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“Your Complete Real Estate Solution”

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1 “Your Complete Real Estate Solution”
DEB REALTORS PVT. TD “Your Complete Real Estate Solution”

2 About Us DEB REALTORS is one of the largest and reputed real estate companies in New Delhi India. Its success story stems from a deep understanding of both- the rapidly evolving real estate market and the requirements of our customers. The group is passionately pursuing excellence with technological brilliance, to change the Indian landscape, with sophisticated, innovative and target oriented concept. DEB REALTORS core business traditionally has been development of residential, commercial and retail properties. The company has a unique business model with earnings arising from real estate development and leasing. 

3 VISION & MISSION Our Vision – To deliver a high quality Residential and Commercial projects that correlate with Global Developers Establishing New Benchmarks for the industry by excelling the existing standards Implement a best business practice that meets all our customer expectations. We believe in exceeding customer expectation Contribute delivering to build the new India and become the world’s most valuable reputed real estate company. Our Mission – To develop a world class real estate concept across the entire nation and to become the world’s most valuable and reputed real estate company. DEB REALTORS is committed to the respectful, thoughtful development of living areas. Our development provides privacy, space, amenities, and the natural beauty of land. The company is experienced, stable, dependable, reliable with outstanding customer service in the forefront of our building process. 1. Extensive company experience in all phases of development process. 2. All phases of development are handled in-house reducing overhead costs 3. Long term positive relationships with select sub-contractors that insure quality that meets deadlines.

4 CMD’S Message DEB REALTORS seeks to shape in better tomorrow by providing improved quality of life and living standards for the masses. DEB REALTORS is also highly committed in discharging its social obligations by complying with specific norms of legal, environmental and ethical practices which transforms the quality of life of society at large. We believe in making a big difference in every individual’s life and holding the society benchmark so that we can succeed in our motive which is “Your Complete Real Estate Solution”. Mr. Sushanta Kumar Deb and Mr. Samir Kumar Deb born in Cooch Behar, West Bengal, has together built this organization to provide society with a Complete Real Estate solution!

5 Management Mr. Sushanta Kumar Deb – CMD A visionary person with a keen sense of guidance & direction. Mr. Sushanta Kumar Deb founded DEB REALTORS Pvt. Ltd and accelerates the company to a position of strength. He had successfully completed a large number of commercial and residential projects during this time frame and gained extensive experience in the process. He had successfully completed a large number of commercial and residential projects during this time frame and gained extensive experience in the process. Mr. Samir Kumar Deb – Director He has infused global standards and practices in all domains of DEB REALTORS working. Mr. Shubhankar Guha – Business Development Manager Shubhankar a Business graduate holds a Management degree from the University of Cambridge in the UK. He brings with him the newer and innovative thinking for company’s growth and functioning. He has infused global standards and practices in all domains of DEB REALTORS. A person with full of energy, dedication, passion to win and compete with our competitors makes him versatile. He follows the best standard practices for the organization. Shubhankar’s expertise and dedication have helped in adding a long-term value to the investment portfolio and created a niche for DEB REALTORS in the real estate industry.

6 Business Focus COMMERCIAL – The rapid growth of India’s economy has witnessed a high boom in the real estate development and the key industry players are now contending for top projects at prime investment location. At DEB REALTORS, we make sure that your business finds the best corporate suite – equipped with all modern amenities to suit your customized requirements. DEB REALTORS is a premier commercial construction company building a reputation of quality; craftsmanship and expertise look over projects. Whether your next construction project is a remodel, tenant improvement, renovation or new construction, we have the knowledge and resources to meet your needs. DEB REALTORS utilizes state of the art technology to maximize project management efficiency for every project.

7 Business Strategy DEB REALTORS, will focus on Delhi and surrounding areas. Our target customer will be, and our concentration will focus on the representation of home sellers, homebuyers and relocation clientele. To be the success we are striving to become this corporation realizes tremendous concentration on its in-house licensed agents. This firm has a unique marketing plan in place for agents to utilize. The company is assisting all its co-workers, employees in goal setting/ planning and in marketing strategies. We provide an outstanding value for our clients and has succeeded marketing programs in place. Sales Strategy Sales in our business is gaining property listing that works best for the client. We locate and match homes to buyers according to the buyer. We also assist in relocating clients to their new destinations/and assist clients in relocating to our area in their home search. We offer an excellent referral service anywhere in India. We search for lease properties for individual purchasing. We provide our selling agents with an excellent guidance. Each potential seller listing or buyer representation is treated as an individual mission. Each client and their proposed property is analyzed to ensure our marketing program supplied fits their particular property and promotes it in the best possible way.

8 Marketing Strategy Step – 1 Executive Summary of the Firm
DEB REALTORS is one of the most reputed, leading real estate service provider in Delhi and in NCR region. Its success story has a deep understanding of both – the rapidly evolving real estate market and the requirements of our customers. Step -2 Management Structure Mr. Sushanta Kumar Deb – Chairman He is responsible for the entire operations of the firm. Technically he is the leader of the organization. His duties include maintaining strong communication with the business manager, formulating the business strategy. Representing the management and the board to the general public, and maintaining a corporate integrity. Mr. Samir Kumar Deb – Board of Director He is responsible for approving budgets , implementing and monitoring business strategy, and approving core corporate initiatives and projects. Mr. Shubhankar Guha – Manager (Business Development) Responsible for the firm’s operations, he looks into the overall operation of the company. Analyses and thus perform the issues related to marketing, sales, production and personnel. DEB REALTORS is focusing on the largest groups of families . DEB REALTORS Value added services and outstanding customer service is the strong marketing point. The company has our comprehensive services through the local real estate magazine. We have huge success with marketing on the Internet. This is the most successful marketing program to date, attracting numerous out of state buyers.

9 Operations DEB REALTORS is an experienced construction and Real Estate firm in Delhi. It’s a full service firm that owns house equipments, and offers “in-house” groundbreaking, infrastructure, concrete, framing & construction services. The company has a dedicated and experienced foreman, a valuable management, and an excellent reputation in the community.

10 Competition DEB REALTORS is unlike any other construction or development firm in the area. We are able to control costs and production delays keeping the majority of our work in-house. We own heavy equipment, do all our construction, and have dependable contractors. In short we are only company that can develop a property completely. From original groundbreaking of undeveloped properties to the sales of completed residential housing, We maintain complete control.

11 Contact Us Corporate Office: M-44 L.G.F. G.K.-II New Delhi 110048.
Phone: , Registered Office: B-251, Ground Floor, Cr Park, New Delhi

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