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Rak company For Creating electrical main and control switch boards.

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1 Rak company For Creating electrical main and control switch boards

2 Rak company is a corporation Iraqi base was established in the year (2005) as a company specializing in commercial electricity. And in (2006) was established the first factory for manufacturing and design of electrical main switch Board and Tray cable and keeps the establishment of factories. And other commercial areas and the establishment of attempts High tension & low tension and all relevant areas of electricity About the company

3 Company Products Measurements on demand and Design Indoor & outdoor with free size and shape

4 Measurements on demand and Design

5 Electrical design of switch boards

6 Rak company looks to be one of the leading companies in the sector in the world in terms of profitability, innovation and reputation and distinctive services in the field of electricity. The company aims to participate actively in economic development in Iraq in general and in the Kurdistan region in particular and by way of investment activity and all insurance requirements and service delivery in line with the National Development Plan. The company aims to contribute to the training of cadres in coordination and cooperation with the relevant agencies inside and outside Iraq. One of the objectives of the company to improve the quality and the quality of electrical supplies in Kurdistan and IRAQ. Carl aimed manpower to operate in Kurdistan, Iraq and contribute to improving the country's economy and per capita income. Objectives of the company

7 Possibility of the company : Rak company can obliterate the government and companies working in the field of electricity everything they need Board in its different forms in various electrical measurements. In addition to control cables and wires and cables wind of all kinds. As well as the processes involved converters (High tension & Low tension). Also, links and end the tension and the low average. It could also Lightings doors and columns of electrical towers with huge electric. Corporate Profile: Processing of many companies working in the field of electricity in the Kurdistan region and penetration types, according to international standards. Establish and install lighting (Solar light) of the (Hawari Shar Projects) in Sulaymaniyah. Establishment and installation of electrical work (Installation Lighting & fixation cable ) for the bridge project Sulaimaniyah (d. Khasraw Khall). And more of electrical projects. Possibility and the activity of the Rak company

8 Director o f Administration Factory managing director Director High Contact us Hiwa Ezaddin Abdullah +964 0770 152 8100 Shakhawan Khalid Ezaddin +964 0770 147 4800 Yad Hiwa Ezaddin +964 0770 156 4055 Sardar Salih Hassan +964 0770 222 2557 Omed Ezaddin Abdullah +964 0770 152 1462 Representative of the company's business Accountant E mail : info@

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