharmaceutical Companies, and our timing couldn't be better! Our focus is the development and marketing of Tripeptofen - the first significant new analgesic discovery in nearly 50 years. Corporate Particulars Incorporation Date & Place: May 1, 2002 in Nevada Corporate Offices: Molecular Pharmacology Limited, 8721 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 1023, Los Angeles, California 90069-4507, USA Trading Symbol: (Nasdaq OTCBB): MLPH CUSIP Number: 60852T 10 9 MPL has entered into an exclusive US distribution and supply agreement with Molecular Pharmacology Limited (MPL-Australia), the developer of Tripeptofen. Through this agreement MPL holds exclusive US sales, marketing and distribution rights for Tripeptofen, & the mandates of both companies will be Pursued under the corporate umbrella of MPL. As such, all references to or discussion of events or actions historical, current, or planned by either Molecular Pharmacology (USA) Limited or Molecular Pharmacology Limited-Australia will be referred to as activity or events undertaken by MPL.

10 What are MLP’s Objectives? MPL's primary objectives are to: Refine and prove-up the first new topical pain-killing compound in 50 years Gain American regulatory and marketing approval Gain Australian and European regulatory approval Manufacture the new drug as a generic ingredient Corporately, MPL will move rapidly to increase its intellectual property and commercial strengths. It's emergence as the owners of the of the first new painkiller with a completely different type of key active ingredient in many years is bound to create wide interest in the global pharmaceutical industry. Because over $100 billion dollars worth of patents are expiring in the next few years, and new, proven drugs are scarce, major pharmaceutical companies are in a bidding war when promising new drugs are available. See next page and Investor Information for more detail.Investor Information

11 Who’s Who at MPL? Directors JEFF EDWARDS, President, Treasurer, Secretary IAN DOWNS, Non-Executive Director The Corporate Team JEFF EDWARDS, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technical Officer DR. SAL ABDI, Chief Scientific Officer The Technical Operations Team JEFF EDWARDS, Technical Development DR. MAUD EIJKENBOOM, Compound Development The Medical Advisory Team DR. SAL ABDI, DR. MAUD EIJKENBOOM, DR. CHRIS QUIRK See our website: Our Company/The Team for more details.Our Company/The Team

12 Tripeptofen is NOT: Tripeptofen is not an updated aspirin derivative or a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) with a new label. It is not a pill to numb the entire system. It is not a pill at all! Tripeptofen is not a steroid or a narcotic. Tripeptofen: Is entirely new and previously undiscovered. Works in a different way from existing key ingredients, targeting a different part of the pain and inflammation cascade. Goes to the heart of the problem, not to the body’s perception of (the pain). (See Our Products for more information) Is a peptide complex that exhibits many of the powerful analgesic properties found in the strongest pain killers in nature. It is our hope and expectation that Tripeptofen will place itself as the best performing, fastest acting and safest of all the key active ingredients in over-the-counter analgesic medications in the coming few years.Our Products

13 Research Partners Curtin University of Technology is Western Australia's largest university. They are a world-class, internationally focused institution. The Western Australian Biomedical Research Institute (WABRI) brings Together the expertise of more than 70 scientists, many with well-established International reputations in the fields of biomedical sciences & pharmacology. Fisher Biotec is an innovative 100% Australian company founded in 1996 by A group of key molecular biologists. The staff of Fisher Biotec have international experience in both research and commercial development of products designed to solve research problems and help to diagnose health disorders. ORION is committed to the manufacture of a range of quality products, which are essential to everyday healthcare.

14 Summary The analgesic/anti-inflammatory industry is worth $36.5 BILLION USD each year. Research & Market expect the industry to become worth $75 BILLION by 2010! Tripeptofen’s parent product has been tested on humans for 18 years with a perfect safety and efficacy record. This doesn’t cut out the regulatory approvals steps but is expected to shorten them by about 80%! Tripeptofen is fast-acting (30-45 sec), effective & has no known side effects. Pharmaceutical companies, with $100 billion dollars of patents expiring, are eagerly & competitively seeking new key active ingredients to bring to market. For more detailed information please visit Thank you for viewing our Most products on the analgesic market use one of a small handful of key active ingredients. Each key active ingredient is worth millions/billions to it owners. There have been no new, significantly different key active ingredients for decades! UNTIL NOW!

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