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Barış Serkan Kopurlu

2 Economic Targets of 2014-2016 Medium Term Program
*Actual ** Forecast (Medium Term Program, Ministry of Development – October 8, 2013) Medium Term Program which covers period aims to reduce the current account deficit gradually and increase the growth rate by minimizing the effects of global uncertainty. February Ministry of Economy

3 Growth Forecasts for Selected Countries/Country Groups (%)
February Ministry of Economy

4 GDP per capita


6 EU Defined Budget Deficit/ GDP (%)
February Ministry of Economy

7 Government Debt / GDP (%)
February Ministry of Economy

8 Unemployment Rates (%)
Source: TURKSTAT In November 2013, both the unemployment rate and Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 9.9%. Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Euro Area was 12.0% and 10.7% in (EU28) in December In terms of unemployment ratio Turkey outperformed 14 EU countries according to current data. After Russia, Germany, England and France, Turkey has the 5th largest labor force among the European countries. (2012, World Bank) February Ministry of Economy

9 Targets in Merchandise Trade
February Ministry of Economy

10 Turkey's Share in Global Merchandise Exports (%)
February Ministry of Economy


12 Foreign Trade Developments
February Ministry of Economy

13 Main Export Items February Ministry of Economy

14 Main Import Items February Ministry of Economy


16 TURKISH EXPORTS Sıra Ülke Rank Country 2013 2012 2011 Toplam
1 Almanya 2 Irak 3 İngiltere 4 Rusya Federasyonu 5 İtalya 6 Fransa 7 ABD 8 BAE 9 İspanya 10 İran 11 Çin 12 Hollanda 13 Mısır 14 Suudi Arabistan 15 Azerbaycan 16 Libya 17 İsrail 18 Romanya 19 Belçika 20 Ukrayna Diğerleri

17 TURKISH IMPORTS Sıra Ülke Rank Country 2013 2012 2011 Toplam
1 Rusya Federasyonu 2 Çin 3 Almanya 4 İtalya 5 ABD 6 İran 7 İsviçre 8 Fransa 9 İspanya 10 Hindistan 11 İngiltere 12 Güney Kore 13 BAE 14 Ukrayna 15 Yunanistan 16 Belçika 17 Romanya 18 Japonya 19 Hollanda 20 Polonya Diğerleri

18 Tariff Rates February 2014 Ministry of Economy
Source: WTO Tariff Profiles, 2012 February Ministry of Economy

19 Breakdown of Foreign Investments by Country
* January-December Source: CBRT February Ministry of Economy

20 The Advantages of Free Zones for Users
Tax advantages for manufacturers Medium-and long-term investment view Availability to transfer profits Commercial facilities Exemption from customs duties Acquisition of the documents relating to the free movement of goods under the scope of Customs Union with the EU Principle of equality No time restrictions Flexibility to adjust to the market needs and conditions Reliable inflation accounting Market access to domestic and foreign markets Reduced bureaucratic procedures and dynamic business management Strategic advantages Affordable and compatible infrastructure Supply chain opportunities February Ministry of Economy

21 Free Zones in Turkey 57,010 people have been employed in Free Zones of Turkey in 2013. February Ministry of Economy


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