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Company Overview. Electricity Deregulation The objective of deregulation is to offer energy customers greater choice, both among suppliers and services.

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1 Company Overview

2 Electricity Deregulation The objective of deregulation is to offer energy customers greater choice, both among suppliers and services. Ideally that will result in increased market efficiency and dollar savings to the consumer. -U.S. Department of Energy The reality is that savings do not come by default, YOU MUST CHOOSE!

3 Deregulation is an opportunity to shop for the best energy product and rates! America Approved Energy Services (AMA) was established to give commercial, industrial and governmental entities in energy de-regulated states access to a variety of energy providers that cater to their specific needs. Our competitive portfolio of energy products offer both fixed (short and long term) and indexed or variable rate pricing. Every business has cost savings initiatives and can benefit by controlling their energy costs. AMERICA APPROVED ENERGY SERVICES

4 ENERGY BROKERAGE & CONSULTING America Approved Energy services (AMA) is a Licensed, Insured, and Bonded National Energy Consulting Firm conducting business in 14 states with over 42 utilities companies. AMA has channel partnerships with twenty-eight Retail Energy Provider (REP’s) throughout the country. AMA Contracted over 1,000,000,000 kWh last year alone. Potential customers are subject to projected annual increases ranging from 4% - 16% depending on the state and utility market. All inclusive rates provided through AMA suppliers are not subjected to annual increases for the term of the agreement. We take pride in providing our customers with price protection, stability, and true budget certainty they deserve.

5 Energy Opportunity Energy is the last major industry to deregulate - This creates opportunity’s for those who act Energy is a hot topic in today’s business environment, saving $$$ is on everyone’s mind Energy is an essential service Deregulation is open in 14 states today and pending in the balance - A growing opportunity for all of us Energy is recession proof This a real opportunity for you to transition into an expanding industry!

6 Where We Operate Deregulated States Connecticut Delaware Illinois Maine Maryland Massachusetts New Hampshire New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island Texas Washington D.C. Electricity Restructuring by State

7 WHO WE SERVE We serve businesses in all industries, both large and small. Below is a small sample of our AMA Energy clients: PDQ, Inc. Abbott Plastics AMC Theaters Callaway Golf Operations American Airlines Block Buster Video Chicago J & B Petroleum National Tube Supply Southern Methodist University Wauconda Tool and Engineering World Gym Gold’s Gym Magic Theater (owned by Magic Johnson) Gooding Rubber Co Day’s Inn Municipality of Monroeville McDonald’s Corporation Four Seasons Hotels Conectiv Thermal Tool King Co. Borough of Cliffside Park Borough of Mountain Lakes Vermilion County Woodcrest Dairy Turtle Wax, Inc Lee Lumber Co

8 KEYS TO OUR SUCCESS Typical estimated savings range from 10%-35% off annual rates There’s no obligation, Risk Free, no cost to have AMA analyze, and review your customer’s profile for the benefit of the customer making an intelligent decision. No switching fees, no interruption of service, just lower costs! So, where is the Risk? When it’s the same energy, same utility company, the same poles and wires. You’re right, there isn’t any RISK!

9 What WE do for the CONSUMER! We help the customer save off peak rates over the term, providing price protection We analyze the customers use profile to secure the best rate We pre-screen suppliers to protect customers from costly mistakes We help customers avoid rate shock surprises - Just because the supplier is in your market doesn’t mean they are competitive -We represent numerous Energy Providers in your area allowing us to work for you, while making the providers work for your business!

10 Three Simple Steps to Saving No Cost, No Obligation Analysis 1.We Gather Information Provide us with a copy of the 3 most recent consecutive bills – three utility bills per location Letter of Authorization – (LOA) enables the suppliers to gather the historical usage information to crunch the numbers on your account 2.We Analyze Your Energy Profile We present your customer with options and offer our recommendations 3.To Start Saving Money The customer makes the intelligent decision The customer selects the term The customer signs the agreement


12 Worry Free Switching No switching fees No interruption of service Same poles, wires and power quality from your local utility Client will notice a new supplier on the same utility bill and the new contracted rate in approximately 45 days Customer pays the bill as normal Free Agents follow up with customer within 60 days of beginning new service to make sure the bill is correct and to ensure they have started their savings

13 What we do: America Approved Energy Services help purchase electricity at below peak rates with a simple, objective and proven strategy that eliminates uncertainty and ensures consistent, smart decision making in much less time. Why Us: We work for the customer, making the suppliers work for us Many years of energy experience Proven track record for saving clients money Our Services: Short and long-term agreements Fixed all inclusive rate plans Electricity, natural gas, products and Green initiatives We work with Business Customers to help them make informed energy purchasing decisions! Energy Consultants

14 Team Leader Program Electricity is purchased by everyone and you will be absolutely amazed by the simplicity of our Team Leader Program! You will be enrolled in the America Approved Team Leader Program Assigned an America Approved Energy Team Leader to guide you through the program Your AMA Team Leader will mentor and show you the ropes of the Energy Business Your AMA Team Leader provides 3 rd Party Validation to help close your potential customers You can absolutely Earn as you Learn! Start building your residual income within Two Weeks! Get Started Today!

15 ZamZuu Energy Success Story! Congratulations to Level 1 Director Ken Lewis for closing the 1 st ZamZuu Energy Commercial Deal of all time! This was an 8 location deal in the State of Illinois The estimated savings are approximately $44,000 over 36 months, that’s $14,500 per year! The estimated residual income to Ken is approximately $2,500 over the 36 month term equaling $70.00 per month, WOW! WAY TO GO KEN! Let’s do it 10 more times!

16 ZamZuu CUSTOMER profile rate request form To Be Completed by the Consultant (Not the Customer) Please Type

17 If you want in “NOW” email us at: “I WANT IN ON ENERGY NOW” Getting Started !!

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