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1 Presented by Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Company Crash Course Presented by Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering

2 Purpose for this Presentation
Career Fair can be overwhelming. Can't decide what company? What type of job? Well we can't decide for you, but we can show you some options. This presentation gives you a start on your research and hopefully helps you determine some companies that you are interested in and some that you aren't. ENJOY!

3 100 years old Founded: 1916 Government and Commercial Markets in 150 Countries Leader in design, deployment and operation of highly-reliable, secure communications systems and information networks for voice, data, imaging and video CE0: William Brown Headquarters: Melbourne, FL Annual Rev.: $6 Billion Employees: 17,000 (including 7,000 Engineers and Scientist) Technology Examples: Responsible for Communications Infrastructure for FAA World leader in Broadcast Technology (HDTV) Wireless Handheld Radios for Military Integrating Medical Information from Multiple Sources for Healthcare Solutions GOES-R Weather Tracking Satellite Ground Segment (can map lightning activity & track hurricanes) R&D: Antennas Electro-Optics Signal Processing Microelectronics Image Processing Mechatronics Integrated Information Systems Cyber Systems 70% Gov’t Funded 30% Internally Funded 200 new grads hired annually 30-50 college interns co-ops

4 One of the largest generators of electricity in the nation
100 year old company Founded: mid-1920s One of the largest generators of electricity in the nation Business: -Electric Utilities -Fiber Optics -Wireless Communications Technology: Nuclear Plant Vogtle in - GA Photovoltaic Plant - New Mexico Biomass Plant - Texas R&D -Wind -Hydro -Solar CE0: Tom Fanning Headquarters: Atlanta Georgia Annual Rev.: $17 Billion Employees: 26,000 Key Facts: -42,000 MW electric generating capacity -27,000 miles of transmission/distribution lines -3,700 substations -4.4 million customers -16th largest utility company in world Companies: -Alabama, Georgia, Gulf, and -Mississippi Power -Southern Telecom -SouthernLINC

5 165 years old Founded: 1847 Leader in automation equipment, building technologies for manufactures, imaging systems for hospitals, and power generation R&D: Automation Engineering Electronics, Energy, & Environment Imaging & Visualization Intelligent Systems & Control Image Processing Software, Security & Systems Informatics CE0: Peter Loscher Headquarters: Munich, Germany Annual Rev.: $93 Billion Employees: 360,000 Technology Examples: Working on High-voltage direct current transmission technology enables electricity to be transported over vast distances. Use parallel digital technologies for real-time visualizations for design and manufacturing processes. New insight in medical imaging – Biograph mMR, first scanner to integrate magnetic imaging (MRI) and position emission tomography (PET) technologies in one system. Opportunities for development and technical training programs for Bachelors, Masters, PhD candidates interested in engineering, finance, IT, or sales marketing.

6 4,000+ full-time and intern/co-op opportunities
Formed by the merger of Lockheed Corporation with Martin Marietta in March 1995.  572 facilities in 500 cities and 46 states throughout the U.S. American global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company with worldwide interests CEO: Bob Stevens Headquarters: Bethesda, MD Annual Revenue: $45.8 billion Employees: 126,000 (U.S. and internationally) Products: Air Traffic Control systems Ballistic missiles Munitions National Missile Defense elements Transport/Fighter aircraft Radar Satellite Atlas launch vehicles NASA's Orion spacecraft HULC (Human exoskeleton) Business Areas: Aeronautics Electronic Systems Information Systems & Global Solutions Space Systems 4,000+ full-time and intern/co-op opportunities In 2009, 74% of Lockheed Martin's revenues came from military sales. It received 7.1% of the funds paid out by the Pentagon.

7 Leading developer of mathematical computing software
100 years old Founded: 1984 Privately held, multinational corporation Leading developer of mathematical computing software President: Jack Little Headquarters: Natlick, Massachusetts Annual Revenue: $600 Million Employees: 2,200 (30% located outside US) Products used to: Improve the quality of next-generation network audio products Teach computer programming to undergraduates Translate the distorted sound of the human voice in high-pressure environments Advance the mapping of the human genome Application Areas: Technical Computing Embedded Systems Signal Processing Test & Measurement Image Processing Mechatronics Computational Finance Main products: MATLAB Simulink Profitable every year since its founding

8 World Leader in Silicon Innovation
Founded: 1968 by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce *First commercial microprocessor 1971 World Leader in Silicon Innovation CEO: Paul S. Otellini Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA Employees: 80,000 worldwide, ½ in U.S. Prime Locations: California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts, Colorado Technology: -Processors -Motherboards -Chipsets -Ethernet Product -Server Systems -MCUs -Component Design -Networking -Flash Memory -Wireless Networking Technology appears in -desktops -laptops -smart TV's and phones -tablets Business Areas: Process, Yield and Equipment Engineering Design Automation and CAD Engineering Hardware and Software Product Development Component Design and Validation R&D: Single Chip Cloud Computer w/ 48 cores on single Si CPU chip

