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Naturally the Best About IREKS Quality Product Range Service © Copyright IREKS GmbH 2006. All rights reserved.

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1 Naturally the Best About IREKS Quality Product Range Service © Copyright IREKS GmbH 2006. All rights reserved.

2 Milestones in the company history 1856: Company founded by master baker and brewer Johann Peter Ruckdeschel in Kulmbach. The name of the IREKS company – still family-owned today – stands for Johann Ruckdeschel et Söhne, Kulmbach. 1900: Development of the world’s first malt-based, diastatic bread improver in flour form: MILLIOSE. 1930: Manufacture of the first modern dough acidifying agent: IREKS-FERTIGSAUER. 1970s until today: Continual development of the international improver and mixes business. About IREKS

3 Facts and figures IREKS is a leading international manufacturer of improvers and mixes and a highly-demanded service provider for bakers and brewers. Main areas of business: Improvers and mixes, confectionery baked goods products, brewing malt, products for the manufacture of soft ice-cream, the agricultural trade. Bakeries in more than 70 countries work with IREKS quality products. In the IREKS Group, there are more than 1,800 employees. The Group turnover is around EUR 300 million. About IREKS

4 Slovakia: IREKS ENZYMA s.r.o. Poland: IREKS PROKOPOWICZ Sp. z o.o. Czech Rep.: IREKS ENZYMA s.r.o. Russia: OOO IREKS Turkey: İREKS GIDA SANAYİ A.Ş. Austria: STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik GesmbH France: IREKS-FRANCE S.A.R.L. Hungary: STAMAG-IREKS Kft. Denmark: IREKS BAGE CENTER SKANDINAVIEN Netherlands: IREKS BAKCENTRUM BENELUX Spain: IREKS IBERICA, S.A. Italy: IREKS ITALIANA S.p.A. Serbia: IREKS d.o.o. Croatia: IREKS AROMA d.o.o. Brazil: IREKS DO BRASIL S.A. Subsidiaries and baking centres About IREKS Distribution Baking and Service Centre Production

5 Export countries About IREKS Asia China Georgia Hong Kong Indonesia Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Malaysia Maldives Philippines Russia Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Europe all countries Oceania Australia Africa Egypt Morocco South Africa Tunisia Americas Brazil Chile Canada USA

6 Our variety for your success Improvers for bread and morning goods Product Range Confectionery products for a versatile choice of baked goods Mixes for international bread and morning goods specialities Sourdoughs from our own production Malt extracts in liquid and powder form Functional Food products with an extra purpose conducive to health Catering products for hotels, restaurants and catering companies Organic products in certified quality Snack ideas and products for the baker Kosher products made according to strict guidelines Products for special nutrition requirements, e.g. coeliac disease or diabetes

7 IREKS invests in quality IREKS produces quality. This principle of the company philosophy is strictly applied by IREKS in the new production plant for improvers and mixes in Kulmbach. The raw materials are dosaged direct in batch containers, where they are mixed and stored. Everything which comes into contact with the products can be broken down into modules and cleaned. All the raw material deliveries and the production batches are recorded and can be retraced at all times. Product reliability and hygiene on the level of pharma production – IREKS has made provision for the future in this way. Quality

8 Product quality begins with raw materials The quality and safety of the raw materials are fundamental aims of our customer-oriented product policy. One of the ways of achieving these aims is by systematic, quality control. This is particularly apparent in our ultra trace analysis laboratory: The raw materials are checked for minute levels of heavy metal and pesticides – down to 1 gram of toxic substance in 1 million tons of raw material. This enables us to select raw materials even more carefully and use natural products of the highest level of purity. Quality

9 ISO 9001, IFS and HACCP We have been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1995 and to the IFS (International Food Standard) since 2004. Therefore, the complete process from product development to processing and finally to the distribution of our products is subject to the quality management system. In 1996, our HACCP-concept for the production of improvers and mixes came into effect. The “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” method is comprised of all the measures for a systematic and risk-conscious quality control during all stages of production. With this as a basis, we constantly work to improve and develop further the quality standards in the interest of our customers. Quality

10 A strong field service Our international field service staff is comprised of highly competent expert master bakers and confectioners who know the bakery trade inside out. They are the ideal partners to contact should tailor-made solutions, technical support and new product ideas be required, –not only on the phone, but also on the spot, –not only now and again, but continuously, with several hundred members of staff in many countries. The IREKS field service team is constantly trained at our own baking centres, in order to keep abreast of the latest developments of the trade. Service

11 First-class service In the IREKS Baking Centres in many countries, we offer practical seminars, held by our own experts. Our recipe development provides new ideas for an attractive and profitable product range – typical of a country or with an international flair. With professional advertizing support and advertizing campaigns we contribute to successful sales of baked goods for our customers. Our own specialist literature, e.g. “IREKS: The World of Baking”, the “IREKS-ABC” or the “Bäckereitechnisches Handbuch”, can readily be passed on to our customers. A comprehensive service supports our customers in all questions relating to the bakery. Service

12 Naturally the Best © Copyright IREKS GmbH 2006. All rights reserved.

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