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Our Business Design & Manufacturer Microprocessor HVAC/R controls

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1 Company Profile

2 Our Business Design & Manufacturer Microprocessor HVAC/R controls
Combined controls experience of over 100 years Over 50K controllers shipped USA Distributor of Hanbell Screw Compressors

3 MCS North American OEMs and Contractors

4 MCS International OEMs and Contractors

5 Important Events in MCS History
Developed MCS-RO8 & MCS-SI16 Developed MCS-Magnum Controller Developed MCS-Digital Scroll Developed LabView Automated PCB Testing MCS Founded TVA Sequoyah 6 MCS-8’s Nuclear Introduced MCS-Touch Screen 1994 1995 1998 2002 2003 2004 2007 2008 2010 2011 2012 ADM Vitamin E 7 Chillers 100Tons each Support BACnet, Modbus, Lontalk & N2 Developed MCS-Connect Developed MicroMag Package Unit Controller Hanbell North American Distributor CFE Laguna Verde 1st Magnum Nuclear Facility

6 United States OEM Customer

7 United States OEM Customer

8 United States OEM Customer

9 United States OEM Customer

10 United States OEM Customers

11 United States OEM Customers

12 OEM Customer Malaysia

13 OEM Customer India

14 OEM Customer Jordan

15 OEM Customer United Arab Emirates

16 OEM Customer Saudi Arabia

17 OEM Customer Turkey

18 Upgrade

19 Upgrade

20 Upgrade

21 Upgrade

22 MCS PCB Development

23 MCS Manufacturing Prep & Stuffing of PCB Boards
Cleanup & Final Inspection Fully Automated Testing with stored data readings

24 MCS Manufacturing Product Test and Reconditioning
Control Cabinet Assembly Stock & Shipping

25 MCS Training On-site Training Facility Off-site Training available
Hanbell Screw Compressor with MCS Controls Available for Shows

26 Tech Support Phone Software Remote Connection

27 MCS Product Development
Chiller with 2 Hanbell with VFD Drives Temperature Chamber Lab setup for testing

28 MCS Reliability High Temperature Chamber Tested
Humidity, Cycle & Noise Tested EMC/EMI Approved Seismic Tested Software Validated

29 Website: Manuals, Application
MCS Support Website: Manuals, Application Notes, Videos & more On-Site Startup Classroom Training Tech Support

30 MCS Hanbell Screw Compressors
North American Distributors Tear Down Analysis Stock East & West Coast

31 MCS Hanbell Screw Compressor Stock
Two stocking locations Over 125 compressors in stock Over 75 compressor stators in stock Spare parts stocked at both locations

32 Hanbell Tear Down Analysis
A-frame lift Rotating compressor table Complete set of specialized tools

33 Office & Manufacturing
30,000 ft2 Two Story Office & Manufacturing Facility 10,000 ft2 Additional Space

34 Controls for the 21st Century

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