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Wholesome Goodness On The Go!

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1 Wholesome Goodness On The Go!
World's Fastest Growing Corn & Snack Franchiser

2 From that idea, it became one man's vision and mission:
The idea of Nelson's began from a single corn kernel. From that idea, it became one man's vision and mission: To be the country's leading corn franchiser. To contribute to the rising breed of entrepreneurs by providing an affordable business opportunity.

3 Company History In 1985, our founder Nelson Kwok Teng Toong started with two outlets in PKNS Shah Alam and Jaya Shopping Complex. He convinced the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development that with the franchising his outlets; a Malaysian franchise with greater potential for success would be established. KTT Product Corporation Sdn Bhd was founded and has now grown to become Nelson's Franchise (M) Sdn. Bhd., a thriving franchise network with hundreds of outlets around the world in locations such as Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Brunei.

4 Nelson’s is the first company in the world to introduce ‘Corn In Cup’ to the mass market and now has more than 500 franchise outlets worldwide. This concept is incorporated into its tagline: ‘Wholesome Goodness On The Go!’ which means: ● To educate and to provide consumers with a healthy, nutritious and hassle-free alternative to eating corn. ● To develop a new trend as well as to promote healthy eating habits among snack lovers.

5 Company Achievements Nelson’s has also received the support and recognition of Malaysian leaders, former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and current Prime Minister Dato Seri' Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for the outstanding achievement of being one of Malaysia’s most successful home grown franchises. Awards The Most Promising Franchisor The Most Outstanding Home Grown Franchise The Most Outstanding Franchisor Outstanding Franchisee Awards

6 Contract Farming Processing Franchiser Retailer

7 C = O = R = N = Creating a Lifestyle Outstanding Products
Based on Nelson's vision and mission statement, the word CORN can be attributed as: C = O = R = N = Creating a Lifestyle Outstanding Products Return of Investment National Success

8 Process Chart Production Marketing Farming Consumer Delivery Retail

9 Research & Development
The corn kernels of Nelson’s ‘Corn In Cup’ are derived from a new generation of hybrid corn called ‘Nelson’s 28’. Based on three years of extensive research and development, Nelson’s 28 is not only more nutritious and delicious but also higher in quality compared to other corn species.

10 Farming Nelson’s 28 is grown by contract farmers on more than 1000 acres of land in the states of Perak and Sabah. The corn is harvested between 60 to 65 days to ensure high quality, price stability as well as consistency in supply.

11 Farming

12 Production & Processing
Nelson’s 28 is then transported to our processing plants located in Ipoh and Kota Kinabalu.

13 Production & Processing
At the plants, the cleaning, blanching and freezing using advanced machinery and equipment of Nelson’s 28 is carried out according to strict GMP and HACCP standards.

14 Delivery The products from the processing plants are transported by refrigerated trucks throughout Malaysia and shipped to international franchise holders.

15 Marketing The popularity of Nelson's within Malaysia has attracted many foreign investors who see the franchise as a sound investment to bring to countries such as Turkey,China,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jakarta, Brunei and many more.

16 Marketing Nelson's outlets are strategically placed throughout high traffic areas, attracting a variety of consumers who love Nelson's snack food products.

17 Marketing

18 Consumers After 20 years, consumers recognize Nelson's as a unique Malaysian franchise brand with superior products such as ‘Corn In Cup’ and many other choices.

19 Retail Concept Corn Cart Tricycle Corn Kiosk 1 Corn Kiosk 2

20 Nelson’s Corn In Cup • Flagship product of Nelson’s and proudly the World’s first of its kind in the market, a favourite with consumers of all ages. • Whole Kernel and Non Cut corn rich in vitamins and full of nutrients and fibre. • Grown with Company’s hybrid seed Nelson’s 28, processed by Company’s own plant to ensure quality and reliability in supply. • An 8 oz corn cup contains 150 mg of Vitamin C with zero cholesterol.

21 Nelson’s Snacks Waffle Cake Sesame Wonder Dorayaki Enjoy great taste and healthier choices of snacks with Nelson’s!

22 Nelson’s Ice-Blended Drinks
Refresh yourself with Nelson’s cool, ice-blended drinks, which come in a variety of great flavours!

23 Nelson’s Ice Cream Nelson's ice cream comes with a range of tasty flavours and choices. Choose from Pick n’ mix, Waffle cones, Softy curls, Ice-cream potong, and many more!

24 Nelson's Worldwide Expansion Plan
Targeting New Outlets! Turkey Nelson's Opening Soon: China Sweden Iran Egypt Singapore And many more! Be part of the worldwide Nelson's franchise network. The franchise network is expected to grow over 30% and expand worldwide!

25 Thank you!
Wholesome Goodness On The Go! Thank you! 7, Jalan Penyelenggara U1/77, Batu 3 Industrial Park, Shah Alam, 40150, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia Tel: Fax :

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