9 NAVAIR Founded: 1966 *successor to the Navy’s Bureau of Naval Weapons NAVAIR's mission is to provide full life-cycle support of naval aviation aircraft, weapons and systems operated by Sailors and Marines Headquarters: Patuxent River ,Maryland. With 10 total locations such as CA, FL and NC (8 in US and 2 International) Commander: Vice Adm. David Architzel US Navy Mission Statement: NAVAIR procures, develops, tests and supports Naval aircraft, weapons and related systems necessary to support the Navy’s mission and protect the nation by deterring or defeating enemy forces around the world. Provide training and equipment required for Sailors and Marines to complete their mission and return home safely. Organization: Program Management Contracts Research and Engineering Test and Evaluation Logistics and Industrial Operations Corporate Operations Comptroller Counsel Government Funded Civilian Division of United States Navy Hires students and recent grads Product Groups: -Fixed Wing -Weapons -Rotocraft -Unmanned Air Systems -Aviation Systems

10 World’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company and the world’s largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products. CE0: Rex W. Tillerson Headquarters: Irving, Texas Annual Revenue: $40.6 Billion Employees: 106,100 worldwide (includes employees in Mobil and Esso) The Corporation comprises 10 separate companies, making up the Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical businesses. UF Campus Recruiting Team includes recruiting for: Downstream Research & Engineering Global Real Estate & Facilities Environmental Services Supply & Transportation Lubricants & Specialties Gas & Power Marketing Fuels Marketing Manufacturing extensive research programs supports operations enables continuous improvement in each business line explores new and emerging energy sources and technologies IT Drilling Pipeline Chemicals Production Procurement Development

11 CEO: Jeff Immelt Headquarters: Fairfield, Connecticut Annual Revenue: $150 billion (in 2010) Employees: 300,000 (100,000 in US) Jobs in 160 countries Founded: 1892 Technology Organizations (and examples) -Advanced Technologies Nanotechnology -Aero-Thermal & Mechanical Systems Energy Efficient Engines -Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Energy Storage -Diagnostics & Biomedical Technologies Cell Growth -Electrical Technologies & Systems Electric Vehicle Integration -Manufacturing & Material Technologies Advanced Composite Materials -Software Sciences & Analytics Modeling & Optimization Interns/Co-ops: Competitive salary accrued vacation time Opportunities to network with managers and other interns at informational sessions, career fairs, social events and recreational activities New Grad: Edison Engineering Development Program is a technical skill development program that gives experience in the possible areas of systems, analysis, design, quality, reliability, integration, and testing

12 Revolutionizing Access to Space
10 years old Founded: 2002 American Space Transport Company. Revolutionizing Access to Space CE0: Elon Musk Headquarters: Hawthorne, CA Annual Revenue: $1-2.5 Million Employees: Over 1,100 with tremendous growth Technology Examples: Falcon 1 – A small partially reusable rocket capable of placing several hundred Kg into low earth orbit. Falcon Heavy – A heavy-lift configuration using a cluster of three Falcon 9 Rockets. Dragon – A human-rated commercial spacecraft. Grasshopper – Reusable launch vehicle that is a vertical takeoff, vertical landing rocket. Available Positions: Avionics Information Services & Technology Launch Engineering Manufacturing and Production Engineering Propulsion Engineering Structures Engineering Testing Operations & Engineering Mainly funded by NASA Also funded by private companies, military, and other non-American government agencies. More than 70 open positions online 67 interns/co-ops (2010)

13 61 years old Founded: 1951 Semiconductor Company. Texas Instruments exists to create, make and market useful products and services to satisfy the needs of its customers throughout the world. Available Positions: Applications Engineer Design Engineer Equipment Engineer Product/Test Engineer Software/Systems Engineer Sales and Marketing Engineers CE0: Rich Tempelton Headquarters: Dallas, TX Annual Revenue: $14 Billion Employees: 35,100 Technology Examples: Scientific and graphing calculators Ex: Ti-89 Low power microcontrollers Ex: MSP430 Signal Processing Ex: DLP Cinema Technology Semiconductors Ex: RFID front end ICs Ex: Low Drop-Out Voltage Regulators Ex: DAC – digital to analog converters 12% Company Growth 64% Research & Development 26% General & Administrative 9% Sales & Marketing

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