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OUR COMPANIES Royal Group of companies Royal Interiors and Estates

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2 OUR COMPANIES Royal Group of companies Royal Interiors and Estates
Royal Associates Royal Web Net Universes (p) Ltd Royal Ads India (p) Ltd Royal Systems and Services (p) Ltd. YAZ Group of companies YAZ Homes YAZ Marketing

3 MISSION Our mission is to provide you the entire product required in life time by our own or marketed by us, with a stellar marketing and production experience that expands beyond your expectations, affordability and limitations. And also very much interested to enter into corporate agriculture .

4 Royal Interiors and Estates
In 1996 Royal Interior Decoration was started and done various ever green projects like Hyderabad Hytec City Ford & Hyundai Car Factory Oberoi & GRT Hotel etc… Also am the Permanent Contractor for L&T.

5 Cont…. Then Step up to Royal Estates
vision is to provide the opportunity to have the property in reasonable cost the various schemes to all customers. So our company promoted various projects .

6 Our Projects Chengelpet Panchayath 8000 9600000 1998-2004 120000000
Project Place Approval No.Of.Plots Sq.ft Year Project Value Chengelpet Panchayath 8000 Palavery 1000 Mosur DTCP 420 500000 Melmaruvathur 170 200000 Tindivanam Arakonam 300 360000 ongoing Mailam 15000

7 Royal web net universe private limited
It is started in 2001 which gives unique and innovative technological solution in the field of surveillance and traffic management It is implemented in state police department in Vellore , Tanjore , Tiruvannamalai etc…

8 Royal ADS India (p) Ltd. Also we started the ADS company where advertisements are made in poles of various places like shopping malls , toll gates , Highways etc .

9 ROYAL ASSOCIATES It is started in 2002 to help people who are looking forward to buy property and also it coordinates various franchises , channel partners and Associates and network marketing peoples for marketing

10 Royal Systems & Services Private Limited
In 2008 Royal Systems Private Limited was started which does marketing and service for G7 laptops and Mobile phones.

11 YAZ GROUP OF COMPANIES Then we step on to the next stage for marketing and Promoting Flats,villas,Appartments etc. So we started YAZ Homes YAZ Marketing

Undergoes the marketing for various projects like Inno Geo City, The Village,PalmCoast,Vivandi etc . YAZ HOMES It Provides the housing facilities Flats,villas,Appartments and Old age Homes (Pension Paradise) etc.

13 Cont… It has taken hard work , time , energy and lot of scarifies to reach this stage Now our business afford to start up again with new project, So inverts in Right place to Grow Fast

14 INVERSTMENT Investment that will give more than Profit.
Our Investment plan has been designed to give you the more that you always wanted.

15 INVESTMENT CYCLE Given Back Invest In Generates Gives you Returns
Investors Business Security Returns Given Back Invest In Generates Gives you

16 Our Investment Plan Our investment plan assures you to provides yearly 15% for your invested amount with in three years you get nearly 50% the amount as return along with principle amount.

17 AUTHENTICATION We authenticate your money by providing agreement for the land which values your money and after returning your principle amount with returns we close this agreement

18 DIRECT COMMUNICATION Reach us: Mob The benefit of direct communication is that either you clarify or you get clarified Reach us: Mob No:

19 Queries


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