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A.To build an ICT System encompassing all the major players in the sugar industry. B. To establish a reputation as an outstanding ICT Systems Developer.

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2 A.To build an ICT System encompassing all the major players in the sugar industry. B. To establish a reputation as an outstanding ICT Systems Developer. C. To develop affordable ICT Systems for a majority of businesses in Bacolod City. D. To establish a strong Web presence by providing extensive web services at affordable costs. E. To pursue innovation and push the envelope of computer technology in the island of Negros.

3 A.15% of all local sugar planters adopt SUGAR4 by December 2006. B. 20% of all sugar associations adopt an Automated Production Report Distribution System by December 2006. C. 1-2 local sugar mills adopt a developed ICT Systems by December 2006. D. 5-10 new ICT Systems for businesses outside the sugar industry every year until December 2006. E. 95% integration success for Developed Systems by December 2005 F. 7-10 new domains registered, hosted or designed every year until December 2006. G.35% increase in number of website visitors every year until December 2006. H. 35% of employees receive an IT industry certificate in their field of expertise by December 2006.

4 Management Style Home Resources is a Team-Based Organization that focuses on a team effort rather than the individual in the hierarchical organization. The organizational structure is circular similar to the Armstrong Model. Starting out as a family company but and growing over the years to include non-family members, Home Resources continues to foster loyalty and trust by treating all associates as members of the family. The primary objective of a Team-Based Organization is to: Dramatically improve the effectiveness and competitive strength of the organization. Incorporate a total organizational approach to improving quality, productivity, profits, employee and customer satisfaction. An employees can be a member of several teams. All teams cooperate to complete multiple project tasks simultaneously.

5 Strategy 1.Design ICT Solutions for the cost-accounting and operational needs of the customer. 2.Provide complete help documentation making ICT System more user-friendly. 3.Maintain 95% uptime in all corporate networks and databases. 4.Provide a free help desk that is open 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. 5.Deploy technologies that are forward-thinking, easily upgradeable and take advantage of new technologies. 6.Deploy technologies that are secure, difficult to hack into and easily auditable. 7.Develop high-quality ICT Systems that are affordable to most businesses. 8.Provide free minor upgrades to all ICT Systems. 9.Customer support is continued at the end of the Service Contract on an on-call basis. 10.Advertising is done through “word of mouth”. Many ICT companies falsely advertise their services through public media without giving the customer what he really needs. This is not the way Home Resources does business.

6 1.Market ICT systems to sugar mills and relevant government agencies. 2.Assist in the technology transfer of sugar industry entities. 3.Hold product launchings for SUGAR4 modules that take advantage of new technologies. 4.Market the capability of SUGAR4 to calculate ROI for every field in a farm and every farm in a company. 5.All teams associated with SUGAR4 receive training to teach and troubleshoot the software. 6.All employees associated with SUGAR4 are given training in Sugar Farming Practices through the SRA Outreach Program for the Sugar Industry (OPSI). 7.Provide free minor upgrades and discounted major version upgrades for all ICT systems. 8.Software versions exist each for sugar planter, sugar association and sugar mill. All versions coexist with each other but can function independently. SUGAR4 Strategy SUGAR4 is the ICT System developed by Home Resources specifically for the sugar industry.

7 Skills 1.Develop complete ICT Systems by combining the specialized skills of all Teams to fulfill the needs of the customer. 2.Develop program modules that function independently but allow data to travel throughout the Software System. 3.Create user interface and program code based on Microsoft Office. MS Office is the most common computer application worldwide as of August 2004. 4.Design ICT Solutions for the cost-accounting and operational needs of the customer. 5.Managerial reports for all aspects of the ICT System are provided. 6.Research and develop low-cost alternatives to expensive proprietary software. 7.Ensure encrypted enterprise-wide security. 8.Prompt action to service calls; telephone, web or physical presence if required.

8 Structure 1.Teams are divided by scope of work into Networking, Systems Development, DTP, Tech Support, Marketing and Management. All teams interact with one another. 2.Link up with other companies in the IT industry that also provide quality services or supplies. 3.Develop ICT solutions that conform to industry standards (IEEE, ISO, TIA/EIA., UL). 4.Home Resources associates gather for corporate lunches to discuss important matters and keep the communication open between Teams. 5.Schedules, time-manpower complement and other deployment considerations are planned through the Microsoft Project software. This information is provided to all project team members.

9 Structure The structural growth of the organizational chart is patterned after that of the Catholic Church youth cells. Starting with the Core Group, Home Resources expands its organization to accommodate large projects. Each Core Team forms smaller Specialized Teams for a particular field. Similar to the Core Group, Specialized Teams communicate and work together with other Teams to complete a project. Also just like in the Core Group, a person may belong to more than one Specialized Team. Core Group members are considered the managers of Specialized Teams.

10 Staff 1.To promote morale, everyone from white-collar to management is paid equally. However, salary bonuses are given based on project involvement. This encourages people to work more efficiently hand-in-hand with management. 2.Penalties for absences and under-time are waived as long as Team responsibilities are accomplished satisfactorily. 3.Certification in specialized IT courses are encouraged and funded by management. 4.Associates are given stock options in lieu of increased salaries. The greater the net income, the more they will receive. 5.Employees are given a free hand in researching and developing new technologies. 6.DSL-speed Internet access is given to everyone in the company outside office hours. 7.Employees are given allowances for traveling outside of Bacolod City.

11 Shared Values Above and beyond corporate objectives, Home Resources has the mission to: 1.Develop and implement ICT solutions for Negros based businesses, especially the sugar industry, that will increase efficiency, inter-organizational coordination and scope of operations with the purpose of becoming competitive in the local and global market. 2.Increase awareness of the capabilities of computers to dramatically improve the record-keeping capabilities of companies. 3.Foster acceptance of computers as the primary medium of information interchange.

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