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Per J. Nylund Fortum Heat SBD Fortum – Power and heat company in the Nordic countries, Russia, Poland and the Baltics.

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1 Per J. Nylund Fortum Heat SBD Fortum – Power and heat company in the Nordic countries, Russia, Poland and the Baltics

2 More than 130,000 shareholders Power and heat company in the Nordic countries, Russia, Poland and the Baltics Listed at the Helsinki Stock Exchange since 1998 Among the most traded shares on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange Market cap ~13 billion euros 2 31 August 2013 Foreign investors 25.7% Finnish State 50.8% Other Finnish investors 9.9% Households 11.0% Financial and insurance institutions 2.6%

3 Our geographical presence today 3 TGC-1 (~25%) Power generation ~7 TWh Heat sales ~8 TWh OAO Fortum Power generation 19.2 TWh Heat sales 26.4 TWh Russia Poland Power generation 0.8 TWh Heat sales 4.3 TWh Baltic countries Power generation 0.4 TWh Heat sales 0.9 TWh Nordic countries Power generation 51.6 TWh Heat sales 14.5 TWh Distribution customers 1.6 million Electricity customers 1.2 million Nr 3 Power generation Electricity sales Nr 2 Nr 1 Heat Distribution Nr 1 Key figures 2012 Sales EUR 6.2 bn Operating profit EUR 1.9 bn Balance sheet EUR 25 bn Personnel 10,400 Great Britain Power generation 1.1 TWh Heat sales 1.8 TWh

4 4 Fortum mid-sized European power generation player; major producer in global heat * incl. Bashkirenergo, ** incl. RAO ES East, *** incl. TGC-5, TGC-6, TGC-7, TGC-9, **** incl. TGC-12, TGC-13, ***** incl. energy services Source: Company information, Fortum analyses, 2011 figures pro forma, heat production of Beijing DH not available. Largest global producers, 2011 TWh Largest producers in Europe and Russia, 2011 TWh Power generationHeat production Electricity customers in EU, 2011 millions Customers GDF SUEZ DEI CEZ Enel Centrica EDP Iberdrola SSE EnBW Fortum EDF E.ON RWE Gas Natural Fenosa PGE Tauron Hafslund Dong Energy 020401030 Vattenfall KDHC, Korea Quadra Tatenergo Minskenergo DTEK, Ukraine EuroSibEnergo MOEK TGC-2 Fortum Dong Energy TGC-14 Lukoil Gazprom 020406080100120140 ELCEN, Rom. Sibgenco ****) ***) IES Vattenfall PGNiG Inter RAO UES *) Dalkia *****) RusHydro **) ***) IES DEI EuroSibEnergo Iberdrola Fortum EnBW Vattenfall CEZ RWE PGE SSE Statkraft Rosenergoatom Gazprom NNEGC Energoat. Enel E.ON EDF 0100200300400500600 GDF SUEZ DTEK, Ukraine Inter RAO UES *) RusHydro **)

5 Divisions of Fortum 5 Electricity Solutions and Distribution Division is responsible for Fortum's electricity sales and distribution activities. It consists of two business areas: Distribution and Electricity Sales. Russia Division consists of power and heat generation and sales in Russia. It includes OAO Fortum and Fortum’s slightly over 25% holding in TGC-1. Power Division consists of Fortum’s power generation, physical operation and trading as well as expert services for power producers. Heat Division consists of combined heat and power generation (CHP), district heating and cooling activities and business-to- business heating solutions.

6 Fortum’s Mission and Strategy 6 Strategy Fortum’s purpose is to create energy that improves life for present and future generations. We provide sustainable solutions for society and deliver excellent value to our shareholders. Mission Build on the strong Nordic core Create solid earnings growth in Russia Build a platform for future growth Strong competence in CO 2 -free hydro and nuclear, efficient CHP production and energy markets

7 Fortum's power and heat production by source 7 Nuclear power 32% Hydro power 34% Coal 5% Biomass 2% Total generation 73.1 TWh (Generation capacity 14,675 MW) Natural gas 27% Fortum's power generation in 2012 Total production 43.3 TWh (Production capacity 22,431 MW) Fortum's heat production in 2012 Oil 1% Waste 5% Heat pumps, electricity 8% Peat 1% Biomass 11% Natural gas 62% Coal 12%

8 Sustainability 8

9 Fortum's sustainability approach 9 Environmental responsibility Competence in hydro, nuclear and CHP production Reduction of environmental impacts Development of new sustainable energy systems, forms and products Economic responsibility Long-term added value and growth Sustainability assessment of investments and acquisitions Sustainable management of supply chain Sustainability at the core of the strategy: economic, social and environmental responsibility Social responsibility Security of supply of electricity and heat to customers Good corporate citizenship Employee well-being and competence development Occupational and operational safety

10 Fortum's carbon exposure among the lowest in Europe 10 88 g CO 2 /kWh electricity, 2011 2012 68% of Fortum's total power generation CO 2 -free 93% of Fortum’s power generation in the EU CO 2 -free Close to 100% of the ongoing investment programme in the EU CO 2 -free Average 338 g/kWh 192 Note: Fortum’s specific emission of the power generation in 2012 in the EU were 42 g/kWh and in total 171 g/kWh. Only European generation except “Fortum total“ which includes Russia. Source: PWC & Enerpresse, Novembre 2012 Changement climatique et Électricité, Fortum

11 R&D aspiration is to enable a sustainable CO 2 -free future for Fortum Wave power to commercial use Pyrolysis oil one step towards aspiration to become a carbon free power and heat producer Advancing a rapid adoption of electric vehicles New solutions to district heating Decentralised energy production and smart grids Increased nuclear safety and lifetime, nuclear CHP NURES product to remove radioactivity from liquids 11

12 12 Royal Seaport of Stockholm – A prime example of sustainable urban development Vision Royal Seaport – an international benchmark of sustainable urban development Mission and goals Build 10 000 new apartments, 30 000 work spaces and a wide harbour in 2009-25 Fossil fuel free-zone in 2030 CO 2 -emissions less than 1.5 tonne/person by 2009-2025 (currently 4.5 tonne/person) Focus areas Efficient use of energy Climate-benign transport solutions Life style -issues

13 Fortum a forerunner in sustainability Carbon Disclosure Nordic Leadership Index –Fortum no. 1, scores 100/100 SAM Sustainability Yearbook STOXX® Global ESG Leaders indices oekom OMX GES Sustainability Finland Index Storebrand SRI 13

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